Liquid Flux 100mL Ideal for Reflow, Reball, Chip Lift NO CLEAN LIQUID FLUX IDEAL FOR YLOD RROD BGA REFLOW

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller insatint (9,787) 100%, Location: London, London, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 330870255374 YOU WILL BE LEFT A POSITIVE FEEDBACK AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE ME A POSITIVE FEEDBACK. MY "LEAVE FEEDBACK" SETTINGS ARE SET TO DO THIS AUTOMATICALLY AS SOON AS A POSITIVE FEEDBACK IS RECEIVED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUSTOM. PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL INSAT BEFORE LEAVING A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO RESOLVE EVERYTHING IN THE MOST DESIRABLE WAY!! No Clean Liquid Flux 100ml Exclusive to INSAT Our premium liquid flux is perfect for reflowing and reworking. Supplied with a pipette. The BEST Reflow Flux on the PLANET Ideal for PS3 YLOD, XBOX RROD, BGA Reflow / Repair work. **Now it proves itself as the BEST Reballing Flux for electronic soldering** Insat's No Clean Liquid Flux is a major breakthrough in reballing. Why? Because of the small amount of flux that must be used to avoid solder ball migration, it is difficult for the solder to wet the pads, not to mention the risk of oxidisation of the pads. So how does the Insat RMA Liquid Super Flux help? Because our flux has the right amount of rosin to create an oxygen barrier to protect the surfaces from oxidisation. For further instructions and pictures, please see below... Insat's quality liquid flux has generated fantastic feedback: Sent: 15 April 2013 13:01 To: Insat International Subject: Re: Insat RMA Liquid Super Flux 100ml Hi Jimmy! Wow - it's been a while! I've finally got to the end of the last bottle of flux I bought from you. I must have done well over 100 consoles with it and not just GPU (CPU and RAM transplants too) - testament to how good this stuff is :) I was looking to purchase some more - is this still possible? Thanks in advance. Martin C I've been doing reflows and reballs on PS3's and XBox's for two years and haven't found a better product. Exceptionally Clean lifts and there's just something about that shine it leaves on the solder joints after a reflow. I've have better heat distribution and fewer returns since I started using this stuff. Reball's are more seamless too rarely had to re-seat after first attach to get all green lights on xbox's. Great product thanks guy's. (Might Mouse) Hi jimmy, its been a very fruitful and productive day,and its all thanks to usual you calculations and precision engerneering were correct with the jovy lower heater plate..i reballed 2 ps3 rsx,and 1 x-box 360 gpu chip sets,and on each occasion the procedure was flawless,just simply couldnt fault it.i did as you advised me..i brushed some of the rma liquid flux i purchased from you a while ago,allowed it to dry for a while,then used a very small amount of amtech flux and spread it evenly over the surface,removing any excess as i went until the surface was smear free.i then applied the solder spheres and made sure they were all lined up.i then lowered the bga chipset onto the preheated hotplate.what happened next for me seemed to be a miracle..the solder spheres started to change apearence,they started to was like a wave flowing across the bga,you could actually see the spheres sinking onto the pads of the bga..when i could see the procedure was at an end instead of trying to remove the bga from the hotplate,i decided to remove the hot plate from the lower heater of the jovy and moved both hotplate and bga to a cooler location until cold..the results were nothing less than perfect..outstanding..this hotplate is worth its weight in gold to me..anyway,i just thought i would share my results with you as i said i would,im very greatfull to you..many thanks again...look forward to hearing from you regards...(jason) thats fine jimmy. if you want to mention the company name then thats also fine. i have no issues with people knowing what ive said as i stand by the fact that this is the best flux ive ever used. thanks (Karl, UK Console Repairs) hi jimmy, sorry to keep emailing i bet your sick of me. just done another reflow of a vigin 0110 error code and yet again its booting. im 14/14 for reflows on virgin boards with your flux. ive never had a success rate like that before which shows 100% that its the flux as its the only thing ive changed. just thought id let you know. thanks (Karl, UK Console Repairs) A very satisfied customer sent us this link with the message saying he had the cleanest ever chip lift using Insat's no clean liquid flux: I agree its amazing flux, we love it in here :). I will definitely be ordering our flux from you in future. Thanks for being honest :) Regards (Mark: Here is a snippet from a post on Facebook: (BGA Reballing Rework SMT PCB Club): First I'll do a reflow with Jimmy's super (ultra, mega, giga, turbo 2000) flux and if it fails than I'll reball it. :D (Ba-Lee Attila) Dear insat, Hi its Francis i brought some liquid flux from you a few weeks ago which you kindly opened your office up for me ... Once again many thanks for that i got a friend of friend to reflow my sons PS3 to the exact precise instructions that were detailed in your listing and i have to say that 4 weeks later and my son playing 8 hours a day the playstation is going as strong as ever. My reason in contacting you was to ask you if you actually run any courses or teach in reflowing and reball as im trying to start a buisness in repairing consoles as a part time/hobby. Anyways many thanks again (Francis) Dear insatint, Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the time & expertise you gave me when I came down and got the jig & flux from you. As you know I use the Zephytronics system, Its a bit of an analoug system (althoug rock solid & reliable) where you constantly have to monitor & adjust you settings to match a profile. After buying some of your flux & the chat I had with you, I decided to adjust the profile I was using & give your flux a go. It probly takes me an hour from start to finish (time well spent) to reflow but the results I am getting are very impressive. The hardest job for me has to be a board that has been worked on with flux that has failed with a customer. But even with these I'm getting virtually a 100% sucess rate.So I just wanna say a big thanks & keep up the good work ! (Brian) Hi - I\'m a moderator over at T-X and wonder if you\'re still offering 10% off T-X members? Karl (Flashing360) recommended you. I\'ve already tried your sample and the stuff is excellent - I\'ve nothing which has ever come close to performing like this does! Regards (Martin) Our liquid flux is a unique product intended for reflowing and reworking unlike those that are primarily intended for wave soldering which are unsuitable to be used with reflow profiles. In wave soldering, the flux is either sprayed or foamed and applied to the PCB and the total exposure time to soldering temperatures is around 10 seconds. When you reflow a games console or a notebook the time-temperature profile is typically 4 1/2 minutes. A flux designed for wave soldering is really meant for conveyor belt soldering of PCBs and not reworking or reflowing PCBs. Most liquid fluxes would simply evaporate away during the running of a reflow profile, possibly allowing the solder joints to be re-oxidated which would result in early failure due to having low solids content. (around 4% by wt) Our flux has a carefully chosen amount to maximise its functions. Mildly active acids in the flux remove the oxides from the metal surfaces to be soldered. The solids in the flux are responsible for creating an oxygen barrier to prevent the metal surfaces becoming re-oxidate at near soldering temperatures. Our flux is designed to provide not only an oxygen barrier but also a moisture barrier over the soldered areas, not forgetting prevention of solder bridging in fine pitch devices like BGAs. BGA failures could be due to: 1. Cracked intermetallic bond.(Thermal cycling) 2. Black pad syndrome (oxidation) 3. Flux residues becoming conductive (moisture) The list can be a lot longer but in our view the above are probably the most important that cause BGA failure. Our flux is the only liquid flux that addresses all the issues that cause early failure of reflowed games consoles and notebooks or whatever else. We are confident that if any flux could single handedly solve the problem of reflowing, than this is the one. This is a brave statement to make, but that is how excited we are about this flux. We could run tests for the next couple of years to prove our point but feel confident if this doesn't work, then nothing will and give up on the idea of reflowing and instead just reball or replace the BGA with a new one. This is a test for reflowing. Most console repair shops have given up on the idea of reflowing due to high numbers of failure in a matter of weeks or a few months at best. As they say in the rework industry, a flux can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We think our flux will be your best friend. The RMA - Rosin Mildly Activated ROL0 Meets IPC-SF-818 Standard for the lowest flux residue corrosivity and highest surface resistance category. Maximum RMA activity to remove metal oxides completely, and quickly. Completely non-corrosive and non-conductive. Our flux starts to activate from about 85 deg C and has a wide temperature window to well above 260 deg C to see through the profile reflowing process to the end with no risk of re-oxidation. No corrosivity or conductivity issues due to being a no-clean flux. Some people may find it too tacky but that is a small price to pay since the natural rosin is a very tacky substance but unlike synthetic resins, it stands up to high temperatures and in our opinion the best choice for reliable fluxing. Flux residue just wipes off with isopropyl alcohol or other solvents easier than any other flux we have used. We recommend the following times and temperatures for your reflow process for all lead-free equipment. 1. Preheat the PCB using the bottom heater of your rework machine from room temperature (25 deg C) to 150 deg C in about 2 minutes. The rate of temperature rise should not exceed 2 deg per second in our view. 2. Soak the PCB for 90 seconds and allow the PCB temperature to rise to 185 deg C at the end of this time. This means that the rate of temperature rise is slowed right down to allow the flux to remove the oxides and even out the PCB temperature, readying it for the reflow process. Use the bottom heater to raise the PCB temperature as much as possible which will reduce the amount of heat applied to the BGA directly, therefore minimising heat related damage to the BGA itself. If the final soak temperature of 185 deg C cannot be reached in the allocated time, then use the top heater as well to assist the bottom heater. 3. Reflowing stage demands that the temperature of the PCB is raised to well over 217 deg C (melting point of lead-free solder) and we suggest 235 deg C as the maximum reflow temperature. The temperature ramp rate should be increased so that the maximum can be reached in 30-45 seconds after the end of the soak stage. Allow a few seconds at the maximum reflow temperature and then switch the top and bottom heaters off. 4. Allow the PCB to cool back to room temperature. If you reflow leaded solder equipment then you may use 205 deg C or 220 deg C as your maximum reflow temperatures. Please note that the actual temperature under the BGA may be higher by 10 to 20 deg C than what is being measured by your thermocouple or IR thermometer. Accordingly you may use slightly lesser maximum reflow temperatures just in case. When reflowing PS3 or XBox360, it is important to use anti-warp jigs as both items suffer from PCB warping when heated. Flux must be applied in sufficient quantity for thorough oxide removal and to avoid both metal re-oxidation and flux exhaustion or evaporation prior to solder wetting. Our flux is manufactured for us by a top US flux manufacturer. I sent some of this flux to Karl at UK Console Repairs to test it out. I am pasting some of his emails with his permission: thats fine jimmy. if you want to mention the company name then thats also fine. i have no issues with people knowing what ive said as i stand by the fact that this is the best flux ive ever used. thanks karl UK Console Repairs ok jimmy got some more feedback for you. ive been having a debate with some people on my forum who claim that flux makes no difference to the outcome of a reflow as “flux is flux”. i told them they were wrong and that tbh they shouldnt argue with someone who knows what i know and they still didnt believe me. anyway, i decided to test your flux on an 0102 that had a failed reflow attempt by myself using kester 979. i did this purely to test my theory as the GPU was ohming good across C5D5 so i knew it was an issue that didnt require a reball. so i reflowed this xbox and its just finished its cooling cycle on the achi. i have just bench tested the board and would you know green lights and booting straight to kinect dashboard. i think that is point proven and i will be honest and say ive been converted, i really had no faith in reflows until now so thank you. i have put a link to this flux and recommended it on my repair thread on team xecuter forum and will also be creating a back link on my website recommending you for all supplies. thanks and sorry to talk your ear off. karl UK Console Repairs ive noticed when using this for chip lift it drastically reduces the melt temp of lead free solder so im able to lift xenons at around 205C which as you know with xenon GPU’s is a good thing as they dont withstand heat too well so im really impressed. got a few more reflows to do today with it but some have been tampered with but ill let you know how i get on. thanks karl UK Console Repairs hi no probs i enjoy testing it and so far am 100% successful on virgin boards. if i had anything negative to say believe me i would tell you but i honestly cant find anything. ive been watching closely to see the flux working its magic at different stages of the reflow and early on you can see it warming up and it bubbles a little bit around the bga. this then stops at about 140C and you can then see it effecting the solder spheres as if it was cleaning them and the spread during heating is perfect. at around 205C all solder spheres turn bright silver within a few seconds of each other which indicates the reaction time across the bga is perfect. ive also found there is very little smoke produced, a lot of fluxes produce heaps of smoke but this stuff seems to go about its business in a way that you would barely notice apart from a slight smell which isnt even a horrible smell, unlike some of the cheap ebay flux that gives me headaches and makes me feel ill after an hour or so of use. it does leave residue around the bga but its the easiest residue to clean that ive ever come across and once cleaned it doesnt stain like some of the cheap flux does. i would totally agree that this flux is a winner and im very happy ive had the chance to test it for you as its really changed my perspective on reflowing bgas as oppose to reballing. of course there are just some consoles that even this flux cant reflow but thats not due to the flux its purely because theyve been badly treated in the past and “reflowed” at 500C with a paint stripper and the board is either warped or the bga popcorned or worse still like i had the other day, on lift the pads are missing but theyd been heatgunned really badly. ive started using it for my lifts now when reballing and the solder cleans up really easily off both the board and the bga when the chip has been lifted using this flux. thanks karl UK Console Repairs Today (18.8.2011), I had to reflow my Dell XPS M1710 GPU. Used the Insat Super RMA liquid flux of course, and used the same profile as I do with all lead-free equipment. It worked perfectly. I have stuck an sticker underneath the XPS and will be keeping a log as to its behaviour. I used a very cheap thermal paste (white creamy stuff) from CPC to run the GPU as inefficiently as possible. No fancy high price thermal paste. It has never run as cool as it is after the reflow. Usually I have it on my lap and it gets pretty hot. I can only tolerate it for 10 - 15 minutes before I put it on the table. Now it doesn't appear to be as uncomfortable. I am really impressed myself. Just received a call from Tony (a customer and a friend), who bought some XBox360 GPUs from me and reballing flux (LF-4300-TF) as well as the Insat Super Liquid flux. He told me that after soldering in the XBox360 GPU it failed to work. He was certain that the GPU had been soldered in properly and did not feel it necessary to remove and reball. Instead, he decided to use the Insat Super Liquid Flux and guess what, it fired up and worked perfectly. I told him that for reflowing or soldering in, I'd not recommend the LF-4300-TF and instead use it exlusively for reballing as it has has tackiness and keeps the solder balls on the pads better than any other flux I know. Perfect reballing with Insat's No Clean RMA Liquid Super Flux and Amtech LF-4300-TF: Our amazing liquid flux is not only the best reflow flux but also without a rival when it comes to reballing used in partnership with Amtech LF-4300-TF. Simply brush a layer of our liquid flux on the BGA and allow to dry so that the surface is "dry " to the touch. Now brush on a very small amount of Amtech LF-4300-TF so that a wet tacky surface is created on the BGA. It is important to use the least amount of this flux as its function is simply to create a sticky surface for the solder balls. The fluxing action will be provided by the Insat RMA Super Liquid flux. We are certain you will be most impressed with the results and will adopt this method over any other you have used in the past. The picture above shows the bottom heater with IR heaters and the lower Hot Air heater. The flat plate is placed over the 300W IR heater and set to a fixed temperature so that the BGA will not be overheated. Here is a close up of the hot plate with a Thermocouple taped over the surface which is used by the controller to keep the set temperature by the user, constant. At the end of the process, the machine automatically turns on the fan to quickly solidify the solder for fine grain, shiny finish that will be the best results ever. Below is the picture of our RFS80 400W IR Top Heater made by Elstein in Germany. This is the first IR top heater that has been designed to provide the most uniform heating for the BGA area. Our tests have shown the best delta T (temperature difference between different areas within the confines of the BGA), to be as little as 1 or 2 degrees C, which is almost unbelievable. As a result of this phenomenally uniform heating, the process times during the reflow process are spot on with an average time of 240 seconds for almost any size BGA package. This is the ideal time for a reflow as recognised by the industry and our machine consistently achieves perfect reflows each and every time whether with hot air or IR top heater. The top heater can be switched from hot air to IR in seconds. Our new machine made exclusively for Insat by W-Kidi will be available as soon as Elstein deliver our first production units of the amazing top heater pictured below. Check out my other items! Condition: New, Brand: INSAT, MPN: Does Not Apply, Type: Soldering, Sub-Type: Solder

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