1991 VW Golf Mk1 GTI Rivage "Leather" Cabriolet - Classic Green Convertible

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Seller: maestrosmaster (1,377) 100%, Location: Inkberrow, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 293045607607 I am a passionate car enthusiast and I have my own business selecting and overseeing the mini-restoration of modern classic motor cars from the 1980s before selling them on to the most discerning buyers. My cars are always outstanding examples, they always have a FSH, are totally original and have been maintained regardless of cost. Frequently they have low mileages, a low number of keepers and quite simply are the very best examples in the country. If you want anything less than that then you don't need to read on and will be better placed searching for typical and average examples and trying your luck there. If you are still with me, the price reflects this car's probably unique condition and provenance and is worth every penny to the most passionate Golf aficionado. The 80s Emporium: Purveyor of fine modern classic motor cars since 2002. 1991/J Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI Cabriolet Rivage “Leather” Limited Edition: Beautiful Classic Green Pearlescent paintwork, contrasting light beige leather upholstery and black Sonnenland cloth convertible roof. An outstanding specimen of this, the most sought after of all Golf Mk1 soft tops, with only 125,000 miles, current enthusiast owner for the past ten years, only 4 former keepers, a fully documented service history, including its original fully stamped up service schedule book, HPI clear, absolutely correct and original in every aspect, impeccable provenance and in genuinely and splendidly timewarp condition throughout. Ready for the summer and ready for the shows. The "Rivage" Special Edition: Having been introduced in 1979 the Golf Mk1 Cabriolet was the first of the chopped hatchback brigade and by the mid-1980’s every volume manufacturer worth his salt had followed suit to get his own bite of the cherry and introduced their take on what a compact hatchback-based convertible should be. The prettiest, I would conjecture, being the Peugeot 205 CTI of 1986 which was built by Pininfarina in Italy, and the ugly dog being the Astra Mk2 GTE Convertible of 1987 which was built by Bertone in Italy. Unsurprisingly, not one to miss a trick, it was Ford who was hottest on the heels of Volkswagen with the introduction of the Escort Mk3 1.6i Cabriolet of 1983 which was cheekily even built by Karmann of Osnabruk alongside the Golf Mk1 Cabriolets. Never possessing the class or the kudos of the Golf Cabriolet, it was the Escort Cabriolet nonetheless that was the biggest selling soft top in the UK year on year. Actually, the Golf Mk1 Cabriolet was one of those rare handful of cars that manage to be a design classic from the day they are launched. Accordingly Volkswagen were cannily able to avoid the huge manufacturing costs of having to launch a Mk2-based soft top in 1983 when the Mk1 hatchback bowed out (a design study was executed but it was concluded that the Mk2 just did not suit being decapitated), the Mk1 Cabriolet was still considered a desirable car and was still selling very well, so why not. By 1991 Volkswagen were beginning to push their luck with the Mk1 design, the all new Mk3 Golf Cabriolet was behind schedule and Volkswagen knew Renault had a very rakish and sexy roll-bar free roadster-style cabrio waiting to be launched based on the 19 16v and Ford was also going to beat the Mk3 Golf Cabriolet to market with their all new Ford Escort MkV Cabriolet. VW launched two special editions simultaneously for the 1991 model year, to shore up sales of the evergreen Golf Mk1, the "Sportline" and the "Rivage". Interestingly the UK had always been the biggest market for the soft top Golf, even surpassing that of its native Germany. The GTI Sportline was a result of a UK customer clinic in fact, coming in Flash Red or Black, with black centred BBS RA alloy wheels, black and red themed Recaro cloth interior and a powered vinyl roof. More expensive still was the Rivage edition which was similar to the “Classicline” Cabriolet that was sold on the continent. This was the priciest convertible that Volkswagen had ever produced with high specification touches usually associated with more exclusive and exotic soft tops, there was Classic Blue pearlescent paintwork as standard, a very attractive cloth roof (power-operated of course), electric windows and a high quality blue cloth fabric covering the seats, bright finish forged alloy wheels completed the picture. For customers with even deeper pockets Volkswagen also offered the unimaginatively titled Rivage “Leather” edition, replete with wonderfully classy pale beige leather upholstery and matching pale beige thick pile carpets that contrasted with the deep Classic Blue Pearl paintwork. This really was a gorgeous convertible, it mattered not one jot that the design had been around since 1979 for the Rivage “Leather” edition was an instant classic in its own time and discerning individuals were quick to recognise this and snapped them up. If this was not enough, even more exclusive was the Rivage “Leather” edition finished in Classic Green Pearlescent, with no cheaper cloth upholstered version available in the deep iridescent bottle green paintwork, the Classic Green Rivage “Leather” was the most covetable, most exclusive and most sought after Golf Mk1 Cabriolet ever made. I remember when the Rivages were only about 10 years old (and I was a very lucky boy in being able to buy and drive a black GTI Sportline when I was only 21 years old!) that enthusiasts talked about the Rivage in almost hushed tones, and it was virtually an urban myth as to whether the Rivage in Classic Green existed. You can imagine the dialogue: - -“Oh the Rivage!! They were the blues ones weren’t they with those snazzy wheels, they were gorgeous, my sister-in-law had one!” “Ah but did you know you could get one in green?!”, “No, are you sure? I reckon they were only in blue mate, no I have only ever seen them in blue!”... If you ever get to the end of my epic spiel about my Classic Green Rivage you may deduce that I am a seriously dedicated classic Golf GTI enthusiast. There is no way on this Earth that a Rivage could ever pass me, on any road, in any weather, and me not notice it. So to demonstrate how rare my car is, before I set eyes on my Rivage in the car park of Exeter railway station, I had only even seen one other Classic Green Rivage in the metal in my entire life and that was circa 1995 when they were still a comparatively new car and I was actually sat on the school bus! It had the roof down, the high vantage point being in the bus enabled me to look right down into the interior, the matching light beige tonneau was neatly clipped in place too. I was smitten and captivated, it was such a gorgeous car. I have owned a few Bentleys, Rollers, umpteen Porsches, oodles of Mercedes S-Classes, but owning a Classic Green Rivage truly has fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. Volkswagen UK say 500 Rivage and 500 Sportline models were imported when new. My research says that 470 Rivage models is a more accurate number. I have owned a Classic Blue Rivage with the cloth interior and I always found the cheaper cloth version to have been more common place. So I would say less than 200 Rivages were the “Leather” edition. Out of that figure, it has always been accepted that the Rivage “Leather” in Classis Green was the rarest of all, which leads me to assert that I would say approximately 75 Rivages were sold new in Classic Green. Fast forward to 2019 and with the natural rate of attrition that number could have dwindled to about a dozen, and that makes for a seriously rare car. It sounds corny but the Classic Green Rivage “Leather” really is the Holy Grail of the Golf Mk1 Convertible arena. Not that I attend any Veedub events or many classic car shows as find the people to be an acquired taste that I have not yet acquired, even if the cars are worth looking at, just as if you were to drive onto the showground in an immaculate Helios Blue Golf GTI Mk1 Campaign you are perfectly entitled to be smug in the knowledge that you own the most desirable of all the GTI tin-tops, if you saunter onto the grass with the top down in my stunning Rivage you know all other Cabrio drivers must surreptitiously doff their cap in due deference as yes you are in a Rivage and yes it is a Rivage "Leather" in Classic Green, no further elucidation is required.Given how the prices of 1980s hot hatchbacks have rocketed in the past 5 years (and I am sorry but those ropey and rough hot Escorts were NEVER as nice or classy as a Golf GTI Cabriolet!), and how rare my Rivage is, and how astonishingly immaculate and original it is, backed up with an impeccable provenance, you will never find a better Rivage on sale again, it is a sure-fire investment piece, and that is why my Rivage is priced as it is, because it is worth it. Rivage “Leather” Specification: 1.8 Litre 8 Valve 112bhp Four Cylinder Fuel Injected Engine 5-Speed Manual Transmission Pearlescent PaintworkLight Beige Leather Upholstery (including doorcard inserts, handbrake grip and gearshift boot)“Sonnenland” Cloth Convertible RoofLeather Steering WheelElectrically Powered Convertible RoofElectric Front Window (with one shot down function)Heated Front SeatsForged Bright Finish “Le Castellet” Light Alloy 15-inch WheelsMFA Trip ComputerSports Front SeatsHeat Insulating Tinted Glass Other Equipment:Genuine VAG Rubber Floor Mats (winter use)Blaupunkt Casablanca CM62 Radio/Cassette StereoBespoke Tailored Thick Pile Beige Carpet Over Mats (summer use)Clifford G5 Concept 650 Thatcham Category 1 Alarm & ImmobiliserRetractable Wind Deflector Screen Provenance: Typically soft-top cars go through a considerable number of owners as people have them for their summer of fun before opting for something more practical, my Rivage, however, bucks that trend in having had a particularly low number of owners over almost 30 years. I feel that says a lot about my Rivage, it’s always been kept in smart condition and due to the lack of any invoices for expensive engine or gearbox overhauls, seems to have always been a dependable and reliable steed, after all one tends not to keep a car that is problematic and a money pit.Speaking of invoices, my car comes with an impressive invoice dosser, in fact there are all the invoices and the old MOT certificates going back 24 years. Not only do you get the fully stamped up original service book but a quarter of a century of invoices detailing every expenditure on the car. That really gives my Rivage a platinum seal when it comes to future investment potential as it means it is above reproach from even the most fastidious of classic car collectors.As I have said before, any Ebay gypo can buy some grotty and unloved Golf Cabriolet having been caught up in the saddo world of “barn finds”, they can spend £000s on a full respray, mechanical overhaul, new roof etc, but even with the deepest of pockets what they cannot ever buy retrospectively is an impeccable provenance made up of a particularly low ownership status, an original and complete service book and and a lever-arch folder bursting with 24 years of invoices, receipts and MOT certificates.Thanks to the ridiculous stance the DVLA have taken on interpreting data protection laws, your newly minted V5 logbook will no longer even state the name and address of your car’s previous owner as they always have for the past 60 or so years. Due to my car’s astonishing level of documentation, I however, have to hand the name, address and ownership period of every lucky individual who has ever owned this Rivage.My Rivage was registered just a few days after the brand new J-registration prefix was launched and sold by a dealership in Maidenhead to gentleman who only kept his brand new Rivage for just over a year. Having attained “modern classic” status from almost new, the posh London dealerships soon cottoned on that these über-classy but unostentatious Rivage Cabriolets were beloved by the rich and fashionable who did not want to appear too flash or nouveau riche, and thus loved the discreet, tasteful and timeless appearance that the Rivage was blessed with. In October 1992, my Rivage was sold by the swankiest of all VAG dealerships in the UK, Scott’s of Sloane Square, South West London. Surrounded by some of the most expensive districts of London such as Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea, this is the playground of the affluent and the beautiful. Beguiled by the splendour of a one year old Classic Green Rivage basking on the forecourt at the Scott’s dealership, the second owner was a newly qualified barrister (now an eminent QC incidentally) and she kept her Rivage for five years. In 1992 she was living at an address in Cadogan Square, Kensington that had an asking price of an eye-watering £6 million when last on the market in 2015, so it is safe to assume that money was definitely no object when it came to the upkeep of her lovely Rivage. You can imagine that a young and beautiful lady lawyer, still only in her 20’s, would have cut quite a dash indeed driving around the most exclusive and select streets of London with the roof down in her eye-catching Cabriolet!Having been sold for £8,995 just days after the Rivage’s 6th birthday, for the next five years, my Rivage resided in Hertfordshire, and the gentleman who was the third owner only ever had to shell out for routine maintenance and consumables, there is a telling absence of any huge bills or breakdown mishaps. In 2002, the Rivage was back in the hands of lady owner, and back in London. So no salt on the roads, or mud for that matter! In the City of Westminster this time and right by Hyde Park, the Rivage was stored in the garage of an apartment that would fetch a more reasonable £1.4 million in today’s money. Again the Rivage was to enjoy long-term ownership with the lady keeping her classic convertible for seven years, towards the end of which, the Rivage was relocated to her holiday residence in Poole, Dorset.In 2009, she reluctantly sold her cherished Rivage to the current registered keeper who, like me, had always loved the Rivage edition since it was launched. He was a member of the Golf Mk1 Owner’s Club and thoroughly enjoyed his Rivage, rather than squirrel it away, which does a car no favours, although always a second car, the Rivage was driven regularly with much love lavished on it.It is a real boon that such a lovely car has such an interesting and complete back story, I doubt you will find another quite like it.In addition to the bulging invoice dossier, there is the original VW owner’s wallet with the VW booklets that came with the car when new, there is even the manual and leaflets for the Blaupunkt stereo. There is also a rare oversized original VW Golf Cabriolet sales brochure detailing the gorgeous Rivage “Leather” edition as well as the Sportline (these fetch £65 on Ebay!). The installation certificate and instructions for the Clifford alarm system are present and contained in the original Clifford pouch. There is a genuine VAG Classic Green touch up paint stick. There are two sets of keys, the main key with its natty little torch (working!) and GTI case, one key operates all locks as when new. There is then a separate key on each set for the fuel cap and for raising the radio aerial when it has been retracted. My pictures may portray my Rivage as the immaculate and head-turning classic that it is, but my Rivage’s unique and impeccable provenance further differentiates it as a superior and truly desirable specimen. This is the Rivage that the discerning Golf GTI enthusiast must not miss, as one of this calibre will not appear again. Exterior: Classic Green Pearlescent is such a beautiful colour, deep, iridescent and wonderfully classy. So taken were Volkswagen with this superb combination of deep green and pale beige leather that they made it available again for the swansong edition of that 1990s masterpiece which was the Corrado VR6, the final “Storm” limited edition in this exact colour scheme is now, rightly so, the most sought after of all Corrados. Unlike most of the Rivage editions, and indeed any 30 year old Golf GTI with an asking price that takes it above the usual shabby dross, I have not had to spend a couple of grand on a complete respray. When I first clapped eyes on my Rivage at Exeter train station my first impression was “Crumbs that paintwork is SO much better and smarter than I was expecting” and the enthusiast owner told me how he had used a clay bar and various waxes to achieve the lustre that I was so taken aback by. No amount of claying, however, will remove a rash of stone chips, rust bubbles or dents, so from the off I had bought a car that had obviously been cherished and had thankfully never fallen into the wrong hands and neglected. Being honest I would say my Rivage has been treated to an earlier respray, probably a good 15 years ago, not because there is any overspray, orange peel or even a hint of lacquer peel, rather that it is just so good. It is such a good job that I could fob prospective buyers off by alleging it to be original and it is only as I have been involved in cars for twenty years that I can discern resprays from factory paintwork. It would have been a topnotch repaint too as the finish is superb. I will quickly assert that this respray was NOT due to the car having sustained serious accident damage before the naysayers start rubbing their hands with glee. This was the era when fancy pearlescent or micatallic paints were in their infancy, hence why only the most expensive special editions in the Volkswagen canon received this paint, and the sophisticated finish was achieved by spraying a colour tinted lacquer over a white basecoat. In practise this proved to be a less durable finish than regular metallic paints as was very prone to chipping through to the white underlayer, which meant that often after ten years of normal usage, subjected to motorways, car parks etc, the once lovely pearlescent paintwork was look a bit sorry for itself. For this reason I would conjecture that you will not find a Rivage that is still sporting 100% factory applied paintwork, and if you did unearth that 50,000 mile 1 owner from new gem that I very much doubt exists, then it would be bound to be needing substantial paintwork rectification. So the fact that my Rivage at some point has received a high quality repaint is a boon not a black mark against it. What is lovely is that the paint has mellowed nicely and does have an honest patina, which is a much more satisfying effect than having that startlingly obvious and too pin sharp perfect finish that shouts “RESPRAY” in capital letters that you will get when looking at other Rivages that have just been fully repainted, especially given that they will have been painted in new water-based paints which do “sit” differently on a car. My Rivage was painted long enough ago to have the correct solvent-based paint applied. I have had the front and rear bumpers professionally prepared and repainted, they are chunky affairs and prone to getting their corners grazed. With the bumper off at the front I had the infill panel below the front grill painted too as this was showing the frontal chipping that one would expect, I also had the sill covers repainted, again off the car for a proper job, as these lie quite low and so succumb to road debris flying up. The colour match is perfect as is the finish and without me declaring this you would never have discerned that the bumpers had been freshly painted other than wondering how the owner had managed to avoid any parking incidents at all! Despite there having been a few chips on the front bumper and infill panel, the bonnet has needed no painting other than me painstakingly touching in a few (and I mean only a few) stonechips with genuine VAG touch-up paint stick. There are no dents, scuffs, or significant scratches to report over the entire car’s coachwork, the car really has been extremely well cared for. My pictures have not been photo-shopped, no fancy filters employed, and for once I would conjecture that the car is more pleasing to the eye in the metal than the pictures portray, that is because on the closest scrutiny one can discern just how tiny and insignificant the minor flaws that do form the car’s patina are, and when the sun is out be beguiled by the beautiful flip effect of the pearlescent paint when it ceases to be deep bottle green and almost black, to suddenly having a shimmering bright emerald facet to it. Photographs taken in bright sunlight just get plagued with reflections and shadows so I have had to take my pictures on an overcast day, which does show how wonderfully immaculate the car is but does not demonstrate the intensity of the Classic Green Pearl paintwork. All the body panels are original and the panel gaps are great. Further evidence of my car’s originality is that the yellow anti-rust cavity was that was copiously injected at the factory is still much in evidence in the front scuttle under the bonnet (these can be seen in the engine bay detail photographs) and on the A-pillars between the door shuts. The corrugated front “chassis legs” under the bonnet are absolutely perfect, so no front end damage has ever been sustained and similarly the boot floor and spare wheel well have never needed any repairs. The heavy doors do not drop at all and the car has that wonderful 1980s German solidity that ropier examples will have lost. The driver’s side door jamb and B-pillar sports the original VAG tyres pressures decal and open the passenger door and the original paper barcode sticker is present and correct. Probably my favourite elevation of these Mk1 Cabriolets is the rear, it just looks so perfectly formed either hood up or hood down, and particularly attractive with the late model larger bumpers and wide alloy wheels which lend a pleasing chunkiness to the car’s stance. Here the Hella tail lights look so bright and clean, without the usual ingress of years of dirt and algae or any cracks, that they could be brand new but are the originals, as is the rear foglight under the bumper. There is no oversized boyracer exhaust backbox or screwed on chrome tailpipe trim, just an OE quality rear silencer with its discreet tailpipe, exactly how it would have looked in the showroom back in 1991 in fact. The side repeaters and front indicators are the original orange items, they have not been renewed either or switched to smoked or clear units to spoil the originality. The enthusiast owner did however fit brand new outer headlamps, they are the correct OE Hella items, and sharpen up the frontal aspect with their perfect shiny reflectors and unmarked glass lenses. A brand new windscreen was fitted two years ago and remains free of chips or scratches, all the other glass is factory original and etched with the car’s registration number, another indication of the car’s originality. That is except for the passenger’s side front quarterlight that was replaced in the car’s early years when it resided in London. This was the era when car stereo theft was rife, and the tealeaf’s favourite means of entry was to stove in the quarterlight. I am lucky enough to have only dealt in lovely and worthwhile classic Golf GTIs, having owned over 50, I have taken it for granted that each is structurally sound as I just do not buy shabby and skanky examples, so I have almost forgotten to mention anything about the car’s floorpan and sills. The underside and sills of my Rivage are all absolutely perfect, never had a single spot of welding, and will not need any either. The Mk1 Cabriolets were rust-proofed by Karmann far better than the Mk2 Golfs that were funnelled out of VW’s own factories, but such is the neglect that has befallen many a Mk1 Cabriolet, sadly a good many will have had a brush with the welder’s torch by now. If you are viewing a Mk1 Cabriolet that has been welded up, I will state that that car should be regarded with suspicion, it has a murky past. With the sill covers off and at the bodyshop I was able to clean off any dirt or debris that had accumulated against the sills. Similarly with each wheel off in turn for polishing, any wheel arch guards were removed, the wheel wells thoroughly cleaned and detailed where necessary to a show standard. This means that you can now look between the wheel arch and tyre and instead of being greeted with an expanse of rippling dried mud you see a gleaming coil spring, shock absorber, and a painted wheel well that is actually smarter in appearance than when the car was new (they tended to leave big gouts of yellow wax dribbling down wherever!). The brake pipes have been detailed with POR15 anti-rust paint which is the most expensive paint I have ever bought. It must be good as my GTI specialist relayed to me that the MOT tester wanted to know what product I had used on the brake pipes as it looks “great”! You can run your fingers along the inner lip of the rear wheel arches and instead of snagging them on soggy clods of decade old mud they are as spick and span as possible. I have spent a great many man hour detailing this special Rivage in EVERY last nook and cranny so that is as close to perfection as I can get it. This car imparts a feeling of “newness” that you will not find on other Rivages or Sportlines you may care to view. I am not claiming it looks brand new, but the car really does belie its 28 year old vintage convincingly in every aspect. Again I must reiterate that I am not talking about the glaringly obvious fresh coat of paint that anyone can achieve for a price but I am talking about how remarkably excellent all the trim and GTI addenda is, the devil is in the detail. The fact that there is nothing missing or nothing that is not factory correct, the side moulding strips, the windscreen rubber, the seals on the hood and around the top of the door quarterlights, the wing mirrors, the front grill, right down to the chrome VW badge (the cabriolets always sported a chrome VW grill badge whereas the contemporaneous MK2 GTI hatchback’s was in black), it all looks so smart and just so, all these facets conspire to make the whole, which is the stunningly attractive Rivage that you see before you in the pictures. It is a difficult to describe, but it is probably best summed up by me saying this: If you are au fait with viewing classic cars you will appreciate what I am trying to convey as you can give any car a brief five minute inspection, maybe less, and stand back and say “OK this car has always been cherished, it’s never fallen into a state of neglect, it has never been thraped, modded or trashed, I do not need to see the car’s documentation actually as everything about this car is saying to me it IS the original, honest, FSH and low owner classic car that the seller is claiming it is". The car not only looks right but “feels” right. It is the polar opposite of a 10-owner “barn find” that has been languishing at the bottom of some council house’s garden for a decade, then “restored” by someone who has one tenth of the knowledge of Mk1 Cabriolets that I have, so peel beneath the surface of the fresh respray and the turd that has been given quick polish reveals itself, and all you have as far as provenance goes is a newly minted V5 and MOT certificate. Alloy Wheels and Tyres: One cannot bring to mind a Rivage Cabriolet and not think about the achingly beautiful “Le Castellet” 15-inch alloy wheels which are ostensibly some of the most attractive wheels ever made and are surely the crowning glory of the Rivage edition. Rather than being cast alloy they are forged alloy, forging is a significantly more expensive manufacturing process, and makes for a stronger and lighter alloy rim. Unlike some will claim they were never an option, either factory or main dealer, on any other Volkswagen car, they were very much exclusive to the luxury specification Rivage, and not unsurprisingly as the only other car of that time I can think of that sported forged alloy wheels as standard was the Porsche 928 S4 at £64,000. Forged wheels are so finely finished that they require no painting, rather they have an anodized coating over the shiny metal finish, they will never corrode or bubble up. Unfortunately this anodized finish cannot be replicated by alloy wheel refurbishers and the coating had aged on my Rivage’s wheels showing as fine brush marks when the sun caught them. Powder-coating them in silver would have robbed the car of its trademark bright finish wheels, diamond-cutting would give the wrong finish, so having spent many,many man hours of careful polishing, I have achieved a finish that surpasses that of the original wheels as they are now more mirror finish and chrome-reflective beautiful than ever. Wheels form the focal point on a car, and the Le Castellet forged alloy rims on my Rivage are something to behold and really set the car off to perfection. Naturally they have their original and correct centre caps and the ugly wheel bolts have genuine VAG bolt covers fitted as they would have when new. On such a splendid specimen of a car, and on such eye-catching alloy wheels, there is absolutely no place for a mismatched bag of part-worn budget boots. Every other Mk1 Cabriolet will be afflicted thus, but thankfully my Rivage is shod with a matched set of brand new VAG-approved premium brand Uniroyal RainSport 3 tyres, and the correct 185/55/15 size too, not the cheaper 195/50/15 size that one frequently sees opted for. Black Cloth Cabriolet Roof: The Karmann-designed roof on a classic Golf Mk1 Cabriolet is a thing of engineering beauty. Indeed the Golf Cabriolet of 1979 was the pioneer in turning a regular hatchback into a pretty but practical convertible car that was much more desirable and covetable than the tin top on which it was based. To this day the Golf Mk1 remains one of the only convertible cars which one could robustly argue looks better with its perfectly tailored roof erected than it does when lowered for top down posing. Amazingly, my car was still sporting its original roof, this was the principal area where I could really add value and restore beauty to my special Rivage. Back in the early 1990s, a Sonnenland cloth roof (often called mohair in the UK, although mohair is actually a cheaper and inferior fabric than the correct German Sonnenland) was very much the preserve of the truly prestigious open top cars such as the Mercedes SL and Rolls-Royce Corniche, no mere Escort XR3i, Astra GTE , Peugeot 205 CTI, or indeed Golf Mk1 Cabriolet before it had ever had a cloth roof fited at the factory, until the launch of the high specification Rivage, they had all made do with cheaper and far less resilient PVC vinyl roof coverings. Whereas the Classic Blue Rivage edition came with an Indigo Blue cloth roof, at the time no one was manufacturing a dark green cloth Sonnenland so the Classic Green Rivage came from the factory with a black cloth roof. I have seen a freshly restored Classic Green Rivage that has been incorrectly modified with a new green cloth roof and it just looked wrong, it had lost some its classiness. Unsurprisingly, being a classic boy to the core, there was no way I was fitting a new roof that was in any respect not factory correct. In fact my Rivage’s roof has taken the lion’s share of my investment, it really has! It has not just benefitted from a new outer skin, which is no cheap job in itself, but I have had my professional coachtrimmer fit a new headlining (in the correct black textured vinyl which all Sportline and Rivage Cabriolets came with rather than the stain-prone white of lesser GTI Cabriolets) as there were wear marks where it had sat against the roll bar, a new rear window-frame, the insulation layer has been replaced with the correct material that VW and Karmann swore was the best for the job, rubberised horse-hair curiously (!) and the rear parcel shelf has been refurbished too. Furthermore this car has had two new roof skins fitted in my tenure! The first was supplied by a British manufacturer and the owner included it in the sale to me. I had my coachtrimmer fit it and was never happy with the finish or fit, I get a bit perfectionist. To this end I contacted the convertible roof manufacturer’s in Osnabruk Germany that used to supply the Karmann factory in that city before it went bankrupt, Karmann that is, not the supplier, and instructed them to supply me the most expensive roof they manufactured for the Golf Mk1. That came in black highest quality genuine German Sonnenland, and rather than have the side tension cable pockets merely stitched in above the side windows, as on most aftermarket roofs, these pockets were heat welded as they were on the Rivage’s original roof, which adds considerably the manufacturer’s cost. I had imported the roof for my previous Classic Blue Rivage from this company, as well as three cloth roofs for E30 325i Convertibles from them and when fitted they always looked as superb in every detail as the roof would have when the car was first parked in the showroom. I had a different chap fit the second roof, the very best in the business and he deals solely in fitting convertible roofs , rather than being a general coachtrimmer, (Tony at Soft Tops of Coventry, and he deserves a plug) and this time I got the absolutely spot on quality and fit that I was determined to achieve. Naturally genuine VAG rear and side tensioning cables were fitted during the renewal of the roof You will not find another Mk1 Cabriolet, of any guise, that has had a more comprehensive and expensive refurbishment to the convertible roof assembly, or find one with a better quality or more expertly fitted roof. Just look at the pictures, it looks absolutely stunning, perfect side tension with the hood tucking over the side windows as snugly as when new, no rippling of the fabric anywhere, the rear window cut exactly parallel with the bootlid, the little fabric loops for fasting the tonneau in exactly the right location and the front header rail clamping down as flushly against the windscreen frame as possible to ensure that the cabin is as draught-free and quiet as when this Rivage was brand new. A convertible roof of this quality, with care, will last my Rivage another 15 years I would wager. As well as coming to me on its original 28 year old roof, thankfully my Rivage also came with its original light beige tonneau cover for the roof when it is folded down. This is not some aftermarket repro item, it is the real deal genuine VAG tonneau that was supplied with my Rivage when new. I have had my coachtrimmer replace one of the cover’s popper studs (again genuine VAG stud), that aside it is the beautiful item that you see sitting resplendent on my car in the pictures with the convertible roof lowered. Interior: I think the interior shots pretty much sum up how lovely the cabin of my Rivage is. It is so rare to chance upon a Rivage “Leather” edition but seemingly much, much rarer to find one stilling sporting its correct and factory original interior. The 65,000 mile green Rivage “show car” on sale last year for some reason had lost its original super high quality light beige carpets, and a set of aftermarket black carpets had been retrofitted. It is the same story with the freshly resprayed but no service history 180,000 mile blue Rivage on Ebay for sale this year, the original light beige carpets have been ripped out and replaced with black. Why?! It is such a shame as you will see from my pictures how eye-catchingly beautiful and opulent the correct Rivage “Leather” interior when replete with the original carpets. The Mk1 Cabriolet, being built on the Karmann production line, and not at a Volkswagen factory, never received the downgraded short-pile felt style carpeting that the Mk2 GTI ended up with, but kept its impressively deep pile plush carpeting throughout its lifespan. You just don’t find cars with this quality of carpet any longer, it is as shag pile wonderful as the carpet in your Grandma’s lounge! You can bet that the aftermarket black replacement carpets in the aforementioned Rivages were nowhere near the quality of these German originals. Yes I have thoroughly shampooed the carpets in my Rivage to get them looking as remarkable as they do now, the car has had 28 years of year on year usage after all, but as the car has always been cared for it was only the regular sort of dirt and muck that needed to be removed, the quality of carpets is such that they responded very well to a deep clean. No has shoved a leaking oil can or old and weeping car battery behind the front seats, or let mice nest in the car, which are the only reasons I can think of why both Rivage “Leather” edition that have appeared on Ebay in the last 12 months have been bereft of their factory carpets. Even the beige plastic driver’s heel mat in my Rivage is in pristine condition, there are no nasty marks or stains on the carpets to mar the overall excellence of my car’s cabin. Genuine period VW rubber mats came with the car and are still present and correct but I would reserve them for winter use as they look rather incongruous against such overtly plush carpeting, to this end I have had a set of deluxe light beige thick pile over mats specially made that are much more in keeping with the Rivage’s luxurious accoutrements. Despite the Rivage "Leather" edition coming with plush beige carpeting, your VW main dealer in 1991 could only supply you with a set of black rubber mats (as included) or some very hardwearing but hardly luxurious black ribbed polypropylene mats, I have had new aftermarkets made up to look as close to what genuine VW plush overmats might have looked like had they been available. I have used genuine Golf Mk3.5 Cabriolet mat eyelet fittings which locate on the pins in the original Rivage carpets so that mats do not move about and a smart VW roundel badge on each front mat. These mats fit perfectly and enhance the beautiful Rivage interior further and also protect the exceptionally clean original carpeting beneath. Not only does my Rivage retains its original beige carpets but its signature light beige leather seating is also factory correct and original. Again, I have seen Rivage “Leather” editions where the seats have obviously been re-trimmed latterly and Rivage “Cloth” editions spruced up with an aftermarket leather retrim. Like the carpets the quality of leather that Karmann used originally is of such a great quality and hard-wearing that a Rivage must have suffered tremendous neglect to justify binning the original leather for a retrim in lower grade leather. Actually only the seat facings are leather, with the sides and backs of the seats being of colour-match vinyl, this is probably a good thing as leather is more prone to cracking and aging than the vinyl. Neither have I had the seats in my Rivage “re-Connolised” which is a process I abhor as robs the car of any natural character and patina that 28 year old leather is entitled to exhibit. Bascially re-Connolising leather is a quick tart up job of spraying the seats with a thin coat of leather dye, yes they will look smart for a year or so but its only a cover up job and the finish always looks too matte and chalky for my eyes, and it will soon be cracking and peeling off. I will admit to having carried out some local and painstaking improvements in the leather on my Rivage seats myself using dye I had colour matched by Gliptone who were at the time down the road from me in Redditch and with great results. Do my seats look as factory fresh as when my Rivage sat in the showroom, no of course not, but my pictures have not been tricked up, the interior really does look that stunning and it is a year since I undertook the detailing work on the seats, so it has lasted. I use Gliptone Leather Care Conditioner every couple of months to keep the leather fed and as supple as I can. Preserving a classic car’s originality is so very important and I will go back to that expression I coined earlier “honest and original patina” - when viewing my Rivage I will expect people to say “No the seats do not like factory fresh and perfect, but my goodness they look lovely and for having covered 125,000 miles in 28 years AND in such an impractical colour, I am not going to find a better Rivage cabin am I anywhere?!” and my response will be an emphatic “No!” My Rivage still has its original black leather-trimmed steering wheel, and it’s correct and original black leather-trimmed gearknob, the beige leather handbrake grip and gearshift boot are still present and in beautiful condition. The original fibreboard doorcard backings were just starting to warp with age, so I had my coachtrimmer fabricate new backing boards and affix the original light beige doorcard coverings and what an amazing job too, my Rivage has the most unmarked and pristine doorcards you will find full stop. While the doorcards were off, incidentally, I cleaned the door casings out and applied new anti-corrosion cavity wax before fabricating new polythene door membranes, finally I could re-fit the door furniture and ensure every clip secured correctly so there are no loose fittings or flopping door pulls, finally I fitted brand new black doorcard top covers which were not cheap. Frequently these Mk1 Cabriolets are missing their rear parcel shelf, this is bad news as it actually has more than an aesthetic function in that it is intended to take the weight and strain of the rear window off the fabric roof when the roof has been folded down. The fibreboard backing of these shelves bows even more severely than that of the doorcards, so my coachtrimmer has refurbished my parcel shelf to as new standard using a new backing board. Another way in which my Rivage differentiates itself from all other specimens is that it is utterly complete. Every last little clip or cover cap and grommet is present and correct, feel free to scrutinise the interior pictures and if you know your Mk1’s you will quickly have to hand it to me that my Rivage is amazingly complete. It is the same story in the luggage compartment, the original VAG build codes sticker is still present on the rear reinforcement brace. Yes you probably can make reproduction vanity covers for the boot sides if you wanted to, but I have not needed to as despite approaching its fourth decade, my Rivage’s original fittings have miraculously survived, that includes the fibreboard little fusebox cover too by the way. Yes it is an anorak detail, but these items go astray so easily, that when you find a car with all its original fittings, you know you are looking at a car that has been cared over and above the norm. In every other Mk1 Cabriolet you will open the bootlid and the hood’s ugly hydraulic pump and wiring will be exposed as the cover was binned long ago, also I will be surprised if you find another Rivage with its complete toolkit, even down to the spanner and wheel bolt cover removal tool. The Rivage and Sportline had a different jack to the regular models in that it was a Mk3 Golf style item with a jacking handle that attached separately, naturally my Rivage is correct in this detail. I have replaced the bootlid’s gas strut however and in a naughty deviation from factory standard I have had a new boot carpet made in matching light beige carpet instead of the boring dark grey original as I am hopeful no discerning buyer will be chucking his dross into the boot and marking the immaculate beige carpet. No sad Ned has ever butchered the centre console to fit unnecessary VDO dials, I should point out that no Mk1 Cabriolet ever came from the factory with VDO dials in the centre console or anywhere, they are just wrong! So on the accessory switch panel you will note that there are just three switches, one the driver’s side window, one for the passenger’s side window and the centre switch being for the power roof operation, EXACTLY as it was in the showroom, there are no nasty extraneous switches, and furthermore no redundant screwholes where old carphone or newer mobile phone cradles have been bodged in. As much as I detest aftermarket alarm/immobiliser systems, my Rivage did come with an expensive Thatcham Category 1 system fitted by Clifford. Thankfully the Clifford LED status monitor is quite discreet and does not mar the dashboard too much. Clifford is meant to be the Rolls-Royce of car security and it shows that the enthusiast owner did not skimp in terms of ensuring his Rivage had some level of security integrated into it.Another sign of the fastidious ownership is a very desirable and rare German-made wind diffuser/deflector screen came with the car and I will include it in the sale. It is tailor-made specifically for the Mk1 Cabriolet and erects behind the front seats and attaches to the roll bar so that the Rivage's lucky occupants can enjoy long roof down jaunts at speed without suffering from annoying buffeting and draughts. If one drives an older convertible for a long spell on a summer's day one can quite often be surprised that night left wondering why one's shoulder or neck is feeling really painful, indeed I learnt with E30 325i Convertibles that they may look wonderfully stylish with the roof down AND all the side windows lowered but you pay the price later with curious aches and pains from the buffeting! Actually when the Rivage was launched this wind diffuser technology was not around, it was after the 1990s R129 Mercedes-Benz SL had been in production for a few years that Mercedes started offering a diffuser screen as an extra-cost option. This is not an aftermarket gimmick but a really useful accessory, and being German-made it displays the quality and workmanship one would have found on a genuine VW diffuser had they offered them in 1991, it thus adds further value to my Rivage. I mentioned that the car fell victim of having its original stereo stolen in the 1990s, it was a useful opportunity to upgrade to a more powerful Blaupunkt radio/cassette stereo than the original item. My Rivage has a smart mid-1990s high specification Blaupunkt Casablanca CM 62 radio/cassette player that has DMS functionality meaning it could be linked up to a period CD autochanger if required. The all black fascia of this classic stereo tones perfectly with the sombre black dashboard, rather than some nasty flashing and garish modern headunit. I fitted a brand new dechromed OE Hella radio aerial to the passenger front wing, which gives you amazingly good radio reception and yet can be fully retracted (manually of course as per original) for when you do not want an ugly aerial twanging about and spoiling the aesthetics, and no I do not expect anyone who buys this special Rivage to even so much as think about taking it through an automatic car wash! Running Gear: A huge part of the Rivage’s allure is the aesthetics, it is such a beautiful and eye-catching convertible, but I have got to this point and not mentioned how the things goes! I purchased my Rivage in full working order, with an MOT and I duly drove it back the almost 3 hour journey up the M5 from Exeter back to base, and being a well-maintained old school Golf, it of course was happy to cruise at a very smooth and refined 80mph, returning 38mpg and not miss a beat, and still possessed of its full quota of classic GTI magic. Again I want to reinforce that my start point was a lovely and honest fully roadworthy car that had always been in semi regular usage and not some old nail that for some reason had been lain up unloved and not turning a wheel for years on end. The mechanical side of my Rivage project was nothing to do with re-commissioning, fault diagnosis or repairing, rather it was about ensuring its future reliability and making a car that was already in excellent mechanical fettle verging on the exceptional. The enthusiast owner had already started down the right road. He had the weak point of the bulkhead where the clutch cable passes through rectified with an approved reinforced panel that was professionally fitted along with a new clutch cable. Similarly the notorious rotten fuel filler pipe malady has been permanently eradicated by the professional fitment of a shiny stainless steel filler pipe. The oil filled original dampers were past their best at getting on for a quarter of a century old so he invested much money in a set of Bilstein B4 gas-filled performance shock absorbers all round. These are a prudent choice as strike the right balance between being suitable for spirited road driving while still maintaining the ride comfort the car originally enjoyed. So impressed am I with this upgrade that I have bought exactly the same kit for my next 1986 Golf GTI Cabriolet project. He had also had a new oil pump fitted, new sump seal, new camshaft seals and any other oil seals that had seen better days, four years later my Rivage does not drip any oily deposits. I have had my GTI specialist have new genuine and factory standard VAG road springs fitted at all four corners to compliment the upgraded shock absorbers. I also had new steering rack mounting bushes fitted. I have mentioned that I had brand new Uniroyal tyres fitted and following this I had the tracking expertly checked to ensure the car handles like a dream. If one observes the stance of my Rivage, it sits exactly as it should, not lowered, not blighted with boyracer favourite “coil-over” chav-mungus mods, just pleasantly factory standard and all the better for it. The engine had required no overhauling whatsoever, the 8 valve GTI engine is a legendary power plant, and treated to the required oil changes should carry on merrily for well over 300,000 miles. The 16V engine, which was never fitted to a convertible, is not as durable. What I have spent money on was not to overcome any rough running or faltering, rather to ensure the engine can perform as peppily, and reliably as it can for many years to come. My GTI specialist has performed a major service using the best quality original equipment parts: Bosch ignition coil, Bosch spark plugs, Bosch ignition leads, Bosch distributor cap, Bosch rotor arm, Hella Germany alternator and a new Bosch battery. Another investment to ensure the future reliability of my Rivage was a brand new OE Meyle Germany fuseboard as these are notorious for causing random issues as the contacts get furred up and corroded over the years. The original leak-prone cork rocker cover gasket has been upgraded to a Febi/Bilstein Mk3 Golf-style nitrile-elastomer gasket kit which will prevent annoying oil drips for many more years. An OE quality Meyle of Germany timing belt and tensioner kit was also fitted. A genuine VAG oil filter, VAG Quantum semi-synthetic oil, Meyle fuel filter and new premium red antifreeze completed the servicing tasks. The 5-speed transmission is the original too and has never required a rebuild. Last year there was a Rivage with a purported 65,000 miles on the clock for sale at £15,995 on Ebay and yet that car boasted of having a fully reconditioned gearbox, having a car laid up for long periods clearly does a car no favours at all as often causes the bearings to go noisy on these gearboxes. There was no documentation to show that my Rivage had had a new clutch in the past decade, and although there was no sign of slipping I have had my GTI specialist have a brand new OE quality 3-piece clutch kit fitted. The enthusiast owner has had a Golf Mk3 bespoke weighted gear selector rod fitted and this is one modification that I approve of as it imbues the car with a higher quality feel when swapping cogs. With a brand new clutch fitted and a recent clutch cable, changing gears in my Rivage is a pleasure. The Golf Mk1 is infamous for having uninspiring brakes, it’s not that they do not stop you, rather that you need to get accustomed to the feel of them before they inspire confidence. I remember when I was 21 my father jumped from his trusty Mk2 GTI 16V and went for a spin in my Mk1 GTI Sportline and came back looking a bit pale saying “Why didn’t you warn me the thing had no brakes!” I have had new premium brand Mintex brake discs fitted at the front and EBC Greenstuff performance pads, although the latter are more aimed at reducing the dreaded black brake dust on the mirror finish alloy wheels rather than hoping to get my Rivage to stop on a sixpence. Last year’s £16k Rivage boasted of having had a Mk2 rear brake disc conversion, such a significant alteration is not necessary and is wholly inappropriate on a classic car, that modification actually devalues that car in my opinion. The Rivage was thankfully already on a factory standard exhaust system when I bought it but sounded a bit fluttery from cold which was buzzing slightly into the cabin. After much checking my GTI specialist found that there was a pinhole in the fork of the exhaust downpipe, so I have had a brand new OE quality downpipe fitted. While he was getting to the bottom of this, as with all Mk1’s, he found that the flexible rubber gaitor boot which covers the steering column joint exiting the front bulkhead was shredded and well past its best. He had had a rare brand new old stock gaitor boot on his shelf for many years and kindly fitted it to my Rivage as a freebie as pronounced he knew he would never have a more pristine Golf Mk1 enter his workshop! That was a lovely surprise as this boot does contribute to reducing the passage of noise emanating from the engine bay and into the cabin. My GTI specialist really has gone over my Rivage from top to tail with a fine tooth comb as he is almost as enthusiastic and in awe of this special car as I am. It is has not had any recommissioning but it has been thoroughly inspected, tuned and set up to be as good as it can. This was borne out when I had it MoT’d for the summer last year, not only did it pass first time with flying colours but neither was there a single advisory. That is impressive for a car that is over a quarter of a century old. Naturally I will put a full 12 months MoT on the car when it is sold for the new custodian. Whereas the Golf Mk2 GTI received the “Digifant” 8 valve engine for the 1988 model year, with electronic fuel injection and an ECU as unleaded fuel and catalytic convertors were become mandatory in the native Germany, the Golf Mk1 GTI Cabriolet (and the Scirocco Scala) soldiered on with the “DX” engine employing Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection until they bowed out of production. This means that my Rivage is blessed with the same engine and fuel injection system as the fabled and legendary “crackerjack” MK1 GTI hatchback, I have always found the K-jet engines to possess a magical mid-range “fizz” , a palpable urgency in its character, and a real point and squirt capability that was disappointingly quelled in the “Digifant” engine. With the extra weight that the convertible carries my Rivage cannot serve up the driving thrills quite as well as Mk1 hatchback can, but it gets very close, and with the roof lowered one gets to hear that crackerjack engine sing as one accelerates out of B-road bends and the pleasing exhaust burble that is just rorty and raspy enough to sound fruity but classy at the same time. You could spend getting on for £30,000 on a brand new Mk7 Golf GTI with a fancy DSG gearbox and a 242bhp turbocharged engine, but when the sun is shining and the winding B-roads are deserted I would conjecture that almost everyone would fall for the greater charms of the 112bhp old stager Mk1 GTI Rivage which serves up a purer and more captivating driving experience than its new-fangled sibling. Being older technology the K-jet engines can be more reluctant to start than their electronically-managed siblings, not so with my Rivage, it always starts on the button, bursting into life and even on the frostiest of mornings will idle smoothly with none of the “hunting” that can afflict many an old GTI. It is a very smart but honest engine bay, not detailed to the nines, no protective wax scrubbed off, just clean and sharp (look how clean the antifreeze and screenwash reservoirs are) and outstanding for a 28 year old GTI. You will note there are no aftermarket blingy bits of chrome this or that, no newly plated bonnet catches or any of that nonsense. Totally factory original and all the better for it, and complete too, no missing little clips or caps, it is all there, including the rather rudimentary white plastic bracket which keeps the battery wires tidy and pegs into the battery itself, you will not find another Mk1 Cabriolet still sporting this. The original VAG under bonnet sticker on the under side of the bonnet is present and correct as are the original build plaques riveted to the front slam panel, again confirming an honest and un-pranged specimen. No p/x thank you. Telephone Daniel to arrange a viewing or to discuss my vehicle further on 07495451281 Located between Stratford-upon-Avon (M40/M42) and Worcester (M5/M6). I reserve the right to end the auction early as it is advertised elsewhere and I welcome and encourage seriously interested parties to view/test during the auction. Some of my previous performance Golf sales: 1988/E VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V Campaign Edition: Schwarz Black Metallic with rainbow sports cloth upholstery. 112,000 miles with FSH. 1 professor owner from new. Rare “One in Ten Million” special edition with special paintwork, interior and 14-inch forged “Le Castellet” alloy wheels, central locking, tinted glass. Professional PAS retrofit conversion using correct VAG parts. Absolutely beautiful looking Campaign edition. Returned to original owner from new following my comprehensive restoration. 1986/C VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Diamond Silver Metallic with silver/black/grey sports stripe upholstery. Only 81,000 miles from new and lady owner for the past 25 years. Unique high specification GTI: 5-doors, Pirelli “P” alloy wheels, rare electric windows x 4, headlight power wash system, uber rare rear head restraints, rare electric heated wing mirrors, rare 70:30 split rear seat, central locking. Early (so-called Type 19) model with the zingy K-jet fuel injection, quarter light front windows,7-bar front grill and 4 horn button GTI steering wheel. The finest early model Golf GTI Mk2 available and with a specification one will never come across again. 1987/D VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Atlas Grey Metallic with silver/black/red sports stripe upholstery. 145,000 miles, total service history, 2 owners from new, father and daughter, the father was a colonel in the army and picked up this special GTI from the VW factory back in 1987. Early model with the zingy K-jet fuel injection, quarter light front windows,7-bar front grill and 4 horn button GTI steering wheel. 5-Door bodyshell. Rare headlamp power wash system, rare electric heated wing mirrors, tinted glass, central locking, striking 14-inch BBS RZ alloy wheels. Subjected to a painstaking mini-restoration by me including full professional respray reconditioned alloy wheels with new Pirelli P1 tyres all round, new hydraulic tappets, timing belt & tensioner, heater matrix, clutch kit, new gas shock absorbers all round, new genuine VAG sunroof seal, door membranes etc. Eye-catching early incarnation Mk2 in show condition. Returned to original family following my restoration. 1990/G VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Ultra Rare Silver-Grey Metallic with blue/yellow/grey sports check cloth upholstery. 135,000 miles, FSH, 5 former keepers. 5-door big bumper model with power steering, central locking and tinted glass, looking all the more distinctive for being on its original steel wheels. Subjected to a painstaking mini-restoration by me including full professional respray, new headlining, new hydraulic tappets, timing belt & tensioner, full exhaust system, heater matrix, door membranes, new gas shock absorber all round etc. The LD7V silver-grey paintwork was only available for a very slim time window and is a subtle but attractive and sporting shade. Every invoice from new. SOLD 1991/H VW Golf GTI Mk1 "Rivage" Cabriolet: Last of line limited edition finished in Classic Blue Pearl with high quality Mauritius Blue cloth interior, brand new indigo blue mohair power hood. Polished original Le Castellet forged alloy wheels, heated seats, leather steering wheel, only 102K, FSH and 5 owners. Immaculate and one of the finest remaining classic convertibles. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1999/W VW Golf Mk3.5 2.0 Cabriolet Colour Concept Edition Highline: Superb Diamond Black Pearlescent paintwork with black Recaro leather interior and striking BBS alloy wheels. Original VW Gamma radio/cassette stereo with CD autochange. This exceptional Golf Mk3.5 Cabriolet has been owned by the same lady for almost a decade and has led a cosseted existence as a summer car at a Cornish holiday home. 102,000 miles. It is all original and has been well-maintained with a FSH and HPI clear with certificate. You will not find another example with a higher specification: Heated Recaro seats, cruise control, air conditioning, 16” BBS RZ split-rim alloy wheels, power roof in immaculate black cloth. Brand new timing belt and tensioner and major engine service, new 3-piece clutch kit fitted. A very good looking modern classic cabriolet. SOLD to 1st viewer. 2002 VW Golf Mk3.5 2.0 Cabriolet AvantGarde: Stunning Indigo Blue Pearlescent paintwork, Mauritius Blue Cloth roof and black sports cloth seats with royal blue interwoven velour centre panels. Original VW Gamma radio/cassette stereo with CD autochanger. Refurbished and polished 16” BBS RZ split-rim alloy wheels, 102,000 miles with FSH and HPI clear. New front and rear shock absorbers, rear brake discs and pads, bearings, major engine service including timing belt and tensioner, new 3-piece clutch kit fitted. A really attractive modern classic Golf cabriolet in unmolested and super condition. SOLD to 1st viewer. 2002 VW Golf Mk3.5 2.0 Cabriolet Trendline: Rare and alluring Oceanic Green Pearlescent paintwork with black sports cloth seats with grey/anthracite “Scala” centre panels and extra-cost option black cloth roof, with grey tonneau cover. Attractive 15-inch BBS “Solitude” 5-spoke alloy wheels, tinted side repeaters, original VW Beta radio/cassette stereo with CD autochanger. Meticulously prepared with new timing belt and tensioner, Bosch airflow meter, Monroe front gas shock absorbers, new rear axle mounting bushes, new rear brake discs, pads and bearings, new front wheel bearings. SOLD - Sourced specifically for client. 1993/K VW Golf GTI Mk1 "Sportline" Cabriolet: Last of line limited edition finished in factory black with black and red Recaro interior. Brand new black power hood, original black BBS RA alloy wheels, leather steering wheels and red-needled instruments. Only 85K and 5 owners from new, all original. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk1 Cabriolet: Helios Blue Metallic with pale grey cloth trim. Only 2 former keepers and current owner 4 years. 117K and FSH. Superb and original throughout. SOLD - exported to Ireland. 1991/H VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: True museum piece, only 19,000 miles from new, FVAGSH from supplying main dealer and 1 lady owner from new, sadly giving up driving at 84 years old. Ostensibly the best late model colour, Bright Blue Metallic with Ultraviolet and silver sports cloth upholstery. 5-door, PAS, central locking, tinted glass, original Panasonic radio/cassette stereo, extra-cost 14-inch BBS RZ alloy wheels on brand new Pirelli P6000 tyres all round. 100% factory applied paintwork, utterly flawless as is the absolutely as new upholstery. Unsurprisingly, looks, drives and smells like a new GTI! THE VERY BEST Mk2 GOLF GTI IN THE UK. Sold to 1st viewer. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Timewarp specimen with only 53,000 genuine miles from new and 2 former keepers, FSH and utterly original. Helios Blue Metallic, 3-door, rare PAS option, teardrop alloy wheels, original Blaupunkt London radio/cassette. Stunning throughout and drives like brand new. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: 1 owner from new, a museum piece. Only 72,000 miles from new covered by original elderly enthusiast owner, FSH and all original, steel wheels, a unique opportunity. Finished in desirable Helios Blue Metallic. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1988/E VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Vibrant Tornado Red with charcoal/red sport check cloth upholstery. 120K with FSH from new, current lady owner since 1994 and original well-heeled lady owner of Bulmer’s cider family in Hereford. Sympathetically refurbished by me, full respray bar the roof, new heater matrix, hydraulic tappets, exhaust, door membranes, timing belt kit and water pump etc. Teardrop alloy wheels professionally stripped and powder coated, Pirelli P6000 tyres all round and new bodywork decals. 5-door, central locking, tinted glass, Fischer cassette stowage console. Superb car in every respect. SOLD to existing client in N.Ireland. 1987/E VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Jade Green Metallic with silver/black/grey striped cloth upholstery. Only 102,000 miles, FSH, 1 former keeper and current mature owner for the past 15 years. Early model with the zingy K-jet fuel injection, quarter light front windows,7-bar front grill and 4 horn button GTI steering wheel. 3-door, very rare factory power steering (the 1st year PAS was available as an option in the UK), tinted glass, “teardrop” alloy wheels. Subjected to a painstaking mini-restoration by me including full professional respray bar the roof, reconditioned alloy wheels, new hydraulic tappets, timing belt & tensioner, full exhaust system, heater matrix, door membranes etc. Striking early model Mk2 GTI. SOLD to 1st viewer, living in the South of France. 1990/H VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Royal Blue Pearlescent with late model silver/red cloth sports upholstery. 140K, 4 former keepers and FSH from new. Sympthatically refurbished by me, respray bar the roof, new hydraulic tappets, water pump, new gas shock absorbers front and rear plus top strut mounts, new headlining, new heater matrix, new door membranes, two new window regulators. Upgrade to refurbished 15-inch Estoril alloy wheels, original Panasonic radio/cassette stereo. PAS, tinted glass, central locking. SOLD. 1991/H VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Capri Green Metallic with late model silver/green sports cloth upholstery. 140K, 5 keepers and FSH. Unusual and eye-catching colour. Teardrop alloy wheels, PAS, central locking, original Panasonic radio/cassette. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Atlas Grey Metallic. 110K with only 2 former keepers and FSH. 5-door, teardrop alloy wheels. All original, fast and very reliable. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Jade Green Metallic. 119K with only 2 former keepers and FSH, enthusiast owned. 5-door, alloy wheels, central locking, in truly pristine and original condition throughout. SOLD. 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Factory Black, only 96K and only 3 former keepers and FSH. 5-door, teardrop alloy wheels, tinted glass. All original and in excellent order throughout. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1991/H VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Rare Royal Blue Pearlescent, 5-door, late-spec Mk3-style upholstery. 110K, lady owner last 7 years, Le Castellet alloy wheels, beautiful and very classy too finished in this midnight blue colour. SOLD - sourced specifically for client. 1989/G VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Distinctive Diamond Silver Metallic. Only 107K, FSH, 6 owners. Teardrop alloys wheels, tinted glass, original Panasonic radio/cassette. All original and drives superbly. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1988/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Helios Blue Metallic with ultra rare silver factory leather upholstery and silver carpets, 5-door, “teardrop” alloy wheels. 148K with FSH, I have known this car since brand new. Possibly unique specification with leather trimmed door panels, steering wheel, gearknob and handbrake grip. SOLD to 1st viewer 1989/G VW Golf GTI Mk2 8V: Jade Green Metallic, 110K, 6 owners, FSH, all original. 5-door, rare “Le Castellet” Campaign edition alloy wheels. SOLD – sourced specifically for existing client – exported to Ireland. 1987/E VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: Timeless Diamond Silver Metallic with bold silver/black/grey striped cloth upholstery. One of the final 7-slat grill models. Sympathetically refurbished by me, new water pump, timing belt kit, rear brake calipers, heater matrix, professional respray bar the roof. Original “Montreal” alloy wheels and Blaupunkt London radio/cassette stereo. E/windows, central locking. Looks and drives superbly, 115K only 4 former keepers and FSH. These 7 –slat grill and quarterlight window GTI’s look so classic nowadays and are a rare sight. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1987/D VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: Finished in Monza Blue Metallic - a colour exclusive to the 16V 1986-89, which is rare and eye-catching. Utterly original, I have overseen a sympathetic restoration of this car to return it to showroom condition. Pristine throughout and every last detail is correct down to the pre-digital tuning Panasonic radio/cassette. 148K, 6 owners and total service history. SOLD 1989/F VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: One of the very last Monza Blue Metallic 16V's. Only 93K, service history and just 2 former keepers. Original 14-inch "Montreal" alloy wheels. Another great specimen. SOLD - exported to Ireland. 1990/G VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: Factory Black, 3-door, only 125K with FSH and lady owner of last 4 years. Big bumpers, BBS RA alloy wheels, rainbow trim. Original and a real eye-catching GTI. SOLD 1991/H VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: Superb Pearl Grey with rainbow trim. 118K, FSH from new, local car, only 3 former keepers. Original BBS RA alloy wheels, e/windows, central locking. Very smart colour, rarer and more distinctive than dreary Oak Green. SOLD 1991/J VW Golf GTI Mk2 16V: Schwarz Black Metallic with rainbow trim. One of the last Mk2 16V's, 5-door, BBS alloy wheels, 150K, FSH, all original and in superb condition throughout. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1998/R VW Golf GTI Mk3 8V: One of the very last Mk3's, rare roll-out edition with air-conditioning, BBS Solitude alloy wheels, front foglights, 3rd brake light. 110K with 3 former keepers and FSH. 5-door, all original. Gorgeous Flash Red with black cloth trim. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1996/N VW Golf Mk3 GTI 8V: Only 1 former doctor owner, 117K and FVWSH. Stunning Flash Red with black cloth trim. 3-door, original "Longbeach" alloy wheels, recent cambelt change. Beautiful specimen. SOLD 1994/M VW Golf GTI Mk 3 8V: Stunning Satin Silver Metallic, 103K & FSH. 5-door, "Longbeach" alloy wheels, original early Mk 3 "VR6" quality seat upholstery. SOLD - sourced specifically for existing client. 1996/N VW Golf GTI Mk 3 16V: Metallic Schwarz Black. 5-door. Only 2 former keepers, 110K with FSH, all invoices from new and utterly original throughout. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1994/M VW Golf GTI Mk 3 8V: Stunning Satin Silver Metallic, 103K & FSH. 5-door, "Longbeach" alloy wheels, original early Mk 3 "VR6" quality seat upholstery. 1996/N VW Golf VR6 Mk 3: Beautiful Storm Grey Metallic, 5-door. Automatic transmission which turns this into a potent luxury cruiser when required. Only 1 former keeper, 108K and FSH, the best available. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1995/M VW Golf GTI Mk 3 8V: Dragon Green Metallic, 3-door. 96,000 genuine miles with FSH and only 2 former keepers. Completely standard and in superb condition throughout. SOLD. 1996/N VW Golf VR6 Mk 3: Beautiful Storm Grey Metallic, 5-door. Automatic transmission which turns this into a potent luxury cruiser when required. Only 1 former keeper, 108K and FSH, the best available. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1995/M VW Golf GTI Mk 3 8V: Dragon Green Metallic, 3-door. 96,000 genuine miles with FSH and only 2 former keepers. Completely standard and in superb condition throughout. SOLD. 1996/N VW Golf VR6 Mk 3: Beautiful Storm Grey Metallic, 5-door. Automatic transmission which turns this into a potent luxury cruiser when required. Only 1 former keeper, 108K and FSH, the best available. SOLD to 1st viewer. 1994/M VW Golf VR6 Mk3: Superb Chilli Red Pearl. Fabulous specification. Full factory black leather upholstery, heated seats, rear head-restraints, rare digital automatic climate control & a/c, original BBS alloy wheels, 3-door. SOLD – sourced specifically for existing client – exported to Ireland. 1995/N VW Golf VR6 Mk3: Gleaming Tornado Red. 5-Door Bodyshell and 4-speed automatic transmission. 105K, low owners and FSH. Original 15-inch BBS alloy wheels, the last VR6 model to sport the GTI plastic wheel arch addenda and sills before they went over to colour-coded bumpers and looked far too plain. An eye-catching VR6 with its usual blend of refinement and effortless power. SOLD – my father’s old car. Condition: Used, Year: 1991, Manufacturer: Volkswagen, Model: Golf, Body Type: Convertible, Doors: 2, Colour: Green, Metallic Paint: Yes, Reg. Date: 19910806, Mileage: 125000, Modified Item: No, MOT Expiry: 20200600, Transmission: Manual, Fuel: Petrol, Engine Size: 1.8, Power: 112, Drive Side: Right-hand drive, Previous owners (excl. current): 4, Safety Features: Alarm, Exterior: Alloy Wheels, Interior/Comfort Options: Leather Seats, In-Car Audio: AM/FM Stereo, Service History Available: Yes, V5 Registration Document: Present, Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany

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