Ice From The Sun [dir. Eric Stanze; J Christ] (1999) Fantasy Horror [DEd]

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Seller: dream_edition (805) 100%, Location: London, Ships to: GB & many other countries, Item: 202659692038 Menu/Links may not work inside eBay listing. Advertisement. DreamEdition (UK) DreamEdition is a personal web and private seller. DreamEdition - USED ITEM: DVD [Also see other items on sale]. 'Please help support Charity Sellers' - Add DreamEdition to your 'Watch List' [DEd] 'eBay Fixed List item, buy now as this item might not be re-listed' Title. Ice From The Sun [dir. Eric Stanze; J Christ] (1999) Fantasy Horror [DEd] Image(s). Our Ref. DED-600565 Description. DVD Recorded Media Specification Used: DVD - Commercial Recorded Media [Retail]. REF: ODNF027 Release: Scream House / Odeon Ent UPC/EAN Code: 5060082510649 AKA: n/a Disc/Set: x1 Year: 1999 IMPORTANT - Region Codes: Make sure your DVD player can read the following region code before buying. Scroll to see region guide. Region Code: Country: US, Language: Subtitle/Caption: n/a Aspect: FS [Standard] Time: 117 mins [approx]. About 'Age Ratings' - scroll for more information.. Age Rating: bbfc. U.K. Other: n/a NB: Where possible, details taken from DVD cover, contained notes and media, other through Internet research. Some discs may either have only partial or no English or un-confirmed English content i.e. subs, captions, language. If you need more info please email us. Plot /Summary: The angels in Heaven and the devils in Hell have a common enemy: The Presence, a being who dominates a dimension gorged with terror and bloodshed. Alison is the mortal recruited to hunt down and assassinate The Presence. She must journey through this universe of chaos and depravity, enveloped by the screams of the d and the stench of the long dead. Cast DJ Vivona Jo Palermo Tommy Biondo Jason Christ Todd Tevlin Angela Zimmerly Ramona Midgett Production Jeremy Wallace Director Eric Stanze Please be advised, on occasion some of the discs in the 'Dream Edition' collection listed may difficult/strong content, so please do your research and view responsibly. Release Notes. R0 United Kingdom - Odeon Entertainment Extras: Bonus Trailers - Catwalk Cannibals (2:16) - China White Serpentine (2:14) - Shatter dead (3:45) - Sixteen Tongues (1:45) Condition:. Important information before considering buying this item! Disc(s): VG Case: VG Inlay/Cover: VG Notes/Promo: - n/a Other 1: - n/a Other 2: - n/a Based on a used (not new) item, unless otherwise stated. Notable Issues: n/a 'Go on, treat yourself'. 'The more our customers buy the higher we can increase % donated, so tell others, thanks for your time in viewing our items' 'Add DreamEdition to your watch list' Reason for Selling. All items are selected from our own personal collection given for the purposes of generating funds (and awareness) for registered charities. DreamEdition will only pass funds on to registered charities under the strict approval of eBay's official charitable coordinator. Some items would also be sold to cover incurred cost of sales and reinvestment. DreamEdition, is not a registered charity, we are a personal charity fund raiser, We also sell donated items through our official registered business Clickwise Solutions Ltd. More eBay sellers should consider, adding a charity donation to some of their items. Being seen to be charitable will encourage others to do so too... * Additional Information. DVD Check-list It is important that you know the region code system of your own DVD player otherwise you may select a DVD that will not play on your device. Generic UK DVD player/devices are often set to the official region code 2 Multi region players are available that can play all regions. Is your player multi region? It is possible to circumvent the region process on most devices but this requires you researching such methods for your device. Check your player documentation, use a region check software, or search the Internet for the region code of your player. Some computer's DVD players allow you to software change your region, a specific number of times before forcing a permanent region. In theory putting the wrong DVD region type in your player should not cause damage but multiple tries can lead to issues indexing disc and surface abrasions. If you have a UK brought player, and are In doubt; for now only buy region 2 (official), Free, 0, 9, All also any DVD that bares the BBFC age rating. Although most modern (HD) TV's can display (decode) both PAL & NTSC, older TV's (analogue) may require setting adjustments, but this a very rare issue [based on the constraints of the old fashioned tube TV]. There is also a third TV encoding system, SECAM used in most of France, Russia and parts of Africa. So please check your display equipment and DVD's from those area for compatibility.. Many of the DVD's sourced for Dream Edition come from different counties (or regions). It is the buyer's responsibility to research their own equipment compatibility. Where no info given, please do not assume, ask! DreamEdition - Message for true movie collectors / enthusiast. If you are a true Horror, Cult, East-Asian and/or even 'left-field 'movie collector, please add DreamEdition to your watch list (Tell your friends too). Many items will not be relisted. It has been at least been 10 years since we last listed some of these items so, get them while available. Items have been listed to raise funds for various charities, so don't haggle about the price and at best consider your purchase as a donation in exchange of a gift. Note: Ultimately listing, processing, packaging, postage and finally selling have costs, once we cover such costs donation percentage can increase. Dream Edition have an eclectic selection of DVD film, consider adding [DEd] to your eBay 'Watch List' If you wish to help: DreamEdition is a private seller (not a business). If you have a number of DVD, VHS, VCD, Laser-discs movies, paraphernalia etc: that you have no use for and feel they are best served being sold to raise money for UK and some international charities, please email us. We can not offer money for them specifically, but may be able to help cover postage costs. Further Note: mainstream movies may have little value but cult, special//limited editions, oriental or movies in discontinued formats may. We will also keep you informed about your donated item. We only donate to eBay's registered charities and those whom also direct funds to those in imminent need. With so many new charities, austerity, cost of living, often affecting those who usually give, now having less disposable funds each year. To be able to offer something in return using the item we no longer use is the best logical way to keep charities funded.. 'The more customers buy, the more we are able to increase donation %' About DVD Region Code - Our DVD media are sourced from many countries, please make sure your playing device is code compatible. [DVD ONLY, see further for Blu-ray] Region Codes Free Informal term meaning "worldwide". Region 0 is not an official setting; discs that bear the region 0 symbol either have no flag set or have regions 1–6 flags set. Region 0 is commonly referred to as "Region Free", especially when talking about DVD and Blew-ray Disc players. But the formats of NTSC and PAL can be a factor in this. 0 1 United States, Canada, U.S. territories 2 Europe (except Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), Egypt, Middle East, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, British Overseas Territories, British Crown Dependencies, French Overseas departments and territories 3 Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau 4 Latin America (except French Guiana), Bermuda, Suriname, New Zealand, Australia 5 South Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Africa (except Egypt, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho), Central Asia, Mongolia, North Korea 6 Mainland China 7 Reserved for future use, MPAA-related DVD's and "media copies" of pre-releases in Asia 8 International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships, spacecraft, etc. 9 These region discs have all eight flags set, allowing the disc to be played in any location, on any player. ALL Note: Above are DVD disc codes only, blu-ray discs have a different region code system, If you are buying a blu-ray disc/film make sure your device can play 'blu-ray' formated discs. Most Blu-ray players are backwards compatible; playing region compatible DVD, VCD etc. See your equipment documentation for compatibility details. Ordinary DVD players can not play Blu-ray discs, as the physical DVD equipment is of older technology which, are unable to process the newer data rich Blu ray format. If you are buying a new player, we strongly suggest, a Blu-ray, multi-region (region free) player or recorder, as it will play most current disc formats, older disc types as well as better support for burnt CD/DVD/Blu media. If it has H.265, support you may be able to burn, or play the latest downloadable/Internet media. Blu-ray disc region codes. [Check your device's compatibility] Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia. Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland. Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China. system * In doubt: UK brought playing equipment, should in theory play 'DVD' region; 2, 0, Free, 9 and ALL Film Age Ratings: Information provide here is a only guideline, please do further research from official sources. Great Britain / U.K. Rating bbfc British Board of Film Classification [UK] U Suitable for all. [triangle Symbol, BBFC Background] PG Parental guidance.. [triangle Symbol, BBFC Background] 12a Cinema release suitable for 12 years and over. [Circle Symbol, BBFC Background] 12 Video release suitable for 12 years and over.. [Circle Symbol, BBFC Background] 15 Suitable only for 15 years and over.. [Circle Symbol, BBFC Background] 18 Suitable only for adults.. [Circle Symbol, BBFC Background] BBFC see 'bbfc' official website. * U.S.A. Rating MPAA Motion Picture Association of America G General Audiences - Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children On the box: "All ages admitted" PG Parental Guidance Suggested - Parents urged to give 'parental guidance.' May contain some material parents might not like for their young children. On the box: "Some material may not be suitable for children" PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned - Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. On the box: [triangle] Symbol "Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13" R Restricted - Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them. On the box: "Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian" NC-17 Adults Only - Clearly adult. Children are not admitted On he box: "No One 17 and Under Admitted" MPAA see 'mpaa' official website. * Hong Kong Rating HKMP Hong Kong Motion Picture I Level One: Suitable For All Ages II Level II (Legacy) - Level Two: Not Suitable For Children This rating is now superseded by levels Hong Kong film rating CAT2a and Hong Kong film rating CAT2b IIA Level Two-A: Not Suitable For Children: Parental guidance is suggested. IIB Level Two-B: Not Suitable for Young Persons and Children III Level Three: Persons aged 18 and above only [triangle] Symbol HKMP Ref 'legco' HK Wording may vary on DVD box, look for the official rating symbol' any Information provided is a guideline. the buyer is responsible for researching official information. * Dutch Rating NMR Netherlands Movie Rating System: Kijkwijzer [Extraction from Full list] R Not allowed for children younger than 16 years; hence, according to Wetboek van Strafrecht art. 240A, it is forbidden to admit such a person to a screening, or rent out, sell, or give the movie (DVD, video, computer file, etc.) to such a person. Netherlands has no true "adult" rating; the highest rating is 16, and the age one is considered an adult in the country is 18. This means that even pornography is released with a 16 rating * Japan Rating Eirin Eirin Kanri Iinkai [Japan] [Extraction from Full list] PG-13 Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by parent/guardian. R15+ No one under 15 admitted. R18+ R 18+: for persons aged 18 and above only (No one under 18 admitted) Japan also lacks a true adult rating; the highest is R18+, and the adult age in Japan is 20. * South Korea KMRB Korea Media Rating Board ALL Film suitable for all ages. 12 Film intended for audiences 12 and over. Underage audiences accompanied by a parent or guardian are allowed. 15 Film intended for audiences 15 and over. Underage audiences accompanied by a parent or guardian are allowed. 18 No one under 18 is allowed to watch this film. RS Restricted Screening - Film needs a certain restriction in screening or advertisement as it is considered a highly bad influence to universal human dignity, social value, good customs or national emotion due to excessive expression of nudity, violence, social behavior, etc (technically not an age restriction but films with this rating may only be screened at "adults only" theaters, with the age of majority set at 19). * Suggestion: For all other rating system wikipedia * DreamEdition takes age ratings responsibly, it is assumed the purchaser is the account owner and over 18, and are fully aware of the laws in their country. As with ANY DVD media please use/view your purchase responsibly. Dream Edition collection is aimed at collectors/enthusiast who know what to expect. Caring for your disc(s) If you are a true movie collector, make sure you keep your DVD player lens clean' and handle ALL your disc's with care. Remember all electronic devices attract dust so storing your DVD's near them is detrimental. Corrosive elements can be airborne and will speed up degradation. Store your DVD's in a cool dry place and away from strong light. Remove any finger marks with an anti-static cleaner as, natural oil attract airborne contaminants that will build up over time even in the box. 'The more our customers buy the higher we can increase % donated, so tell others, thanks for your time in viewing our items' DreamEdition [UK] *** Terms & Conditions. 1. Payment Information. - Email us if you wish to discuss payment options. eBay - PayPal Only we are not VAT registered. 2. Shipping Information. Please make sure your address is full & correct [eBay & PayPal], you will be responsible if item is undeliverable and needs to be resent. Default Postage - Free Shipping, Royal Mail - 2nd Class - UK Mainland or cheapest option. 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Please send us a digital image of the damage to item, including images of delivery box and packing materials (even if box itself is not damaged). This is critical for us to claim damage in transit cover. Also recheck this eBay listing in case you have misread/overlooked item conditions. This does not include items already described as 'damaged or not working' in listing. We can help arrange pick-up, subject to your availability. You may return item, using an agreed courier and costs. Please notify us immediately if you feel item was damaged in transit. In some cases we may find you a replacement, alternative or help correct issues. You must open a "eBay returns case" on your eBay account, to activate return process. *Contact Us - Any questions? please email us! Please use your eBay account email system, other contact detail types are not permitted in listing. DreamEdition Logos: DreamEdition [UK] Dream Edition - Clickwise Solution UK Contact the [DEd] DreamEdition [UK] is a personal website / fund raiser / seller, and not a charity Dream Edition (UK) est..2000 Condition: Very Good, Condition: IMPORTANT! [DVD-USED Item] See main advertisement/item description below for full list of details; condition(s) and more image(s) of your item. You may need to click-on 'more info' or ‘description’ on small display devices to reveal this Information! DVD - Make sure your player is compatible with this disc REGION CODE! Please , serious buyer only, as % of funds is donated to charity, thanks International buyers - You will be responsible for all ‘custom charge’ if applicable, and make sure your address is full and correct. Enjoy your purchase., Release Year: 2005, Rating: 18, Format: DVD

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