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Seller: Top-Rated Seller liquidable (6,950) 99.5%, Location: Stockport, Ships to: GB, Item: 282763485415 10ml e liquid - only £1.50 per bottle with free shipping Paying too much for your eliquids? We sell 10ml bottles which are fully TPD compliant and made here in the UK in an ISO class 5 clean room in a facility with ISO 9001 accreditation for £1.50 per bottle with free shipping. 0mg/ml 40PG/60VG 3mg/ml 40PG/60VG 6mg/ml 45PG/55VG 12mg/ml 50PG/50VG 18mg/ml 60PG/40VG Dessert Choc-a-nana Vanilla Vanilla custard Drink Cappuccino Cherry cola Pink lemonade Strawberry milk Sweets Bubble gum Lemon sherbet Pear drops Rhubard & custard Fruit Aniseed Apple Banana Blackcurrent Blackcurrent & liquorice Blueberry Cherry Forrest fruits Grape Heizen Lemon & lime Peach Pineapple Red a Strawberry & lime Tropical mix Very berry Menthol Black ice Blueberry ice Cherry menthol Double menthol Menthol Mint blast Peppermint Spearmint Strawberry menthol Tobacco American lites Black tobacco British tobacco Premium tobacco RY4 Virginia tobacco American Lites Get a taste of southern America with the American Lites vape juice. The strong dark flavour is reminiscent of Marlborough cigarettes with a much smoother hit that’s kind on the throat. American Lite vape juice gives you a very sweet blend of coconut and tobacco on the inhale, whilst providing a familiar taste of Marlborough on the exhale and a mild nutty aftertaste. An ideal e-liquid if you’re used to smoking 20+ cigarettes per day. Aniseed A refreshingly cool Aniseed flavour that’s remarkably smooth on the inhale as well as the exhale, providing you with a delicious nostalgic taste of Aniseed Balls. One of the most authentic tasting Aniseed e-liquid's available, perfect for enjoying on its own or for mixing with your other favourite e-liquids for a liquorice boost! Apple A delicious blend of sweet juicy apples, vanilla and caramel, our apple e-liquid provides a true taste of summer. The first inhale is filled with a mouth watering fresh apple taste, followed by subtle hints of caramel and vanilla. This triad of flavour continues all the way through the exhale and aftertaste for a flavoursome vape. Ideal for revitalising vapours tongue and brings life back into your taste buds. Banana One of the most ripe tasting e-liquids we have, banana vape juice bursts with flavour every time you get the coil hot. When you inhale you get a nostalgic taste similar to the banana sweets you used to find in corner shops as a kid, perfect for all day vaping and getting your fix of flavour. Perfect for mixing with other creamy flavours or chocolate vape juice, also for creating epic sized vapour clouds with a banana milkshake scent. Black Ice The perfect blend of menthol and blackcurrant, the Black ice vape juice will please even the most discriminating palate. Featuring a smooth fruity blackcurrant inhale followed by a super-cool burst of menthol on the exhale. This vape liquid provides you with a strong pleasant throat hit and excellent vapour production. Black Tobacco If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy tobacco flavoured e-liquids then the Black Tobacco vape juice could be for you. It's comparable to smoking rolling tobacco with liquorice papers. You will get a mild airy tobacco taste on the inhale, followed by an enticing liquorice flavour on the exhale and a sweet smelling vape cloud – similar to the scent of a freshly opened pack of Bassett’s Liquorice All-Sorts. A very nicely blended e-liquid. Blackcurrant A sweet flavour with a hint of sourness, the Blackcurrant e-Liquid has a taste close to Ribena. Rich in fruity flavour, the vape juices initial inhale fills your mouth with a delightful aroma. The exhale leaves your palate dancing with the taste of summer fruits and with a great throat hit too. Perfect for mixing and experimenting with other flavours like menthol, liquorice and more! A true classic vape liquid. Blackcurrant & Liquorice An interesting combination of Blackcurrant fruit and liquorice, this e-liquid is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more. A vape juice brimming with freshness and flavour, the blackcurrant taste is one everyone loves, and when it’s mixed with the succulent liquorice flavour it becomes even more enticing. So why vape these two vape juices separately when you can get the best of both worlds? Perfect for creating vapour clouds of epic proportions with a sweet fruity scent. Blueberry One of our sweetest and tangiest e-liquids available, Blueberry vape juice bursts with summer fruit flavour. Expect a refreshing breeze of fresh ripe blueberries when you first inhale and a lingering fruity aftertaste. The throat hit is mild but with a higher nicotine level you’ll get a nicer pull. Perfect for mixing with other flavours such as menthol and fruit mix. Blueberry Ice Experience the unforgettable combination of Menthol and Blueberry with Blueberry Ice vape juice. Featuring a pleasant fruity Blueberry taste on the inhale, with a cool kick on the back of your throat when exhaling. An E-Liquid that's perfect for all-day vaping and creating immense vapour clouds. British Tobacco A mellow tobacco flavour with a little pinch of sweetness, the British Tobacco e-liquid reminds us all what we loved about smoking. The flavour has a great balance of primary taste, and hits your throat as smooth as silk. Leaving you with a nice aftertaste that isn’t overpowered in any form. Great for vaping every day and for mixing with menthol flavours. One of most poplular e-liquids. Bubble Gum Treat your taste buds without the need to chew with our Bubble Gum vape juice. This flavour is just like the bubble-gum you would get as a child, except this Bubble Gum won’t lose its flavour. The e-liquid provides a smooth inhale followed by a slightly tangy exhale without getting tiresome or tickling the throat. Ideal for all-day vaping and creating massive vapour clouds. Cappuccino A satisfying coffee taste whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, the Cappuccino e-liquid delivers a well-balanced vapour that’s refreshing and smooth. The initial draw bursts with an authentic coffee taste even down to the chocolate sprinkles, followed by a lingering creamy exhale and large clouds with a starbucks-like aroma. Cherry A sweet flavour with a subtle hint of bitterness, our cherry e-liquid is comparable to Cherry bakewell tarts. The vape juice has a huge depth of flavour, the initial hit is assertive on the palate with heavy notes of sweet cherry. After exhaling the flavour changes and involves more cherry, marzipan and almonds for a delicious aftertaste that’s perfect for all day vaping. Why not mix this flavour with a mint or menthol e-liquid for a cool minty throat hit on the exhale? Cherry Cola Celebrate summer with a cool Cherry Cola e-liquid. Featuring a balanced taste of fresh-picked cherries and cola straight from a glass bottle, this vape juice is more than enough to tempt the taste buds. On the inhale you’re treated to an immediate hit of cherry along with a touch of cola, followed by a true cherry cola taste on the exhale. Great for producing huge vapour clouds with a distinct cherry cola aroma. Cherry Menthol A harmonious blend of our two most popular vape juice flavours, providing a soothing sweet cherry taste on the inhale followed by an frosty menthol bite that rejuvenates your throat. This e-Liquid is great for producing thick scented clouds with a devine cherry fragrance. Choco-Nana A sublime treat for your atomizer, the Choco-Nana vape juice delivers a sweet symphony of flavour with every hit. Providing you with a hazelnut-chocolate hit with subtle hints of banana, Choco-nana manages to encapsulate the taste of a banana split ice cream smothered in Nutella with every inhale and exhale. The e-liquid produces epic vapour clouds with a sweet and enticing essence. Double Menthol If you enjoy regular menthol e-liquids then get twice the kick with our Double Menthol liquid. The inhale is super smooth with sea breeze coolness, whilst exhaling gives your throat a mild ice kick that satisfies. Double menthol e-liquid produces brilliantly thick minty vapour clouds and is also great for mixing with other flavoured vape juices if you require more of a minty taste. Grape Experience the taste of fresh, ripened grapes with our Grape e-liquid. The juicy grape flavour hits your throat smoothly and with a little kick upon initial inhalation, followed by an aromatic and slightly bitter taste on the exhale. The delightful grape taste lingers on your tongue for a while and because it’s so lightweight and sweet you just want to vape more. Perfect for mixing with other e-liquids and for creating massive vapour clouds. A classic vape juice! Heizen One of the most delicious and fragrant menthol e-liquids available . The half-bodied mint flavour cools your throat as you take your first hit, leaving you with a sweet/tangy fruity overtone. Exhaling is silky smooth and pleasurable, leaving you with an aromatic fruity memento. Lemon & Lime Celebrate Spring and Summer vibes with a delicious blend of Lemon & Lime vape juice. Perfect for cleansing the palate in-between vape hits or meals, the lemon and Lime e-liquid is brimming with freshness and flavour. Providing a zesty citrus punch with every pull, this e-liquid is so delicious you won’t want to share. Lemon Sherbet For those who have a sweet tooth, our Lemon Sherbet e-liquid will take you back to the sweet shops of your childhood. The vape juice delivers a tangy zing of lemon on the inhale with a nostalgic sweet sherbet aftertaste that fulfills your inner child. Perfect for producing massive vapour clouds with a sweet zesty citrus fragrance. Menthol This refreshing menthol vape juice is guaranteed to provide you with a mint flavour and ice cool throat hit with every inhale. Perfect for ex-smokers who want an escape from that stale tobacco flavour, the menthol liquid hits your throat perfectly with a cool breeze and leaves behind a minty menthol memento. A vape juice with a great amount of vapour; you’ll be able to create exceptional vapour clouds with a trademark minty scent. Mint Blast If you want an e-liquid that will leave your mouth fresh like you’ve just brushed your teeth, Mint Blast is a sensational liquid that always pleases. The vape juice features a minty fresh inhale that’s complimented by a cool sensation at the back of the throat when exhaling. Also perfect for mixing with your favourite fruit and tobacco e-liquids for a minty twist. Peach Packed with flavour, our peach vape juice is a delightfully fresh vape. The first inhale provides you with a sweet peach taste and finished with a tangy kick. Exhaling gives you another level of flavour and the peach taste is even sweeter than before. Brilliant for removing the symptoms of vapers tongue, this peach e-liquid will have your taste buds dancing again in no time. Pear Drops Enjoy the much loved flavours of a traditional sweet but in vape form with our Pear Drops e-liquids. A strong mix that reproduces the old boiled sweet in all its glory. With a sweet ripe pear inhale, followed by a mild throat hit and then an aromatic exhale. Pear drop e-liquid is perfect for all day vaping and for creating large vapour clouds. Peppermint If you’re looking for an e-liquid with a strong peppermint taste then you won’t go wrong here. The peppermint e-liquid provides a refreshing, cool taste upon inhalation followed by an ice cold hit to the throat on exhalation. The aftertaste is great and reminiscent of a polo mint or peppermint chewing gum. This liquid is great for all day vaping, as well as mixing with other e-liquid flavours. Pineapple Get a taste of the tropics with our mesmerizing Pineapple e-liquid. A super strong pineapple flavour aims to transport you to a different continent with its sweet yet acidic taste. With a vine-fresh inhale, followed by a vibrant tropical exhale and mild throat hit – the Pineapple e-liquid aims to satisfy your senses. Perfect for all-day vaping and for produces large vapour clouds. Pink Lemonade Neither too sweet or too tart, Pink lemonade combines juicy raspberries and lemonade flavouring to create one of the most vitalizing e-liquids available. The first inhale delivers spring and summer vibes with a punchy fruit taste, whilst the exhale leaves a sweet and sour raspberry and citrus aftertaste and leaves you wanting more. Perfect for creating large vapour clouds with a fruity scent. Premium Tobacco The perfect blend of rolling tobacco and hazelnut, our premium tobacco e-liquid is full of flavour. Upon inhaling your first hit, the tobacco flavour smoothly hits your throat with no irritation. Exhaling is the best part as you get a slight note of hazelnut on your palate which lingers for a little longer. A perfect all day vape for an ex-smoker that wishes to get a taste of the past. Red A Get a soothing taste of winter with this throat sweet-like vape liquid. The initial pull is refreshingly minty and goes down a treat, followed with a subtle hint of mixed fruits and a strong blackcurrant taste. Ideal for those who enjoy their menthol eliquid without the aniseed overpowering other flavours. RY4 If you like sweet tobacco flavours then RY4 e-liquid delivers that wooden tobacco flavours with hints of caramel and vanilla. When inhaling you will feel the full brunt of the tobacco flavour, which has quite a kick when it comes to throat hits. The biggest treat is when you exhale and get the tinge of vanilla and caramel on the top of your mouth. This flavoursome sensation remains for a few moments until you want more. Perfect for all day vaping and mixing with other flavours. Spearmint If you’re looking for an e-liquid with a strong spearmint taste then look no further. The spearmint e-liquid provides a refreshing, cool taste upon inhalation followed by an ice cold hit to the throat on exhalation. The aftertaste is great and reminiscent of a murray mint or spearmint chewing gum. This liquid is great for all day vaping, as well as mixing with other e-liquid flavours. Strawberry & Lime Blending together the refreshing tastes of lime and strawberry, this e-liquid combo aims to treat your taste buds with a delicious strawberry and lime balance that resembles twister ice lollies. The first inhale delivers a fruity concoction of lime and citrus, followed by a strawberry aftertaste when exhaling. Ideal for producing large, fragrant vapour clouds and for mixing with menthol e-liquids. Strawberry Menthol A sensational flavour that always aims to please, Strawberry Menthol provides a fruity taste with a ice cool menthol kick. The initial inhale fills your mouth with a fresh insatiable sweet strawberry flavour, followed by an icy cool kick to the back of the throat as you exhale. A classic twist to a fruit flavour, Strawberry Menthol e-liquid is great for creating large vapour clouds with a natural fragrant scent. Strawberry Milkshake One of the best flavours on the website, the Strawberry milkshake e-liquid could easily be compared to a Yazoo or McDonald’s strawberry milkshake. Using a combination of strawberry and vanilla flavouring, the first inhale delivers a smooth sweet strawberry taste whilst the exhale is creamy and delicious. Ideal for creating and chasing large clouds with a fruity aroma. Vanilla One of our more versatile flavours, Vanilla e-liquid is great for mixing with other flavours to get a ice-cream like depth to your favourite flavours. Upon inhalation the smooth vanilla vapour tastes great and doesn’t overpower the taste buds. The throat hit is similar to that of a cigarette and exhaling is just as pleasurable. Whether you’re new to vaping or not, the Vanilla flavour is one to always have to hand and it’s great at producing massive vapour clouds too! Vanilla Custard Imagine layers of smooth custard mixed with vibrant vanilla for a smooth creamy e-liquid. The first inhale provides your taste buds with a luxurious creamy custard taste with a delicate throat hit. When exhaling you get to experience more of the Vanilla as it comes through more prominently in the aftertaste. Perfect for mixing with other e-liquid flavours and creating epic sized vapour clouds. Very Berry This concoction of fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries is the perfect way to get a taste of summer. On the first inhale you feel the little berries pack big flavour with a mild throat hit, whilst leaving you with an aftertaste that could be compared to a Capri sun or Vimto. Ideal for creating massive vapour clouds with a tantalizing fruitful scent. Virginia Tobacco Experience the authentic taste of Virginia rolling tobacco with the suitably names Virginia Tobacco E-liquid. This iconic flavour is perfect for those transitioning from rolling tobacco to e-liquids. Delivering a dense smoked vapour on the inhale which gives a good throat hit and mellowed aftertaste on the exhale. Ideal for dealing with rolling tobacco cravings and for mixing with others flavours such as fruits or menthols for an extrordiary vaping liquid like no other. We have an effective age verification process that satisfies due diligence as described in the Business Companion guide for online age verification checks and will not sell to persons that are under 18 years old Condition: New, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Volume (ml): 10ml, Type: E-Liquid, Unit Type: 10ml, Brand: Elite Liquid

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