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Seller: Top-Rated Seller spiritual-sky (6,060) 100%, Location: Bournemouth, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 401226319435 REAL JADE BRACELET with TEMPLE PHA YANT *** Large bead diameter 16 mm. Large bead length 15.5 mm. Small bead diameter 8 mm A picture of Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche is included.. (pictures below) Nang Kwak Temple Pha Yant Wishing Cloth from the Wat Suwannaram Temple Bangkok.. (see below) *** PLEASE NOTE: This blessed Real Jade Sai - Sin bracelet is FULLY adjustable to 8 inches (More pictures below) SAI SIN BLESSED BRACELET: A Sai Sin bracelet "Auspicious thread" is simply a length of cord or bracelet that has been appropriately blessed by a Buddhist Monk. The tying of the Sai Sin around your wrist is the tying in of good health, much happiness and great luck. The Sai Sin cord will also guard you from danger, will dispel evil and negative bad and dangerous energy, and protect you from disease. PLEASE NOTE: This blessed Real Jade Sai - Sin bracelet is FULLY adjustable to 8 inches Large bead diameter 16 mm. Large bead length 15.5 mm. Small bead diameter 8 mm Back of bracelet with 2 jade beads and it is fully adjustable to 8 inches. We only have a few of these superb jade bracelets!!!! JADE BELIEFS The Chinese believed that jade was capable of many great things. An ancient text said that powdered jade, if taken internally, could cure anything from insomnia to flatulence. The Chinese believed that Jade could also convey awesome powers of invisibility and levitation, and carry more practical feats, such as preventing a person from being thrown off his horse. They also believed that jade, if worn, could heal physical ailments and ward off evil, misfortunes, and mischievous supernatural entities. Jade, used properly by a shaman, can also bring about any manner or number of grotesque beings. Several myths relate jade with life and immortality. Some say that jade prolongs life. Others say that it can bring immortality if consumed in the right quantity. The Taoists believed they knew the ingredient to eternal life, jade, but did not know exactly how to use it, the proportions and quantity to be consumed, kinds of other substances to be mixed, and the auspicious conditions under which it was to be worn or taken. And if a person, right before death, swallowed five pounds of solution of jade, his or her corpse would not decay for three years. Jade is thought to be able to help a person just by being in contact with it. The feel of cool jade is said to elevate and purify thoughts, to quiet the mind, and to induce a state of contemplation. It is also believed that frequent handling of jade will cause the stone to grow even more beautiful in sheen. According to one Chinese proverb, “Jade is cool because it comes from the essence of clear mountain streams.” Science says that jade is cool to the touch because it is a non-conductor. Many Chinese believe that a jade stone eventually becomes a part of the life of its owner. Jade is said to change colours depending on the aura of its possessor. When he or she is down or depressed the jade might be a darker shade. If fortune is good, the stone might be of a lighter tint. It is also believed that when a jade piece cracks or breaks, it has shielded its holder from an evil and harmful event. The POWER OF JADE: To help you to understand jade you have to understand the philosophy here. I quote from Shih-Ching AD 800: " When I think of wise people, they seem like jade. Wise ones have seen in jade all different virtues. It is soft, smooth and shining like kindness. It is hard, fine and strong like intelligence. Its edges seem sharp but do not cut, like justice. It hangs down to the ground like humility. When struck it gives a clear, ringing sound, like music. The stains in it, which are not hidden and which add to its beauty, are like thoughtfulness. Its brightness is like heaven while its firm substance, born of the mountains and the waters, is like the earth. That is why wise people love jade." Jade is the Chinese stone that has always been carved into sacred images. The Chinese believed that Jade would prolong life. The Chinese used bowls made of Jade to eat their food because they believed that the energy in Jade would permeate into the food before it was eaten. Jade strengthens the mental facilities and helps reasoning and when worn carried or placed against the third eye you will receive great wisdom. Jade is also a Great Protector and will help to guard you against accidents and mishaps. Jade symbolizes vital energy and cosmic forces. Jade is an image of perfection and a symbol of the union of the five heavenly virtues (Clarity, Purity, Immutability, Euphony and Kindness) as well as the union of moral qualities and beauty. Jade takes on your energy and can actually change colour. Jade is a protective stone which will help to keep you away from harm and will bring you harmony. It will attract good luck and friendship. Wearing jade can bring money into your life, when you are contemplating a business deal hold this piece of jade in your hand for a few minutes. Be infused with its prosperous energy, then decide which course to take. Jade will help to stabilize your personality and will integrate your mind with your body. Spiritually Jade encourages you to become who you really are, it will assist you in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey and awaits hidden knowledge. There are very few people in the world who can feel and sense and need this sacred and special power. If you are not one of them then this is not for you. This blessed and empowered temple cloth talisman is called a Pha Yant. It can also be called a 'Cloth Yant' a 'Paa Yant', a 'Payant' or a 'Yant cloth talisman' This sacred blessed and empowered 'Pha Yant' sacred talisman can be framed and hung on a wall, hung on a wall as it is, carried with you in your pocket or placed in your car to grant you a safe journey. It can be given to a friend or loved one as a special sacred gift. This 'Pha Yant' is for your protection from evil and bad spirits, and will protect you against bad luck. A 'Pha Yant' will protect you from danger. This 'Pha Yant' will grant you a long and healthy life and also grant your wishes. A sacred 'Pha Yant' can be given to grant blessings to a wedded couple to enable them to have many healthy children and to have a long and a happy marriage. **** If you write your wishes on the back of a blessed 'Pha Yant' they will be granted . Nang Kwak Temple Pha Yant Wishing Cloth from the Wat Suwannaram Temple Bangkok.. Nang Kwak Pha Yant. Nang Kwak is a benevolent spirit. She is deemed to bring great luck and prosperity especially in the form of money, to the household. She is the patron deity of all merchants, salesmen and business men and women. Pictures, statues and Pha Yants can be seen in almost every business establishment in Thailand. The legend of Nang Kwak is one of the best known legends in Thailand and dates back to before the birth of Buddhism in Thailand. The legend of Nang Kwak originates from India where she was known as Supawadee, the daughter of a small merchant. Legend tells that occasionally Supawadee accompanied her father on his business trips. On one of these trips, after listening to a sermon, Supawadee became a devout follower of Buddhism. Because of her great devotion, a revered Monk by the name of Phra Gasabatera, bestowed blessings of good fortune on her. Phra Gasabatera also told her that if she followed all the teachings of the Dhamma (the teachings of the Lord Buddha), she would receive a special blessing. Endowed with these blessings, whenever Supawadee accompanied her father on his trips, he was able to sell all his goods in a very short time. The family became very wealthy because of Supawadee and as her father was kind and generous, they were much loved by all the people they met on their travels. After her parents died, Supawadee continued the business earning the love and devotion of people all around. Eventually Supawadee died but not before many people had discovered that if they prayed to her their business transactions were more successful than before. Images were made of Supawadee after her death and offerings made to the young girl who was now believed to be a saint. Nang Kwak is dressed in traditional Thai dress. In her left hand is a money bag and her right hand is beckoning Thai - style palm down. Nang Kwak is either beckoning customers to come into the store or asking for wealth to come her way. It is also believed that Nang Kwak evolved from the Hindu Goddess Parvathi, the daughter of the mountains, who it was said the first to grow rice. Some people believe Nang Kwak first appeared in Thailand as a rice prosperity goddess with a sheaf of rice over her shoulder the pre-Buddhist Mae Posop. The name Nang Kwak can be roughly translated as ‘beckoning lady’ or ‘waving lady’. The Thais will often add the word ‘Mae’ which means ‘mother’ before her name as a sign of respect. There are regular stories in the Thai media of how paying devotion to this image has led to increased business prosperity. The above picture of Tibetan monk Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche is included with this blessed bracelet. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet with Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche. Tibetan monk Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche. Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche became a monk when he was 7 years old, he left his parents to live in a monastery far, far away, without shedding a tear or clinging to his mother, his path and mission were clear before him. His last incarnation was still fresh behind him, in his previous incarnation his parents had passed away while he was young, and he went to live in a cave, where he practiced his religious studies and performed his "Puha's"(rituals). As he grew up he became famous for his supernatural powers, the animals of the forest, the deer and the monkeys, would come to him and people from all walks of life would seek him out for a blessing. He lived like this in the cave for a long time. Lama Ahbay Tulku Jigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche was born in Darjeeling, India in 1973. *************************** Personal History of Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche. Lama Ahbay Tulku Jigme Thupten Tendar Rinpoche was born in Darjeeling/India in 1973. In the Tibetan calender the day of his birth is known the auspicious, „day with ten good Omens“. His father Sonam Dorjee and his mother Lobsang Tseten have two more children, his elder brother Dondhup Paljor and his younger sister Tsering Tsomo. In 1979, Khabche Zong Rinpoche visited the hill station of Darjeeling and gave profound instructions bringing happiness to everybody. His father prostrated to the feet of this great master with the wish to have the possibility for one of his sons to become a monk. Zong Rinpoche saw that it would be better to choose the younger of the two brothers to enter the monastery. In the same year the abbot of Gaden Jangtse Monastery in South India gave him the name Jigme Phuntsok and he received the robes of a monk. The venerable Geshe Khenrab Choedak of Hardong Khamtsen became his religious master and he began to learn to write and read Tibetan and to study Buddhist metaphysics according to the tradition. Geshe Sonam Choephel, Geshe Tenzin Dhakpa and Geshe Lobsang Choenyi were ordained as his additional masters. When he was nine years old he was fully initiated into monkhood and the tutor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Khabche Ling Rinpoche gave him the name Thupten Tendar. When he was twelve, His Holiness the Dalai Lama identified him as the reincarnation of the hermit Lama Lobsang Tenzin. One year later he was enthroned as Tulku in Gaden Jangtse Monastery. There, at the age of seventeen, he was admitted to the congregational debate on the first chapter of Abhisamaya (Perfection of Wisdom), and six years later, to the congregational debate on Madhyamika (Middle Way). He studied Pharchen (Perfection of Wisdom) for six years, Uma (Middle Way) for three years. From the age of twenty-five on he studied Abidharma (Treasure of knowledge) for three years followed by Vinaya (Disciplines). Besides these four major Buddhist texts together with another text called Namdrel (Valid cognition) is so called Panchaparamita (Five major texts of Buddhist studies). Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche aged 7 years old. In the Tibetan calender the day of his birth is known the auspicious, "day with ten good Omens". His father Sonam Dorjee and his mother Lobsang Tseten have two more children, his elder brother Dondhup Paljor and his younger sister Tsering Tsomo. Tibetan monk Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche has been fully recognised by the DALAI LAMA as a reincarnation of Lama Lobsang Tenzin, a former spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists. Genshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche has taken his task from the responsibilities of the previous incarnation and has returned back into the role of spiritual leader of the Yinga Choe Ling monastery in Tibet. We only have a few of these superb jade bracelets!!!! GOOD FORTUNE: GOOD FORTUNE: comes about when the energies of your body and mind click together. This is not just about the creation of wealth: good fortune is the experience when you know deep inside you that everything is right with the world. It is when you and the divine enjoy each others company. Good fortune is a natural state of mind that is part of who you are. It is inside you, just wanting to be released. Start by asking for it. Be humble and receive. If you seek good fortune unskillfully- in other words, selfishly- you will create obstructions. Good fortune never ever comes in a way that you expect it, so open your heart for a happy surprise. You keep your good fortune by sharing it and learning from it, not by showing it off. Use your good fortune by showing other people how to access it, based on your own experience. At times, you can change your circumstances only by embracing the spiritual within you. To heal someone, you must first know why people suffer. If through healing them, you can show them how to stop suffering, you have fulfilled your role as a physician. At the heart of all suffering there is a spiritual remedy that comes about from knowing the relationships between karma and suffering. Karma comes from the chaos that exists within all living creatures, all aspects of this world and the universe at large. Some chaos is good, some indifferent, some bad, but it is the stuff from which happiness and then enlightenment can be made. “A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.” Buddha Thinking is a skill that leads to self knowledge. Self Knowledge is wisdom. Thought and Sound: Our thoughts are our individual distillation of the sounds of the world and the universe-- of mankind, nature, of life living itself. These sounds fill the broad spectrum of life and find their expression in human thought, which then leads to creativity and endeavor. Sound and Light: According to ancient Tibetan beliefs, sound is made up of light. Light both physical and spiritual, is the essence of the construction of any sound. To Create Good Energy: You must first focus on your life, you will see the nature of your problems and obstructions that are common to virtually everyone on this planet. Simply starting the process of changing them will help to cultivate stronger mental energies. You need to be willing to try!! At times in our lives, we may come across obstructions that are so powerful, the only way to transform the situation is to accept it with humility and grace. Then you will be able to see the spiritual significance of why the problem could only be changed in this way. At times, you can change your circumstances only by embracing the spiritual within you. Temple 'wishing' cloth from the Wat Suwannaram Temple Bangkok. The items on this Spiritual-Sky eBay site, call you to go back, far back in time to when you were a child. In those days you thought that nothing at all was impossible, you could do anything and everything. In those days long ago your spirit had not been reduced by negativity you believed in pure and special magical powers and your mind was open to receive and discover and to understand the mysteries of life. ************************************ Our sacred, rare, empowered and blessed items are being made available for the benefit of practitioners, like you, who would like to have holy objects as devotional support to your practice. It is contrary to our vows to engage in the business of selling holy objects for profit. Therefore we do not provide these objects in an ordinary way, thinking of them as goods to be bought and sold. Rather, we are making them available with the express wish to benefit others. All funds in excess of our costs help us to continue our activities. Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter

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