ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Farm Guide 1887 Household Home Remedies Soap Making Tanning &c

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Seller: neetmok (5,936) 100%, Location: South Salem, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 153420941899 Note: Many of my clients are food service professionals, cooks, homemakers, farmers, artisans, inventors, machinists, etc., all seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of interest. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book: Types of Recipes Included in this Book (General Only, For Specific Recipes See Full Contents in Main Description): What Everyone Should Know Cyclopaedia of Practical Information Victorian Domestic Household Housekeeper House Home Family Wife Cook Cookbook Chef Cuisine Recipes Confectionery Sweets Pastry Cakes Pies Farmer Stock Owner Blacksmith Lumber Building Contractor Business Trades Shop Home Farm Farmer Farrier Kitchen Recipes Medical Prescriptions Medicines Manufacturing Processes Trade Secrets Chemical Preparations Mechanical Appliances First Aid Antidotes Ornaments Decorations Art Work Fancy Work Agriculture Fruit Stock Raising Hints Helps Dyers Hatter Grocer Confectioner Manufacturer Merchant Craftsmen Artisan Apiary Bee Keeping Brewer Brewing Distillery Doctor Pharmacist Tanner Painter Bookbinder Carpenter Engineer Machinist Plumber Steam Pipe Fitter Apothecary First Aid Metal Working Metallurgist Metallurgy Jeweler Industrial Manufacturing Mill Baking Cooking Yeast Bread Corn Meal Crackers Buns Cakes Cake Pies Biscuits Pudding Poultry Chicken Turkey Fowl Game Stew Beef Meat Desserts Jelly Marmalade Tea Coffee Milk Flour Preserves Preserving Pickles Mustard Ice Cream Candy Confectionery Pastry Beer Cider Ale Lemonade Soap Making Candy Honey Home Remedies Cures Pain Killer Vermifuge Dentistry Toilet Liniments Tincture Essences Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide Horse Training Medicine Veterinary Cattle Farming Bee Hives Honey Textiles Dyeing Bleaching Dye Making Wool Cleaning Stain Removal Gilding Watch Polishing Rust Removal Coloring Gilding Metal Silver Solder Tortoise Shell Ornamental Gilt Refining Leather Rubber Blacking Varnish Boots Shoes Dressing Leather and more. WHAT EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW. A Cyclopedia of Practical Information. Complete Directions for Making and Doing Over 5000 Things Necessary in Business, The Trades, The Shop, the Home, the Farm and the Kitchen. Recipes, Prescriptions, Medicines, Manufacturing Processes, Trade Secrets, Chemical Preparations, Mechanical Appliances, Aid to the Injured, Antidotes, Ornaments, Home Decorations, Art Work, Fancy Work, Agriculture, Fruit Culture, Stock Raising, and Hundreds of Useful Hints and Helps. Compiled and Arranged by S.H. Burt. Published in 1887 by A.L. Burt, New York. 8” x 5” cloth hardcover. 510 pages. Condition: GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Exterior as shown in photo. Inner hinges cracked, front endpaper absent, opens to title page. Text block is firmly bound. Text is clean and complete. No torn or loose pages. Special Note: Folks, this is a rare title. Books like this don’t come along often and with each passing year the opportunities to acquire such rarities grow less frequent. I do my best to bring these special items to auction whenever possible, but the only way I can continue to offer gems like this in auction format is if you bid on them. Every bid is important to me, and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in my books. If there are no bids on this item and you don't want to wait for the auction to end, feel free to make me an offer. I would be happy to add a Buy It Now price to the auction as long as there are no bids. However, as soon as a first bid is placed, the offer/Buy It Now option disappears and the auction must continue until the appointed closing time. Description: This is a rare 132-year-old Victorian treasury of practical, useful and long-lost recipes and how-to instructions for householders, merchants, craftsmen and artisans. The quantity of information this book contains is staggering: Cookery Recipes. Medical cures and first aid. Cosmetic concerns. Countless household hints. Farm facts and fixes. Instruction and advice for stock raising. Crafts and ornamentation. Ladies fancy work. Plating, varnishing and finishing. Leather tanning. Soap making. Practical information and advice for tradesmen and mill owner/operators. And much, much more. The Preface states: In the common daily experience of every one there are hundreds of occasions when a knowledge of “how to do” would add largely to the success, comfort or safety of life … It is to supply much needed information on common but essential topics that this book has been made. It has been the intention of the compiler to gather into this volume all those practical rules, recipes and hints which are capable of being followed and applied by any one without high-priced professional advice or instruction; to show the way of doing things oneself without unnecessary delay, labor or expense; to gather much that has existed in the general experience of men and women, but which has never been classified, and to present this mass of information in a handy form so that it may be of easy access whenever the constantly recurring occasions demand. A list of the contents of this book would include all the simple recipes, prescriptions and medicines, their composition, uses and effects, which a family employs; it would contain descriptions of all the manufacturing processes, the trade secrets, the chemical and mechanical agents, etc., that should form a part of the industrial equipment of every artisan and mechanic … it would contain complete directions for doing all those common things that daily perplex housekeepers all over the land; it would contain many hints and directions of value to the farmer, relating to the culture of the land, the growing of crops and fruits, the rearing of livestock, etc.; it would contain directions for mastering those branches of art work that are occupying so much attention at present; it would contain rules for conduct in all sorts of emergencies, from the poisoning of a human being to the breaking of a chair leg, from a catalogue of antidotes to the recipe for making a furniture varnish. All these things, and many more, this book contains. The alphabetical arrangement of subjects has been selected as the most convenient for easy reference. From hundreds of reliable sources the articles have been selected, and no thing has been admitted which has not had the sanction of usage and worth. For your convenience, I have painstakingly arranged the various recipes, cures, household hints and helps, instructions, etc. into categories (versus the alphabetical arrangement in the book). You can browse them at your leisure below. I hope you will take a moment to have a look. Contents Are: COOKING AND COOKERY: How to make Strawberry Acid * Acid drops * How to make Ginger Ale * How to keep Apples * Apple Molasses * Apple Punch * Apple Toddy * Substitute for Arrowroot * How to pickle Artichokes * How to cook Asparagus * How to select Bacon * How to make Baking Powder * How to make Bay Rum * How to bake Beans * How to corn Beef * How to choose Good Beef * Spiced Beef * How to cure Beef Quickly * How to keep Beef * How to boil Beef * How to Roast Beef * Beef Balls * Frizzled Beef * Beef Tea * How to make Tea Biscuits * Milk Biscuits * Sour Milk Biscuits * Blackberry Syrup * Blackberry Wine * Blackberry Brandy * Blanc Mange * How to make French Bouilli * How to cook Brains * * How to make Bread * Graham Bread * Fried Bread * Boston Brown Bread * Brown Bread * Steamed Brown Bread * Rye Bread * Scotch Short Bread * Salt Rising Bread * How to keep Bread Moist * To freshen Stale Bread * How to use Bread Crumbs * Breakfast Dish * Breakfast Hints * Brewis * How to make Butter * How to color Butter * Butter without Ice * To cure Butter * Hard butter in hot weather * How to preserve Butter Cream Milk * Uses of Buttermilk * Butterscotch * Cabbage made digestible * How to pickle Red Cabbage * How to preserve Cabbage * How to pickle Cabbage * Tomato Catsup * How to cook Cauliflower * Celery Cream * Stewed Celery * Celery soup * Coloring for Cheese * How to keep mould from Cheese * Cheese from Veal * How to make Chewing Gum * Broiled Chicken * Curried Chicken * Chicken for Tea * How to make Chili Sauce * How to make Fish Chowder * How to preserve Citron * Citron preserves * Clams with Cream * Codfish Balls * Codfish Sauce * Ways to make Coffee * Coffee a la Turk * To preserve the Aroma of Coffee * To make Rice Coffee * Cold slaw, delicious * Cooking Hints * How to can corn in glass jars * Canning corn in tin cans * Hulled corn * Oatmeal Crackers * Cranberry Sauce * Cream cheese from buttermilk * Fruit Cream * Italian Cream * Lemon Cream * Strawberry Cream * Salmon Cream * Tapioca Cream * Croquettes, chicken * Crumpets * How to make Curry Powder * How to cook cheap and excellent dishes * A very strengthening Drink * Several ways to Keep Eggs * How to preserve Eggs * Creamed Eggs * Ways of Cooking Eggs * Baked Eggs * Eggs a la Crème * To beat Eggs * To boil Eggs * To make Egg Nog * Ways to cook Eggplant * Pickled Eggs * Eggs in Surprise * Substitute for Eggs * Scrambled Eggs * How to make Fig Paste * Bottled Fruit * How to pickle Mushrooms * How to select Mushrooms * Stewed Mushrooms * Veal Loaf * How to select Veal * Fish Balls * How to fry Fish * Steamed Fish * How to select Flounders * How to select Flour * How to brown Flour * Self-raising Flour * How to Broil Fowl * Frangipanni * Freezing Preparation * Orange Fritters * Fruit Canning * To remove Canned Fruit * How to can Fruit without Cooking * How to make Fruit extracts * How to keep Fruits fresh * To preserve Fruit Juice without heat * To preserve fruit without Sugar * To preserve Fungi * How to improve the Flavor of Game * To remove Fishy tastes from Game * How to make Ginger Snaps * Roast Goose * Grape Ambrosia * How to keep Grapes * How to preserve Grapes all winter * How to preserve Grapes * How to keep Green Corn * Griddle Cakes * How to Bake Ham * How To cure Ham * How to cook tender Ham * How to cook Ham Aunt Sally’s Way * How to Keep Ham * Method of keeping Premium Ham * How to preserve Hams from flies * How to make Hash * Head Cheese * How to keep Horseradishes for winter * How to test Isinglass * How to make Raspberry Jam * How to make Old Fashioned Apple Jelly * Crab Apple Jelly * Cranberry Jellie * Jellies without Fruit * Lemon Jelly * Hartshorn Jelly * Isinglass Jelly * Apple Jelly from Cider * Gooseberry Jelly * Currant Jelly * Tapioca Jelly * Blackberry Jelly * Wine Jelly * Quince Jelly * How to keep Jellies from molding * How to make Johnny Cake * Roast Lamb * Portable Lemonade * How to make Lemon extract * How to keep Lemon Juice fresh * To preserve Lemon Juice * To keep Lemon Juice * Lemon verbena * How to select Lobsters * Lobster baked in its shell * Lobster’s Claws * Macaroni with Broth * Italian Macaroni * Macaroni with Tomato Sauce * Macaroni with White Sauce * Proper way to cook Macaroni * Hickory nut Macaroons * How to select Mackerel * How to preserve Mackerel for months * Pear Marmalade * Scotch Marmalade * How to Cure Meats * How to Prepare Cold Meat * Escaloped Meats * Economy in Meat * Economical Use of Meat * To boil Meat properly * How to keep Meats a week or two in Summer * How to Preserve Meats and Fish * How to restore Injured Meat * How to Sweeten Meat * How to make Meat Tender * Milk for Drink * Neetmok * Increase of Milk and Butter * How to keep Milk sweet * How to preserve milk * How to make Mock Terrapin * Graham Muffins * Muffins of granulated wheat * Hominy Muffins * Mush Muffins * Raised Muffins * How to correct Musty Flour * To mix Mustard * Mutton (haricot) * Roast Mutton * How to cook Oatmeal * Oatmeal Diamonds * Oatmeal Wafers * Omelet * Omelet with cold meat * How to make Omelets * Government Clerk’s Omelet * Oyster Omelet * How to peel Onions * How to pickle Onions * Imitation Oysters * How to broil Oysters * Fried Oysters * Oyster Omelet * New ways of preparing Oysters * Pickled Oysters * Oyster Sauce recipe * How to make Apple Pancakes * Fried Parsnip * How to can Peaches * To preserve Green Peas for winter * How to make Pickled Apples * Sweet Cucumber Pickles * To make Cucumber Pickles * Fine Cucumber Pickles * Pickles in Jars * French Pickle * How to color Pickles Green * To prevent Pickles molding * How to make Sweet Pickles * Pickled Plums * How to make Beefsteak Pies * Fried Pig’s Feet * Roast Pig * Pork Cheese * Way to put down Pork * Roast Pork * How to cook Potatoes * How to boil Potatoes * Boiled Potatoes * Potato Balls * Potatoes a la Crème * Fried Potatoes * Fricasseed Potatoes * Potatoes Lyonnaise * Mashed Potatoes * Potatoes for Breakfast * How to bake Sweet Potatoes * Potato Salad * Potted Beef * Curry Powder * Hints about making Preserves * Raspberry Preserves * How to prepare Prunes * How to make Bird’s Nest Pudding * Cocoanut Pudding * Christiana Pudding * Cottage Pudding * Corn Pudding * Dandy Pudding * English Plum Pudding * Indian Pudding * Ginger Pudding * Marlboro Pudding * King George Pudding * Orange Pudding * Queen Pudding * New Rice Pudding * Tapioca Pudding * Albany Puffs * Quince Jelly * Quince Marmalade * Quince Preserves * Bottled Quince Sauce * How to can Rhubarb * How to cook Rhubarb * How to cook Rice * How to make Ottawa Root Beer * Royal Pop * How to make Rusk * Rye Drops * Hints on Salads * How to dress a Salad * Chicken Salad * Cabbage Salad * Carrot Salad * Fish Salad * German Salad * Salad of Game * Lobster Salad * Orange Salad * Peach Salad * Philadelphia Salad * Tomato Salad * Vegetable Salad * Salmi of Duck * Stewed Salsify * Sandwiches * Egg Sandwiches * Butter Sauce * Foam Sauce * Horseradish Sauce * Lemon Sauce * Mayonnaise Sauce * Mint Sauce * Parsley Sauce * Green Tomato Sauce * When to Sweeten Sauces * Bologna Sausages * Sausage Making * To Keep Sausage * How to make Kohl Slaugh (coleslaw) * Bean Soup * Soup made of Boiled Codfish * Cod’s Head Soup * Macaroni Soup * Milk Soup * Noodle Soup * Cream Noodle Soup * Oyster Soup * Pea Soup * Poultry Soup * Tomato Soup * How to utilize Stale Bread * How to make Chicken Stew * How to make Irish Stew * How to make Strawberries digestible * How to can Sweet Corn * How to make Tea go further * How to make Lemon Tea Cakes * How to cook Terrapins * Tests for good flour * How to make French Toast * German Toast * Ham Toast * Baked Tomatoes * Stewed Tomatoes * How to keep Tomatoes * How to can Tomatoes * How to devil a Turkey Carcass * How to choose a Turkey * How to fatten Turkeys * How to roast a Turkey PASTRY AND SWEETS: Cake Baking Hints * How to make Coffee Cake * Chocolate Cake * Buffalo Cream Cake * Cup Cakes * Cream Cake * Sponge Cake * Corn Starch Cake * Every Day Cake * How to make Cake without Eggs * Fig Cake * Fruit Cake * Hickory Nut Cake * Imperial Cake * Lemon Jelly Cake * Marble cake * Sugar Cake * Scotch Cake * Spice Cake * Tea Cakes * Rye Tea Cakes * Rice Cakes * Walnut Cakes * Pork Cake * Candied lemon peel * Candied orange peel * Vanilla Candy * How to make Home Made Candy * Almond Candy * Butter Scotch Candy * Cream Candy * Fig Candy * Raisin Candy * Lemon Candy * Molasses Candy * How to make Caramels * Caramels, coconut, etc * Charlotte Russe * Chocolate Drops * How to make Apple Custard * Boiled Custard * Chocolate Cream Custard * Orange Custard * Rice Custard * Custard without Milk * * Simple Dessert * Novel Dessert * Apple Dumplings * Floating Island * Float, or French Custard * Frosting for Cake * Ways to make Frosting * Frosting with Gelatine * How to make Ice Cream * How to make Chicago Ice Cream * How to make Chocolate Ice Cream * How to make Tea Ice Cream * Icing for Cake * Imperial Cream Nectar * How to make Jujubes * How to make King Cakes * How to make Kisses * Tipsy Parson * How to make Puff Paste * How to make Pie Crust * How to make Chocolate Pie * Cranberry Pie * Custard Pie * Green Tomato Pie * Hasty Lemon Pie * Orange Pie * Oyster Pie * Pies that stew over * Spiced Plums * To sugar or crystallize Popcorn * How to make Strawberry Shortcake * How to make Soda Cream * Strawberry Short Cake * How to make Sugar Taffy HOUSEHOLD HINTS AND HELPS: How to clean Alabaster * Uses of Ammonia * How to destroy ants * How to perfume apartments * How to renovate Articles of Dress * Asphalt for walks, etc * Ashes from soil * How to make Attar of Roses * How to make Awnings waterproof * How to make Axle Grease * Bag for knitting work * How to paint Banners * Basket for flowers * Bath Bag * How to air Beds * Bed bug remedy * How to heat Beds * Ways to manage belts * Blacking for Harness * Blacking for Boots and Shoes * Blacking for Leather * To polish black Walnut * How to restore Black Clothes * How to color Black * How to cleanse Blankets * How to wash Blankets * Hw to wash white wool blankets * How to knit Roman Blankets * Blueing for clothes * How to mend Rubber Boots * Treatment of wet boots * Boot and shoe preservative * Uses of Borax * How to protect trees from borers * To clean brass or silver * To clean and polish Brass and Silver * To clean Britannia Metal * To remove stains from Breadcloth * Bronze for Brass * How to toughen Brooms * How to drive Bugs from Vines * How to hasten the blooming of bulbs * Manure for bulbs * Test for burning oil * How to clean Butter Jar * How to destroy cabbage grubs * Fertilizer for Cabbage * How to wash Calico * Camphor and its uses * Camphor tablets * Camphor ice * How to make Adamantine Candles * How to make Lard Candles * Imitation Wax Candles * To make candle to last all night * How to restore Cane Chair bottom * Card case for a watch * Carnations from cuttings * How to clean carpets * How to put down carpets * To remove ink from Carpets * To restore Faded Carpets * To renovate Carpets * To patch Carpets * To brighten carpets * To make rag Carpets * To destroy wild carrots * How to take care of Carriages * Care of Carriage Tops * To cleanse Black Cashmere * To mend Cast Iron Vessels * Alabaster Cement * Cement for aquariums * Cement for China * Cement for joining China or Glass * Egyptian Cement * Glycerine Cement * Gutta percha Cement * Japanese cement * Jeweler’s Armenian Cement * Jewelers’ Cement * Cement for petroleum lamps * Cement for kerosene lamps * Cement to withstand heat and moisture * Cement for sealing bottles * Cement for general use * Cement for broken marble * Cement for glass * Cement for china * Cement for Stoves * Cement to mend leaky boilers * Turner’s Cement * White Cement * Cement for mending earthenware * Soft Cement for steam boilers * Cement for gasfitters * Cement for plumbers * Cement for coppersmiths * Cement for holes or cracks * How to decorate Ceilings * How to clean smoky Ceilings * Uses of chalk * To clean Chamois skin * To cleanse Chamois leather * To renew Chandeliers * How to make Charcoal * How to extinguish a Chimney Fire * To clean Chimney * To wash Chintz * To mend China * How to cleanse Cider Barrels * How to make Water Cisterns tight * Cleaning Mixture * Cleaning Compound * How to Clean Clocks * How to purify Closets * To clean Clothes from grease and other stains * Clothes pin Apron * How to wash White Clothes * To make cloth waterproof * How to fasten cloth on wood surfaces * How to wash clothes the French way * Clothing renovator * How to raise nap on cloth * How to extinguish clothing on fire * How to burn Coal * To destroy Cockroaches * How to clean Coffee Pots * Uses for Collodion * Coloring or dyeing recipes * To renovate Comfortables * Composition for boots and shoes * Composition for driving out rats * To make Copying paper * How to clean neetmok Coral * How to make Corn Starch * To clean Cotton Goods * To wash colored Cottons * To render cotton fabrics fireproof * Cover for a lounge * To make Old Crape look equal to new * To remove water stains from black crape * How to make Cold Cream * Crystallized Chimney Ornaments * To destroy Currant Worms * Curtains for bedrooms * To laundry lace curtains * To make Silk Rag curtains * Window Curtains * To clean Decanters * To remove Decanter Stoppers * How to Test Diamonds * How to polish Diamonds * How to Wash Dishes * How to temper Drills * Dyeing Black * To prevent Cracking of Earthenware * How to etch on Glass * Etching Varnish * To clean stone facades * To wash and curl Feathers * To dye Feathers * How to preserve Ferns * Precautions in case of Fire * Fire Kindlers * How to wash Flannel * How to whiten Flannel * Flat irons, to smooth * How to destroy flies * How to stain and polish Floors * Stain for floors * How to arrange Flowers * Fluid for washing cloths * To destroy Green Flies * To clean Gilt Frames * Fresh blown flowers in winter * How to prevent Fruit Jars from breaking * How to render Fruit Jars air-tight * How to utilize Tin Fruit Cans * Economy in using fuel * How to clean Furniture * To remove Bruises from Furniture * To clean Carved Furniture * To remove white stains from Furniture * Furniture Polish * How to clean Furs * How to dye Furs * How to preserve Furs * How to revive Furs * To clean Gilt Frames * To brighten Gilt Frames * Reviver for Gilt Frames * How to cut Glass * How to drill Glass and China * Imitation ground glass * To loosen Glass Stoppers * How to prevent Glass from cracking * How to produce Gloss on Linen * To remove Gloss on black silk * How to clean Black Kid Gloves * How to make fireproof Glue * How to make Family Glue * Glue for labeling on metals * Liquid Glue * To make Marine Glue * To make Waterproof Glue * How to remove Grease * To remove grease spots from Carpets * To remove Grease from Woolens * To remove Grease spots from Cloth * To remove Grease from paper * How to restore Faded Green Blinds * Hair Dressing * How to clean Hair Brushes * Harness Blacking * How to care for Harness * Grain black for Harness Leather * Waterproof stiffening for Hats * Household hints * Hints for Home Comforts * How to wash woolen Hose * House-cleaning Hints * Household Helps * Directions for House Painting * Care of House Plants * How to set a house on fire * How to keep Ice * Ice cask for preserving small amounts of ice * How to cut ice * How to make ice * How to make an Ice Chest * How to make different kinds of ink * How to remove Ink Stains * Iron Holders * Ironing Hints * Ironing Directions * How to remove Iron Stains * How to make Iron take a bright polish like steel * How to clean Iron or Steel * To prepare a new iron kettle for use * How to preserve irons from rust * Iron rust from white goods * How to remove Iron Mold * To prevent Iron Rusting * How to soften Iron or Steel * To clean the inside of Jars * How to make Javelle Water * Kalsomining * Kalsomine Silver Polish * Kerosene Fires * How to remove Kerosene Stains * How to clean Kettle Iron * How to clean Kettles * How to fit Keys into locks * How to soften Kid Boots * How to clean Kid Boots * How to clean Kid Gloves * How to restore Kid Gloves * How to wash Kid Gloves * How to color white kid black * How to clean white kid slippers * How to make Kindlings * How to wash a knitted woolen shawl * Knitting Aprons * How to clean Knives * How to take Care of Silver Knives * How to keep Knives not in use * How to clean Black Lace * How to clean gold or silver Lace * How to freshen Black Lace * How to wash Lace * To wash Black Lace * How to clean Lamp Burners * How to clean Lamp Chimneys * How to take Care of Lamp Chimneys * How to make Lamp Wicks * Reflection from Lamps * How to prevent Lamps smoking * Why Lamps Explode * How to care for Kerosene Lamps * Laundry Hints * Laundry Blue * How to join broken lead pipes * How to repair small leaks in lead pipes * How to prevent corrosion in lead pipes * How to renew old letters or papers * How to whiten linen * How to wash colored linens * How to wash Colored Table Linen * How to bleach Linen * How to gloss Linen * Glazing for linen * How to restore Scorched Linen * Scent for Linen * To remove iron mold from Linen * To clean Looking Glass * Lounge Cover * Ways to make Lubricators * Lunch Basket * To give a rich color to Mahogany * To remove stains from Mahogany * To remove hot water marks from Mahogany * How to clean Marble * How to remove dirt and stains from Marble * Seven colors for staining marble * How to clean Marble Mantelpieces * How to polish Marble and Glass * Braided Mats * How to make Foot Mat * How to make Husk Mats * Approved Friction Matches * Japanese Paper Matches * To extract oil from Marble * Measures for Housekeepers * How to clean Metal * How to clean Mica * How to remove Mildew from cloth * Remove mildew from Linen * To clean Mirrors * How to repair Mirrors * To care for Mirrors * To destroy mites in Cheese * To destroy Moss on Trees * To protect from Mosquitoes * To get rid of Mosquitoes * Mosquito Remedy * Protection against Moths * Moths in Carpet * To kill Moths in carpets * Moth preventive * Moths in feather beds * To prevent moth damage * To remove Moth patches * To clean Mother of Pearl * Mouse trap, cheap and good * Ways to bleach Muslin * Napery * How to wash Net * How to polish Nickel Plating * How to polish Nickel Ornaments * To prevent odors from cooking * To destroy Offensive Odors * Black Oil * Buffalo Oil * Balm of Gilead Oil * How to clean Oil Cloths * Oil Blacking, waterproof * Tallow Oil * Lard Oil * Neat’s Foot Oil * How to clean Oil Paintings * How to renew Oil Paintings * How to clean Ostrich Feathers * To clean white Ostrich Feathers * How to make an Ottoman * How to make Oven Holders * How to make Overshoes * How to clean Wooden Pails * How to remove Paint from windows * Paint cleaner * Mixture for cleaning paint * Painting Walls * How to remove Paint from walls * How to remove Old Paint * Paint for damp walls * To remove new Paint odor * Paint for Blackboards in Schools * Painters Cream * Paint for Buildings * Compound Iron Paint * Hard Drying Paint * Spruce Yellow Paint for Floors * Flexible Paint for Canvas * Beautiful Green Paint for Walls * Best season for painting houses * How to make Paint without Lead or Oil * How to get rid of Paint Odors * Paint for one cent a pound * Durable Outside Paint * Painting Oil Cloths * Paint without Oil or Lead * White Paint * Common White Paint * Painter’s Hints * How to remove Panes of Glass * Papering and Painting * How to fumigate Paper * Magic Paper * How to make Paper into Parchment * How to clean Wallpaper * Waterproof Paper * To make Paraffin Paper * Parrafine as a wood preserver * Paste blacking * How to make Paste * Paste for scrapbooks, etc * To make Perpetual Paste * Paste for paper-hangings, books, paper boxes, etc * Paste for destroying rats and mice * To stamp patterns on cloth * Pen Wiper * Pencils for writing on glass * To make indelible Pencil Marks * How to clean Pewter * How to recover Piano Hammers * Composition ornaments for Picture frames * How to transfer pictures from paper to wood for re-engraving * How to care for Pie Plates * Fertilizer for House Plants * Plant Specimens for Preservation * Plants for the window * Winter care of Plants * Home repair of plaster walls * Substitute for Plaster of Paris * To clean Plates * How to clean Ostrich Plumes * To curl Plumes * How to harden a Fire Poker * Polish for brass ornaments * Polish for furniture * Polish for boots and shoes * Polish for Leather * Polish for Woods * Polish for Mahogany * Starch Polish * Polish for Stoves * Polish for Patent Leather Goods * Polishing Tortoise Shell * To clean Porcelain Kettle * To make Pork Barrel * How to mend an Iron Pot * To wash Prints * To clean Old Prints * To transfer Prints * How to make Putty * How to remove Old Putty * French Putty * Putty for repairing Broken Walls * How to rid a house of Rats * Rat killing without Traps or Poisons * Razor Paper * Razor Strop Paste * To renovate Razor Strop * How to sharpen Razor * To clean Ribbons * How to renew Old Ribbons * How to exterminate Red Roaches * Excellent and cheap Roofing * Fire proof wash for Roofs * Roofing for outhouses * How to dust Rooms * To soften new ropes * To test the strength of Ropes * How to mend Rubber Boots * To deodorize Rubber * To repair Rubber Hose * To fasten Rubber to wood and metal * To make Rubber hand stamps * How to restore Elasticity to rubber rings * How to repair Rubbers * How to make Rugs * Rust preventive * How to preserve Cast Iron from rust * How to remove Rust from polished Iron * Several ways to remove Rust * How to repair Circular Saws * To mend Cross Cut Saws * To mend Broken Saws * To remove scale in boilers * To bleach Scorched Lime * To remove Scratches in furniture * How to remove Rusty screws * Screw in plaster * How to make Screens * To make Screws Hold * Sealing wax, red * Sealing wax, gold * Sewer gas * How to clean Crape Shawl * How to wash a Shetland Shawl * How to make Sheets * How to preserve Sheet Iron Stoves * How to split Sheet of Paper * How to make a Mantel Shelf * How to render Shirt Bosoms glossy * The proper way to do up Shirts * How to make Shirts * How to make a Shoe Bag * How to make a Shoe Box * How to preserve Shoe Soles * Best color for Shoe and Harness Edge * Ways to clean Silk * How to restore silk’s color * How to revive old silk * How to renovate black silk * How to remove grease from silk * Neetmok work * How to clean Black Silk * How to clean Silver Plated Articles * How to give luster to silver * How to repair silvering on Mirrors * Sizing for boots and shoes in treeing out * Skate Bags * How to destroy slugs on plants * Soil for Plants * How to cleanse sponges * How to bleach Sponges * How to remove spots and stains from clothing * How to remove Stains * Tar and Axle Grease Stains * How to remove dye stains from the hands * How to remove Fruit stains from linen * Stains of ink on books and engravings * To remove stains and grease from a carpet * How to remove Milk and Coffee stains * How to remove stains from Mourning Dresses * How to remove Oil Stains * Removing stains from silk * To remove stains on Silver Plate * How to lay Stair Carpets * Starch for doing up dresses * Starching shirt collars * To clear Starch * Starch for Paste * Starch polish * How to render Starched Clothes less inflammable * Stocking Supporters * To restore Faded Stockings * How to loosen Glass Stoppers * How to black Stoves * Care of Stoves * Method of bleaching Straw * How to bleach Straw Hats * How to clean Straw Matting and Oilcloth * How to wash Summer Suits * Table Covers * Sweeping Hints * Table Covers for Bedrooms * Table for the Library * How to make Table Mats * How to bleach Table Mats * How to make a Table Scarf * How to cleanse and bleach tallow * Care of Tea Kettles * How to make a cheap Telephone * How to clean ticks for feathers * How to make Tidy * How to utilize Old Tin Cans * How to scour Tinware * How to mend Tinware by the heat of a candle * How to prevent Tinware rusting * How to clean tin vessels thoroughly * How to use Turpentine * How to restore faded Upholstery MEDICAL CURES AND FIRST AID: Abscess * Aconite Liniment * Aconite Poisoning * How to prevent and treat accidents * Acid stomach * Ague Pills * Antiseptic * Anti-fat diet * Aperients * Artificial skin for burns * Simple remedy for Asthma * Relief for Asthma *Asthma remedies * Remedy for Bad Breath * Remedy for baldness * Indian Balsam * Bandages * Bathing Rules * To prevent Bed Sores * Cure for Bee Stings * Belladonna Mixture * uses of Benzine * Remedy for Biliousness * Bites of Snakes and Dogs * Stomach Bitters * Stoughton Bitters * Blackberry Tea * Cure for Bites and Stings * Bleeding from the nose * How to stop bleeding * Bleeding of a wound * How to stop the flow of Bleeding * How to dress a blister * Blistered hands or feet * How to treat a blood blister * Blood purifier * Treatment of Boils * Boiled flour for relaxed bowels * Brain stimulant * Enlargement of Brain * Bronchitis and Asthma * To cure Bronchocele * Bunion remedy * Burns and Scalds * General remedies for burns * Cure for Cancer * Carminative, Dalby’s * How to administer Castor Oil * How to make Castor Oil* Cure for Catarrh * Treatment of Catarrh * Chamomile tea * Chamomile and its uses * How to treat Chapped Hands * Cherry Pectoral * Chicken Pox * How to cure Chilblains * Uses of Chloral (dangerous) * Chloride of Lime * Chlorine pastiles for fresh breath * How to relieve Choking * Rules for preventing Cholera * Remedy for Cholera Infantum * Egyptian cure for Cholera * Doherty’s description * Indian prescription for Cholera * Cholera tincture * Cholera Morbus, a certain cure * Cholera Remedy * Cholera Mixture * Cholagogue (India) * Cinders in the eye * Simple remedies for a Cold * How to cure a cold * Chest Cold * Head Cold * To relieve Cold * To relieve Cold Feet * Remedies for colic * Composition Powder * Consumption Cure * Corns treated with salicylic acid * Treatment of Corns * Corn plasters * Costiveness * Cough Compound * To cure Consumptive Cough * Cough Candy * Cough Drops * Remedy for Dry Cough * Cough Cure * Cough Mixture * Cough Syrup * Whooping Cough treatment * To relieve Coughs * Court Plaster * Remedy for Crib Biting * To prevent Cribbing * Cure for Croup * Croup remedies * How to treat Cuts * To remove Dandruff * Deafness, how to relieve * Charcoal dentrifice * Dentists Nerve Paste * Dentists Emery Wheels * Depilatories to take off superfluous hair * Diarrhea remedies * Diarrhea diet * Diuretics * Diuretic Drops * Diuretic tinctures * Diuretic for children * Drink for Consumptives * Cure for Diptheria * Treatments of Diptheria * Dropsy Remedy * To cure Dropsy * How to avoid Drowning * How to restore from Drowning * Cure for Drunkenness * Remedy for Drunkenness * Dysentery Remedy * Dyspepsia Remedy * To cure Dyspepsia or Nervous Debility * Earache Remedy * Deficiency of Ear Wax * Treatment of Epilepsy * Remedy for Epizootic * Cure for Erupsions, Pimples * Treatment of Erysipelas * How to cure Bad eyes * To remove mote from eye * Treatment of inflamed Eyes * Eye lotion * Inflammation of Eyelids * To prolong use of Eyesight * To strengthen Eyesight * Prescription for sore eyes * To cure Weak Eyes * Panacea for Feetache * Cure for Cold feet * Remedy for boils, felons * Cure for Felons * Felon Salve* Felon Ointment * To cool Fever * To relieve Fever * Fever and Ague cure * Fever drink * Scarlet Fever treatment * Symptoms of Typhoid Fever * Fingernail Wash * Mumps * Treatment of Fits * Fainting Fits * Flesh worms on the skin * Foot Bath * Remedy for Foot Sprains * Liquid for Forcing the Beard * To remove Freckles * Cure for Freckles * To remove Freckles * To remove Freckles and Tans * Freckles and Sunburn * Treatment of Frostbite * To cure Frost Feet * Cure for Frozen Limbs * Gargle for Sore Throat * Hints upon using Eyeglasses * Positive cure for Gonorrhea * How to cure Chronic Gout * Gout tincture * Gravel * Drops for Gravel and Kidney Complaints * Remedy for Chapped Hands * How to cleanse Chapped Hands * Relief for Hay Fever * New remedy for Headache * Headache and cold feet * Several cures for Headache * Billious Headache * Nervous Headache * Secrets for Health * Health hints * Rules for preservation of Health * Health in youth * To relieve Hemorrhage * To cure hiccoughs * Positive cure for hydrophobia (rabies) * Cure for Hydrophobia * Compound syrup of Hypophosphites * Treatment of Hysterics * Cure for Hysterics * Relief for Indigestion * Incontinence in old people * To cure Inflamed Eyes * To cure insect bites * Insomnia * Intermittent fever and salt * Irish Moss for Colds * To cure Itch * Cure for Poison Ivy * How to cure Jaundice * To cure Knock Knees * How to inhale Laughing Gas * How to stop the bleeding of leech bites * How to make Leeches bite * Treatment of 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RURAL AFFAIRS: Black tongue in Cattle * Cure for Bots in horses * Box measures * Caked udder of cow * Treatment of Calves * How to make Calves drink * Salt and Water for Cattle * How to fatten Chickens * Chicken Cholera * How to cure Gapes in Chickens * Food for young Chickens * How to destroy Chicken Lice * Care of Colts * Rat-proof Corn Cribs * How to prevent corn being destroyed by birds, etc * To relieve a cow from Choking * To cure swelled bag in a cow * To estimate Crops per Acre * How to make Cucumber vines bear fine crops * Curculio in fruit trees * To insure a good crop of currants and gooseberries * Treatment of Ducks * Quick growth of Ducks * How to increase Egg production * Eggs in winter * Eye water for Horses and Cattle * To prevent decay of Farm Implements * How to make Fence Posts durable * Founder cured in 24 hours * How to grow Vegetables and Fruits to enormous size * Fish Culture * How to preserve fish alive for transportation * How to preserve Flowers and Fruit * How to revive Withered Flowers * How to preserve flowers in water * Sowing of autumn flower seeds * How to pack flowers for shipment * How to make a Flower Stand * To prevent green fly in turnips * Forest Leaves for Stables and Yards * Remedy for Founder * How to Select Fowls * How to Fatten Fowls in a short time * Pruning Fruit Trees * How to Dry Fruit * Fruit drying hints * How to pack Fruits for long distances * To clear Insects from Fruit Trees * How to preserve Fruit Trees * To drive away Fruit pests * Galls from Saddle or Harness * To remove Gapes from Chicken * To cure Gapes in Fowls * Cure for Garget in Cows * How to make Grafting Wax * Winter care of Grape Vines * * Grease Heel * How to test Guano for Purity * Home-made Guano * Halter Pulling * Harness Wounds on Horses * Hay for Hogs * Remedies for Heaves in Horses * How to make Hens lay * How to drive away Hen Lice * How to make Hens lay the whole year * Rules for setting Hens * To recruit Hide Bound Horse * Remedies for Hoarseness * How to make Artificial Honey * How to separate Honey from Wax * Hoof Ail in Sheep * Cure for Balky Horse * How to make a Horse Blanket * Breaking and training Horses, Rarey’s directions * Cruelty to Horses * Rarey’s directions for Horse-shoeing * How to Judge Horses * Do not burn Horse’s Hoof * How to cure Broken Leg in Horses * Cold air in Horse Stables * Cracks in Horse’s Hoofs * How to feed Horses on the road * Hints on feeding Horses * How to judge Horses when buying * How to tell the age of Horses * How to prevent horses from Jumping * To prevent Horses from Kicking * Hints on Horse Management * How to stop Horses Rearing * Horse Remedies * How to tame Horses * To feed Horses * How to destroy insects on plants * Insect destroyers * Treatment of English Ivy * How to destroy Lice on Cattle * Remedy for Lice on Hens * Lima Beans without Poles * How to burn lime without a kiln * Rarey’s Liniment for Horses * How to prevent Logs and Planks from splitting * Facts about Lumber * Manure from Bones * To compost Manure * Substitute for Barn Manure * Manure from Fish, refuse, etc * How to double the usual amount of Manure on the farm * Manure for almost nothing * Mice in Corn Stacks * How to increase the flow of Milk in Cows * Milk, preserved or solidified * Oat or wheat straw made equal to Hay * Onions for Fowls * How to renew Old Orchards * How to cultivate Orchards * Paint for Farmers * Milk Paint for Barns, Any Color * Permanent Pasture profitable to the farmer * Care of Peach Trees * To protect Pear Trees from Blight * Hints on Marketing Pears * Physic Ball for Horses * Physic for Cattle * Doherty’s Description * Paralysis in Pigs * How to cure Pip in fowl * Kerosene for plant lice * How to prepare Plants for Winter * How to detect Poison Ivy * How to preserve Wood Posts * Remedy for Potato Beetle * How to preserve Potatoes from Rot * How to get new Varieties of Potatoes * Home-made Poudrette * Directions for Raising Poultry * Secret of Raising Quinces * How to Select Rabbits * How to prepare Rabbit Skins * How to Force Radishes * How to drive away Rats * Rat exterminator * To cure Rheumatism in horses * Remedies for Rheumatism * Rheumatic Treatment * Rhubarb Culture * To force Rhubarb * Rose Culture * How to destroy Rose insects * To clear Rose Trees from blight * To cure Rot in Sheep * How to clean a Rusty Plow * Salt for Poultry * Ointment for Scab in Sheep * Scours in Calves * Scouring in Horses and Cattle * Scratches in horses * How to protect Sheep from flies * How to cure Foot Rot in Sheep * How to mark Sheep without Injury to the Wool * How to cure Sheep when poisoned * How to take care of Sheep’s Wool * Shoeing Horses * Soot a good fertilizer * Sore Mouth in a Horse * Spavin and Ring Bone Cure * When to Plant Strawberries * A Home-Made Stump Machine * How to make Superphosphate of Lime * Superphosphate in 24 hours * Swellings and Strains in Horses * Liniment for Sweeny * How to dry Sweet Corn * How to cure Tobacco * How to cultivate Tobacco * Fertilizer for Tobacco BEER AND SPIRITS: Ginger Beer * How to make Hop Beer * Root Beer * White Spruce Beer * How to make Cherry Brandy * How to make Brandy Cognac * Champagne for hot weather * How to sweeten and keep sour Cider * How to keep Cider sweet * How to keep Cider * Nectar Cider * Blackberry Cordial * Godfrey’s Cordial * Neutralizing Cordial * Peppermint Cordial * Harvest Drink * How to make Holland Gin * The uses of Hops * Jamaica Rum * Mint Julep * Knickerbocker * How to clear and fine Liquors * Coloring for Liquors * Sparkling Mead, very superior * Sarsaparilla Mead * Punch * Rum Shrub * Sangaree * Ayer’s Sarsaparilla FINISHES, VARNISHES AND PLATING, ETC.: Filigree work on Silver, to clean * Filling composition for Painters and Grainers * Silver Plating Fluid * Fluid for soldering and tinning * Fluid soldering * Fluid Washing * Fluted reamer, to dip properly * Gilding without a battery * Soluble Glass * Glass and porcelain gilding * Glass powder * To drill and ornament glass * Grinding Glass for Signs, Shades, &c * How to Manufacture Glue * Artificial Gold * To restore color to Gold Articles * To make Green Gold * To make imitation Gold * To clean Gold * Gold Lacquer * To make and apply Gold Plating Solution * How to refine Gold * Ways to paint Ground Glass * To imitate Hair Wood * Inlaid mother of pearl work * How to drill holes in Cast Iron * How to cast harden iron * To case harden Malleable Iron * To case Harden Wrought Iron * To tin Iron Wire * Japanning for 0ld Trays * Japanese Lacquer * Japan Driers * Jeweler’s rouge for cleaning plate, jewelry, etc * How to clean gilt Jewelry * How to clean Jewelry * Japanese Lacquer * Lacquer for Tin * How to imitate curled maple * To imitate Birds’ Eye Maple * To imitate black and gold marble * Blue and gold marble * How to imitate Marble * How to harden Metals * How to plane Metals * Mother of pearl work * Spirit graining for Oak * Oak, oil for graining * How to prepare the ground for Oak Rollers * To imitate Old Oak * To imitate Pollard Oak * Oil Finishes * * Paint to imitate tortoise shell * How to make Pewter * Pine stained to imitate black walnut * Pine stained to imitate Mahogany * Pine floors in imitation of oak * Powder for gold plating * Powder for silvering * To make dies for Screw Cutting * How to frost polished silver * Silvering Hooks and Eyes * Silver plating method * Silvering shells * Silver solution for plating German silver, copper, brass, etc * How to write in silver * How to apply Solder * Solder for Brazing Steel * How to preserve steel goods from Rust * To remove bluing from Steel * Way of Scaling Steel * How to restore Burnt Steel * How to toughen steel * To remove rust from Steel * How to polish Steel * Tempering Tools * Tree of Lead * Varnish for Bookbinders * Varnish for Chip and Straw Hats * Black Varnish for Coal buckets * Varnish for Fancy Work * Varnish for Faded Rubber Goods * Varnish for Frames * Varnish for boots and shoes * Varnish for Harness * Waterproof Varnish for Harness * Varnish for Iron and Steel * Jet black Varnish * Brilliant French Varnish for leather * Crystal Varnish for Maps * Varnish for Maps, Drawings, etc * Dyes for Veneers * Varnish shellac * To remove Scratches in Varnish * Black Varnish for Stoves * Varnish for Violins * Varnish for White Woods * Waterproof Varnish * Files and Rasps * How to resharpen Files COSMETIC: How to care for the Hair * How to crimp Hare * Batchelor’s Hair Dye * Christadoro’s Hair Dye * Phalon’s Instantaneous Hair Dye * Harrison’s Hair Dye * Phalon’s Hair Dye * Ways to keep Hair from Falling Out * Barber’s Star Hair Oil * How to prevent Gray Hair * Hair Invigorator * To preserve the Hair * To promote the growth of Hair * To remove Superfluous Hair * To thicken Hair * Hair tonic * Hair restoratives * Phalon’s Hair Restorative * Mrs. Allen’s Hair Restorative * Several kinds of Hair Wash * How to preserve Soft Hands * How to free the head from dandruff * Head Wash * How to make Lavender Water * Mouth Wash * How to whiten Nails * Oil of Roses * Macassar Oil * Pearl water for the Complexion * To extract Perfumes * Garden Perfumes * How to make Perfumes * To remove the odor of Perspiration * Plaster of Paris Cast from a Person’s Face * Plaques of Wood * Pomatum * Powder for the Complexion * How to make Rose Water * Turkish Rouge * Vinegar Rouge * Shampoo Liquids * How to remove Tan from the face * How to care for Teeth * Ingrowing Toe-Nails * Toilet Hints NEEDLEWORK: Knitting Terms Explained * Knitted Lace, Oceana * Knitting Lace, Normandy * Knit Lace, Raspberry Stitch * Knitted Lace, Wheat-ear Edge * Knitted Lace, Oak Leaf Edge * Knitted Child’s Leggings * How to knit Mittens * Silk Mittens for Gentlemen * Muffs for the feet * How to crochet Napkin Ring * Pin Cushion Filling * How to crochet a Breakfast Shawl TANNING AND LEATHER: Tanning * Tanning with Acid * Tanning Calf, Kip, and Harness Leather in from Six to Thirty Days * Tanning Hides with the Hair On * Tanning Muskrat Skins with the Fur On * Tanning Woodchuck Skins * Beautiful bronze for leather * To dye leather yellow * To dye Leather Green * Dyes for Morocco and Sheep leather * How to stain leather gloves * To soften leather * Leather bronzing * How to utilize leather scraps SOAP MAKING: How to manufacture Soap * Almond Soap * To make Soap Bubbles * Erasive Soap * English Bar Soap * Hard Soap for common use * How to make Camphor Soap * White Windsor Soap * Brown Windsor Soap * Sand Soap * Soft Soap * How to save Soap * How to make Toilet Soap * Transparent Soap * White Hard Soap with Tallow * What to do with waste pieces of soap * Yankee Shaving Soap MISCELLANEOUS: How to make an Aeolian harp * Asparagus as a lawn plant * How to preserve and use Autumn Leaves * How to make a Barometer * Barometers handy and cheap * Bee-keeping * How to keep beehive covers from leaking * How to make Bengal Lights * How to preserve Birds * How to take an impression of a butterfly * Care of Canaries * How to Mount Chromos * A lesson in Decorating * How to tan Deer Skins for gloves * How to Dye Easter Eggs * How to color Eggs * Eggs for the Nest * Good solution for Electro-plating * New Method of Embalming * To clean Engravings * To mount Engravings * How to make Essences * Essences from flowers * Essence of Roses * Essential oils from wood, barks, roots, etc * How to make a Fern case * Ornamental uses of Ferns * Fern work * Arrangement of Flowers * Flowers and Ferns for Ornamenting * Flowers for exhibition * Food for Singing Birds * How to make a Hanging Garden * Hints to Gardeners * Gilding on Wood * How to Ornament Glass * Hints on Goldfish * How to make Wax Grapes * Ways to Crystallize Grasses * How to build Gravel Houses * How to clean Guns and Rifles * How to make a Hammock * Hanging Baskets * How to make Imitation Coral Hanging Basket * How to make Lambrequins for mantel shelf * How to make Lambrequin * Leaf Impressions * Leaf Printing * Leaf Plant Skeletons * How to write Secret Letters * How to marble Books and Paper * How to preserve Mountain Ash Berries * Ornament for Mantelpiece * Ornament for Table * Painting Banners * Paint for Magic Lantern Slides * Parlor Magic * How to make Potpourri * How to make a Scrap Basket * Scrap book for Pictures * To collect and lay out Sea Weed * How to grow Smilax * Smilax for a Curtain * Sprinkle for Bookbinders’ Use Remember folks, this is an 1887 original. This book is 132 years old. Check out all the RARE ANTIQUE BOOKS ABOUT THE INDIAN WARS, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE OLD WEST THAT I'M OFFERING ON EBAY THIS WEEK! Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers! Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. Click here to sign up for the NEETMOK NEWSLETTER! Winner pays for media mail shipping in the United States of America. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: All international bidders must pay by PayPal. © 2018 by eBay seller neetmok. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAY’S VERO PROGRAM. Unauthorized use of Item Description Text or Images is a violation of eBay rules, as posted by eBay: "No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners." 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OR (3) CONTACT ME., Year Printed: 1887, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Topic: American (US), Binding: Hardcover, Region: North America, Origin: American, Author: S.H. Burt, Subject: Cooking, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Publisher: Burt, Place of Publication: New York

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