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Seller: Top-Rated Seller rare-book-collections (20,878) 99.7%, Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123519906131 THE CARTOGRAPHY & MAP MAKING COLLECTION ~~~~~~~~ A truly wonderful collection of 120 rare, out-of-print books and documents compiled together for the first time on one unique DVD covering all aspects of CARTOGRAPHY and MAP MAKING. Read all about cartography and its history – the study and practice of map making. Understand geological topography – the study of surface shape in relation to mapping. Read about military map reading and sketching as well as map reading for aviators. Study ancient maps of the world and examine mans earliest expeditions to map the earth. Learn about the discovery of the Americas and the attempts to map the ‘New World’. Browse historical atlases of British, European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern interests. Overall, a wonderful collection packed full of information on maps, map drawing and map reading, containing examples of ancient maps and works from great explorers such as Captain Cooke and Marco Polo. This really is a stunning archive and an absolute must for anyone with an interest in cartography and the ancient history of map making…. Some of the books contained within this collection are extremely difficult to find and will provide a valuable library of reference material for anyone studying the history of maps and map making. The full list of titles speaks for itself! This wonderful collection of 120 vintage books provides literally 1,000’s of pages of great content and fabulous photos / illustrations for the reader. All of the books have been scanned in high quality and preserved forever in pdf format - easy to read on your laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, kindle or e-reader. You can also print entire books or select pages. Most of the books are written in English with some additional titles in German. The Full List of Titles Included is as Follows: A booke called the treasure for traueilers deuided into fiue bookes or partes, contaynyng very necessary matters, for all sortes of trauailers, eyther by sea or by lande by W. Bourne (1578) A collection of maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, circa 1700-1725, by Sr. Sanson, Guillieme de l'Isle, Peter Schenck, and others (1700) A comprehensive atlas, geographical, historical & commercial by T. G. Bradford (1835) A description of early maps, originals and facsimiles (1452-1611) by E. L. Stevenson (1921) A guide to historical cartography; a selected, annotated list of references on the history of maps and map making by W. W. Ristow (1960) A hand-book of map drawing - adopted especially to the maps in Mitchell's new series of school geographies by P. Keam (1869) A list of atlases and maps applicable to the world war; comp. under the direction of Philip Lee Phillips, chief, Division of maps (1928) A list of maps of America in the Library of Congress by P. L. Phillips (1901) A list of works relating to cartography by P. L. Phillips (1901) A literary & historical atlas of Asia by J. G. Bartholomew (1912) A literary & historical atlas of Europe by J. G. Bartholomew (1914) A manual of geographical science, mathematical, physical, historical, and descriptive by C. G. Nicolay (1852) A school atlas of English history by S. R. Gardiner (1910) A voyage to the South Sea, and round the world, perform'd in the years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711 Vol. 1 by Capt. E Cooke (1912) A voyage to the South Sea, and round the world, perform'd in the years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711 Vol. 2 by Capt. E Cooke (1912) Annual address the early history of cartography, or what we know of maps and map-making before the time of Mercator by C. P. Daly (1879) Archeological Atlas of Ohio by W. C. Mills (1914) Atlas accompanying Rev. C. A. Goodrich's outlines of modern geography ... map of Asia (1826) Atlas Of Ancient Egypt by The Egypt Exploration Fund (1894) Atlas of European history by E. W. Dow (1909) Beiträge zur deutschen Kartographie von H. Praesent (1921) British (Terra Nova) Arctic Expedition 1910 - 1913 - Notes on geological map-reading by F. Debenham (1920) Cartographic users guide by The United States Bureau of Land Management (1984) Cartography of Rhode Island by H. M. Chapin (1915) Catalogue of maps, plans and charts in the Map Room of the Dominion Archives (1912) Check list of large scale maps published by foreign governments (Great Britain excepted) in the Library of Congress (1904) Construction of maps in relief. Illustrated by J. H. Harden (1887) Dante and the early astronomers by M. A. Orr (1914) Das geographische Mosaik von Madaba, die älteste Karte des Heiligen Landes von A. Jacoby (1905) Die Ãltesten Weltkarten von K. Miller (1895) Die kartenwissenschaft; forschungen und grundlagen zu einer kartographie als wissenschaft Vol. 1 von M. Eckert (1921) Die Weltkarte des Castorius - genannt die Peutingersche Tafel von K. Miller (1887) Elements of military sketching and map reading by J. B. Barnes (1917) Geological and topographical maps, their interpretation and use, a handbook for the geologist and civil engineer by A. R. Dwerryhouse (1911) Glossaries of BLM surveying and mapping terms by US Dept of The Interior (1980) Harper's atlas of American history by D. R. Fox (1920) Historical and geographical notes on the earliest discoveries in America, 1453-1530 by J. Stevens (1869) Historical atlas of India, for the use of high schools, colleges, and private students by C. Joppen (1914) Historical atlas, 3800 B.C. to 1900 A.D. by R. H. Labberton (1901) History of geography by J. S. Keltie (1913) Indexes to the 12500 and 6-inch scale maps and small specimens of different maps published - Ordnance Survey of Ireland (19--) Johann Schöner, professor of mathematics at Nuremberg, a reproduction of his globe of 1523 (1888) Kartenkunde geschichtlich dargestellt von E. Gelcich (1909) Lessons in chalk modeling - the new method of map drawing. With introduction and suggestions on the use of the mao by I. C. Heffron (1903) L'Europe, l'Asie, l'Afrique, l'Amerique en plusieurs cartes, e n plusieurs cartes, et en divers traittés de geographie et d'histoire par N. Sanson (1683) Lewis Evans his map of the Middle British Colonies in America - a comparative account of eighteen different editions published between 1755 and 1814 by H. Stevens (1924) List of conventional signs and abbreviations in use on French and German maps by United States Army (1918) Macmillan's historical atlas of modern Europe. A select series of maps illustrative of the recent history of the chief European states and their dependencies (1920) Map of the world, 1542 by A. de Santa Cruz (printed 1892) Map reading and panorama sketching by 'An Instructor' (1917) Map reading and topographical sketching by E. R. Stuart (1918) Map reading for aviators by C. B. Benson (1918) Maps and map drawing by W. A. Elderton (1890) Maps and map-making; three lectures delivered under the auspices of the Royal geographical society by E. A. Reeves (1910) Maps and survey by A. R. Kinks (1913) Maps and their makers - an introduction to the history of cartography by G. R. Crone (1953) Maps reproduced as glass transparencies, selected to represent the development of map-making from the first to the seventeenth century by E. L. Stevenson (1913) Maps, their history, characteristics and uses; a handbook for teachers by H. G. Fordham (1921) Mediaeval geography; an essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi by W. L. Bevan (1873) Medieaval researches from eastern Asiatic sources Vol. 1 by E. Bretschneider (1910) Medieaval researches from eastern Asiatic sources Vol. 2 by E. Bretschneider (1910) Memoir of a map of Hindoostan; or The Mogul Empire by J. Rennell (1788) Memoir on a mappemonde by Leonardo da Vinci, being the earliest map hitherto known containing the name of America now in the royal collection at Windsor by R. H. Major (1865) Military map reading by C. O. Sherrill (1909) Military sketching and map reading for non-commissioned officers by L. C. Grieves (1916) Military sketching and map reading for noncoms & men by R. F. Legge (1918) Military sketching and map reading; including panoramic sketching and aerial photography by L. C. Grieves (1921) Military sketching made easy and military maps explained by H.D. Hutchinson (1915) Mitchell's new general Atlas (1861) Narrative and critical history of America Vols. 1 - 8 by J. Winsor (1884) Nautical chart manual - practical guidance for cartographers and engineers engaged in constructing and revising nautical charts by W. A. Bruder (1963) Notes on geological map-reading by A. Harker (1920) Origin of the Strait of Anian concept by G. E. Nunn (1929) 'Over the Rockies' the discovery & mapping of the Canadian West, 1700-1886 an exhibition held at the Royal Ontario Museum, March and April, 1956 by A. E. MacDonald (1956) Popular map reading by E. D. Laborde (1928) Portolan charts; their origin and characteristics, with a descriptive list of those belonging to the Hispanic society of America by E. L. Stevenson (1911) Scotland. Indexes to the 12500 and 6-inch scale maps and small specimens of different maps published (19--) Studies in carto-bibliography, British and French, and in the bibliography of itineraries and road-books by H. G. Fordham (1914) Suggested symbols for plans, maps, and charts by United States. National Resources Committee (1937) The American geography, or, A view of the present situation of the United States of America by J. Morse (1789) The book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East Vol. 1 by M. Polo (1871) The book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East Vol. 2 by M. Polo (1871) The Cosmographiae introductio of Martin Waldseemüller in facsimile followed by The four voyages of Amerigo Vespucci, to which are added Waldseemüller's two world maps of 1507 (1907) The development of the cartography of America up to the year 1570 by S. Ruge (1896) The discovery & mapping of the Great Lakes 'Sweet-Water', 1522-1703 an exhibition held at the Royal Ontario Museum, March, 1954 by A. E. MacDonald (1954) The discovery of North America; a critical, documentary, and historic investigation, with an essay on the early cartography of the New world by H. Harrisse (1892) The draughtsman's handbook of plan and map drawing, including instructions for the preparation of engineering, architectural, and mechanical drawings by G. G. Andre (1874) The face of the earth as seen from the air; a study in the application of airplane photography to geography by W. T. Lee (1922) The first delineation of the New world and the first use of the name America on a printed map by H. N. Stevens (1928) The geographical conceptions of Columbus; a critical consideration of four problems by G. E. Nunn (1924) The geography of Ptolemy elucidated by T. G. Rylands (1893) The half-crown atlas of British history, by Keith Johnston by A. K. Johnston (1871) The iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909 Vols. 1 - 6 by I. N. Phelps Stokes (1915) The Kohl collection of maps relating to America by J. Winsor (1886) The Leardo map of the world, 1452 or 1453, in the collections of the American geographical society by J. K. Wright (1928) The military map; elements of modern topography French school of war by G. Maxwell (1916) The Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom by T. P. White (1886) The slotted-templet method for controlling maps made from aerial photographs by H. T. Kelsh (1940) The story of London maps by G. L. Gomme (1908) The study of geological maps by G. L. Elles (1921) The world mapped - being a short history of attempts to map the world from antiquity to the twentieth century by I. J. Curnoe (1930) The World on Mercator's Projection, to illustrate Harpers Gazetteer by J. C. Smith & Son (1855) Topographic maps and sketch mapping by J. K. Finch (1920) Topographic surveying; including geographic, exploratory, and military mapping, with hints on camping, emergency surgery, and photography by H. M. Wilson (1905) Wie sind geologische Karten und Profile zu verstehen und praktisch zu verwerten von F. Schondorf (1916) Willem Janszoon Blaeu, 1571-1638; a sketch of his life and work, with an especial reference to his large world map of 1605 by E. L. Stevenson (1914) World map of Francesco Roselli by G. E. Nunn (1928) Wyld's Scripture atlas in which, on maps of a large scale .... every other locality of historic interest mentioned throughout the sacred Scriptures by J. Wyld (1834) An absolute must for anyone with an interest in cartography, ancient maps, map reading and map making – an unbelievable treasure trove of information for a very small price! Quick Delivery – Free postage within the UK! All of the files are presented in pdf format, easy to read on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any modern Kindle / ebook reader that can read pdf files. All files can be printed or transferred between devices. For some devices you may need to convert the pdf files. A free program called Calibre can be used to do this and can be included on the DVD if requested. Please note that this is a data DVD that will contain all of the books, documents and material listed in this auction. It will work in a laptop or computer but will not work on a DVD player or audio CD player. * Main photo is for illustration purposes only – other photos are example pages from the books included on the disc * Please check our other items for lots more rare specialist book collections! Our Payment Policy: We only accept payment via paypal and immediate payment is required once the “buy it now” button has been clicked. eBay will automatically open an unpaid item dispute within 4 days if payment isn’t received prior. Our Postage / Shipping Policy: All items are dispatched within 24hrs of a cleared payment being received. Free postage within the UK! P&P outside of the UK is £5.00 for between 1 – 4 rare collections on disc, each collection thereafter is an extra £0.50. Overseas customers please allow up to 14 days for international shipping. Our Packaging Policy: All DVD’s and CD’s are sealed in a protective plastic sleeve and padded jiffy bag or cardboard mailer. Feedback: It is our aim to deliver a fast, efficient and friendly service to all of our customers. If there are any issues at all regarding an item, please contact us via eBay’s messaging service before leaving feedback as any issue can be resolved. Once positive 5 star feedback has been left, we will leave feedback for the buyer. Our Returns Policy: In the unlikely event that an item is faulty we operate a 14 day returns policy. Any item that is faulty or damaged upon receipt must be reported within 24 hrs. The item must then be returned unopened at a cost of the buyer, unless it is faulty. Once received, a brand new item will be sent out. Please message us if there are any issues via eBay’s messaging system. PLEASE NOTE: The content of this unique DVD data disc has been collected and compiled over time by rare-book-collections. By purchasing this item you agree that the content is for your own personal use only - reproduction and sale of this collection is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Files have been randomly watermarked with links to our ebay store to prevent resale. rare-book-collections - “providing the world access to collections of specialist rare, antique and out-of-print books, in modern formats, allowing them to be read anytime, anywhere” This unique compilation and its listing have been created by ‘rare-book-collections', all rights reserved © Free auction templates courtesy of AuctionInsights Format: HQ scans of rare books on DVD, Author: Various, Non-Fiction Subject: Map Making, Cartography, Ancient Maps, Language: English

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