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Seller: zenithonline (6,309) 100%, Location: Blackwood, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 401793529767 Vintage Book Collection on Disk Wilderness Survival 238 Books on DVD A truly fascinating rare collection of Vintage books covering all aspects of Survival in various types of Wilderness. After carefully selecting the best quality available, these books have been scanned and put onto disk to arrive at this incredible library and reference archive. Within the pages of the books are many 1,000s of diagrams, explanations, illustrations and detailed information to further your knowledge and understanding on the subject. Just some of the areas that can be discovered and learnt about are:- making a fire in the wilderness, cooking, hunting, trapping, cold-weather medicine, map reading, survival in hot conditions, survival in the cold, wilderness medicine, survival in a forest..... and so much more. Make an informed Choice The complete list of books on the disk has been reproduced below. We encourage you to carefully read through the list to see the quality and quantity that we provide. Then we encourage you to do the same with other sellers; we suggest that because it is the process we would use ourselves to make sure that we are getting what we want, and also because we know our products stand up to comparison and will emerge as the superior product. Rare Vintage-Antique books in PDF format A collapsible quail trap - H. D. Smith (1981) A trip to the Northwest by automobile; touring Yellowstone park & Glacier park, camping and fishing on the way - H. Klussman 1922 Abraham trapper's guide; this booklet contains all of the latest methods of trapping every kind of fur bearing animal caught on the North American continent - I. Abraham (1913) Adventures in the wilds of the United States and British American provinces Vol 1 - C Lanman (1856) Adventures in the wilds of the United States and British American provinces Vol 2 - C Lanman (1856) Alone in the wilderness - J. Knowles 1913 Andersch bros. hunters and trappers guide - Andersch Bros. (1906) Astronomy for Boy Scouts and Others - T. W. Corbin (1910) At Home In The Wilderness What To Do There And How To Do It - John Keast Lord 1876 Autocamping - F. Brimmer 1923 Bill Biddon, trapper; or, Life in the Northwest - E. S. Ellis (1916) Biographical sketch of James Bridger; mountaineer, trapper and guide - G. M. Dodge (1904) Black Beaver, the trapper; the only book ever written by a trapper - J. C. Lewis (1911) Bodines; or, Camping on the Lycoming - T. Up De Graff 1879 Boy Scouts of American a Handbook of Woodcraft, Scouting, and Life-Craft - E Seton 1910 Boy Scouts on the Trail - John Garth 1920 Boys Life Magazine 1915 [12 Issues] Boys Life Magazine January 1924 Boys Life Magazine July 1911 Boys Life Magazine July 1944 Boys Life Magazine May 1963 Boys Life Magazine Oct 1915 Boys Life Magazine Sept 1969 Buzzacott's masterpiece - F. Buzzacott 1913 Camp and outing activities - F. Cheley 1915 Camp and trail - S. White 1907 Camp cookery - A cookery and equipment handbook for Boy scouts and other campers - A. Milam 1918 Camp cookery - H. Kephart 1910 Camp craft, modern practice and equipment - W. Miller 1915 Camp fires by United States Forest Service 1915 Camp fires in the wilderness - E. Burt 1902 Camp kits and camp life - C. Hanks 1906 Camp life in Florida; a handbook for sportsmen and settlers - C. Hallock 1876 Camp life in the wilderness - a tale of Richardson Lakes - C. Farrar 1879 Camp life in the woods and the tricks of trapping and trap making - W. Gibson 1881 Camp stoves and fireplaces - A. Taylor 1937 Camping - A. Lockwine (1911) Camping - A. Lockwine 1911 Camping - Alexandra G. Lockwine 1911 Camping & Tramping With Roosevelt - John Burroughs 1907 Camping and camp cooking F. Bates 1909 Camping and camp outfits. A manual of instruction for young and old sportsmen - G. Shields 1890 Camping And Cruising In Florida - James A. Henshall 1884 Camping And Woodcraft A Handbook For Vacation Campers And For Travelers In The Wilderness - Horace Kephart 1921 Camping at Cherry Pond - H. Abbott 1916 Camping for boys - H. Gibson 1911 Camping for girls - H. Gregg 1907 Camping in the Alleghanies - T. Up De Graff 1883 Camping In The Canadian Rockies.An account of camp life in the wilder parts - W D Wilcox 1909 Camping In The Muskoka Region - James Dickson 1886 Camping On The Great Lakes - Raymond S. Spears 1913 Camping out - W. Miller 1918 Camping out in California - J. Rideout 1889 Camping out in the Yellowstone - M. Richards 1910 Camping Out With The British Canoe Association ... Camping, Canoeing, And Amateur Photography - J Hayward 1891 Camping Voyages On German Rivers - Arthur A. Macdonell 1890 Camps and trails - H. Abbott 1918 Camps And Tramps In The Adirondacks - A. Judd Northrup 1880 Camps Billets Cooking - Officer Of The British Army 1917 Camps In The Rockies - W.M. A. Baillie-Grohman 1882 Canoeing And Camping - James A. Cruikshank 1915 Caravan days - B. Smith 1914 Caravanning & Camping-Out - J. Harris Stone 1914 City boys in the woods; or, A trapping venture in Maine - H. P. Wells (1889) Cold-Weather-Medicine Cooning with 'cooners - O. Kuechler (1924) Dan Beard's Animal Book And Camp-Fire Stories - Dan Beard 1910 Daring deeds of hunters & trappers - E. Young (1917) Deadfalls and snares; a book on instruction for trappers about these and other home-made traps - A. R. Harding (1907) Elements of military sketching and map reading - J. B. Barnes (1917) Field training - signalling. Attack, defense, outposts, scouting, field sketching, night operations, station work, despatch riding, telephones, map reading - E. J. Solano (1918) Fifty years a hunter and trapper; experiences and observations of E. N. Woodcock, the noted hunter and trapper - A. R. Harding (1913) First Aid for Boys. A Manual for Boy Scouts and for Others Interested in Prompt Help for the Injured and Sick - Norma B. Cole 1917 Fishing, Hunting, And Camping On The Cascade National Forest - 1920 FM 3 25 26 Map Reading and Land Navigation FM 21 76 MCRP 3 02F Survival - U.S. Marine Corps (1992) FM 21-22 AFM 64-26 Survival At Sea - United States Army (1950) FM 21-26 Map Reading - Army Technical Manual 1956 FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual 1957 FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76-1 Survival, Evasion, and Recovery - United States Army (1999) Four dude hunters - P. Field 1918 Fox trapping - A. R. Harding (1906) Friends and foes of wild life. A discussion of certain predacious birds and animals from the standpoint of the sportsman, trapper and farmer - C. G. Abbott (1919) From traps to pocketbooks (1960) Fur facts - A. M. Ahern (1922) Gaut Gurley; or, The trappers of Umbagog. A tale of border life - D. P. Thompson (1857) Guide du chasseur de pelleterie - H. de Puyjalon (1893) [French] Handbook for campers in the national forests in California - 1921 Handbook of military signalling - H. A. Giddings (1917) Handbook of trail campcraft 1954 Harper's camping and scouting; an outdoor guide for American boys - G. Grinnell 1911 Hints for camping and walking. How to camp out - J. Gould 1877 Hints on coyote and wolf trapping - S. P. Young (1930) Hints on mountain-lion trapping - S. P. Young (1933) Holidays in tents - W. Childs 1921 How to build a water snare - G. F. Schenfield (1922) How to Hunt and Trap - J. H. Batty (1878) How to Hunt and Trap - J. H. Batty (1882) How to live in the woods; here is expert advice on planning, outfitting, and managing the camping expedition - H. Halsted 1948 How to trap and snare; a complete manual for the sportsman, game preserver, gamekeeper, and amateur - W. Carnegie (1910) How to trap and the marketing of your furs - G. J. Theissen In a fishing country - W. Blake 1922 In pine-tree jungles - a handbook for sportsmen and campers in the great Maine woods - F. H. Clifford (1902) In the open - Stories of outdoor life - W. Stoddard 1908 Jack, the young trapper; an eastern boy's fur hunting in the Rocky Mountains - G. B. Grinnell (1907) James Clyman, American Frontiersman, 1792-1881. The adventures of a trapper and covered wagon emigrant as told in his own reminiscences and diaries - C. L. Camp (1928) Journal of a trapper or, Nine Years in the Rocky Mountains, 1834-1843 - R Osborne (1921) Kinks, a book of 250 helpful hints for hunters - H. Katz 1917 Kit Carson's life and adventures, facts narrated by himself, embracing events in the life-time of America's greatest hunter, trapper, scout and guide - D. W. C. Peters (1874) Leonard's narrative, adventures of Zenas Leonard, fur trader and trapper, 1831-1836 - Z. Leonard (1904) Life in the back-woods - a guide to the successful hunting and trapping of all kinds of animals - (1875) Life of Kit Carson, the great western hunter and guide - C. Burdett (1865) Life of Kit Carson, the great western hunter and guide - C. Burdett (1902) Map reading and panorama sketching - An Instructor (1917) Map reading and panorama sketching - 'An Instructor' 1917 Map reading and topographical sketching - E. R. Stuart 1918 MCRP 3-02C Marine Combat Water Survival Military map reading - C. O. Sherrill 1909 Military sketching and map reading for non-commissioned officers - L. C. Grieves 1916 Military sketching and map reading for noncoms & men - R. F. Legge 1918 Military topography and map reading - W. H. Waldron (1917) Military topography for the mobile forces, including map reading, surveying and sketching - C Sherrill (1911) Mink trapping; a book of instruction giving many methods of trapping - A. R. Harding (1906) Minne-Wawa for boys and young men in the Ontario highlands - W. Williams 1915 Motor camping - J. Long 1923 Narrative of the adventures of Zenas Leonard a native of Clearfield County, Pa., who spent five years in trapping for furs, trading with the Indians - Z. Leonard (1839) Narratives of trapping life, and of the professional trapper's methods of catching fur-bearing animals in these localities - (1922) Natural history of western wild animals and guide for hunters, trappers, and sportsmen - D. W. Cartwright (1875) Naval Arctic operations handbook - 1949 New Ideas For Out Of Doors The Field And Forest Handy Book - D. C. Beard 1906 Night-lighting a technique for capturing birds and mammals - R. F. Labisky (1959) Nightlighting its use in capturing pheasants, prairie chickens, bobwhites, and cottontails - R. F. Labisky (1968) On the trail; an outdoor book for girls - L. Beard 1915 Organized camping and progressive education - C. Ward 1935 Out of doors - E. Hough 1915 Outdoor life and Indian stories - all about woodcraft, signs and signaling, the stars, fishing, camping - E. Elliss 1912 Outdoor life in England - A. Fisher 1896 Packing And Portaging - Dillon Wallace 1912 Popular map reading - E. D. Laborde 1928 Practical hints on camping - H. Henderson 1882 Roughing it with boys; actual experiences of boys at summer and winter camps in the Maine woods - G. Hinckley 1913 Scenes with the hunter and the trapper in many lands - W. H. Adams (1876) Science of trapping; describes the fur bearing animals, their nature, habits and distribution, with practical methods for their capture - E. H. Kreps (1909) Scoutmastership. A Handbook for Scoutmasters on Theory of Scout Training - Sir Robert Baden Powell 1920 Shelters, shacks, and shanties - D. Beard 1914 Sign Talk A Universal Signal Code, Without Apparatus, For Use In The Army, The Navy, Camping, Hunting, And Daily Life - E Seton 1918 Sketches of camp life in the wilds of the Aroostook woods, Aroostook County, Maine - C West 1892 Skyline camps; a note book of a wanderer in our northwestern mountains - W. Eaton 1922 Steel traps. Describes the various makes and tells how to use them, also chapters on care of pelts, etc. - A. R. Harding (1907) Summer in the girls' camp - A. Coale 1919 Summer Survival Supply catalog, and the art of trapping - A.B. Shubert, Limited (1923) Survival TC 21-3 Soldier's handbook for individual operations and survival in cold weather areas The accomplished muskrat trapper - A. O. Schmidt (1922) The amateur trapper - a complete guide to the arts of trapping, snaring and netting - S. Harding (1917) The American boys' handybook of camp-lore and woodcraft The art of trapping - A. Shubert 1917 The big hike for the summer vacation period - J. Hauberg 1924 The Bird fancier's recreation, being curious remarks on the nature of song-birds - - A. Wetmore (1770) The book of camping - A. Verrill 1917 The book of camping and woodcraft; a guidebook for those who travel in the wilderness - H. Kephart 1912 The Book Of Camp-Lore And Woodcraft - Dan Beard 1920 The book of woodcraft - E. Seton 1912 The book of woodcraft and Indian lore - E Seton 1922 The Boy Scout Trail Blazers - F. H. Cheley 1917 The Boy Scouts Book of Stories - Franklin K. Mathiews 1919 The Boy scout's hike book - E Cave 1913 The Boy Scouts On Lost Trail -Thornton Burgess 1920 The Boy Scouts To The Rescue, - Charles Henry Lerrigo, 1920 The boy's book of hunting and fishing practical camping-out, game-fishing and wing-shooting - W. Miller 1916 The boy's camp book - E. Cave 1914 The Camper's Handbook - T. H. Holding 1908 The camper's own book - A handy volume for devotees of tent and trail - G. Bryan 1912 The camping ideal, the new human race - H. Wack 1912 The complete American and Canadian sportsman's encyclopedia of valuable instruction - F. Buzzacott 1913 The complete hunter's and sportman's manual and trapper's guide - F. Buzzacott 1903 The demon trapper of Umbagog, a thrilling tale of the Maine forests - D. P. Thompson (1890) The forest - S. White 1904 The forest, the jungle, and the prairie; or, Scenes with the trapper and the hunter in many lands - W Adams (1873) The home of the wolverene and beaver; or, Fur-hunting in the wilds of Canada - C. H. Eden (1876) The hunter and the trapper in North America - B. H. Revoil (1874) The hunter and trapper - H. Thrasher (1868) The hunter's guide, and trapper's companion - An Experienced Woodsman (1869) The hunter's handbook - B. Stratton 1885 The life and adventures of Nat Foster, trapper and hunter of the Adirondacks - A. L. Byron-Curtis (1897) The life and adventures of Wilburn Waters - the famous hunter and trapper of White Top Mountain - C. B. Coale (1878) The life of Kit Carson, hunter, trapper, guide, Indian agent, and colonel U.S.A. - E. S. Ellis (1899) The mountains - S. E. White (1904) 2 The mountains - S. E. White (1904) The Newhouse trapper's guide - S. Newhouse (1914) The open spaces - J. Van Dyke 1922 The Outdoor Handy Book - D. C. Beard The pioneer woodsman as he is related to lumbering in the Northwest - G. Warren 1914 The Rockies of Canada; a revised and enlarged ed. of 'Camping in the Canadian Rockies' - W Wilcox 1909 The sanitation of recreation camps and parks - H. Bashore 1908 The Shaybacks in camp; ten summers under canvas - S. Barrows 188 The sportsman's guide - E. S. Clevenger (1825) The sportsman's guide to the northern lakes, with hints on fishing, hunting, and trapping - G. Francis (1885) The Sportsman's Workshop - Warren H. Miller The story of the trapper - A. C. Laut (1902) The trapper Vol. 1 - A. C. Laut (1908) The trapper Vol. 2 - A. C. Laut (1908) The trapper's companion - (1919) The trapper's guide - a manual of instructions for capturing all kinds of fur-bearing animals, and curing their skins [Second Edition] - S. Newhouse (1867) The trapper's guide - a manual of instructions for capturing all kinds of fur-bearing animals, and curing their skins [Third Edition] - S. Newhouse (1872) The way of the woods; a manual for sportsmen in northeastern United States and Canada - E. Breck 1908 TM 1-240 Arctic Manual - V. Stefansson (1942) Tony Alexander's practical hunter's & trapper's guide. The secrets of the art told by an experienced trapper in his own way - T. Alexander (1887) Topographic surveying; including geographic, exploratory, and military mapping, with hints on camping, emergency surgery, and photography - H. Wilson 1905 Touring afoot - C. Fordyce 1916 Tracks and Tracking - J. Brunner (1909) Trail and camp-fire. The book of the Boone and Crockett club - G Grinnell 1897 Trail craft - An aid in getting the greatest good out of vacation trips - C. Fordyce 1922 Trailing And Camping In Alaska -Addison M. Powell 1909 Training manual in topography, map reading and reconnaissance - G. R. Spalding (1917) Training manual in topography, map reading and reconnaissance - G. R. Spalding (1918) Tramping And Camping - Walking Woolfs 1912 Trapping - W. L. Arnold (1921) Trapping and handling Canada geese - H. C. Hanson (1949) Trapping as a profession; trapping grounds of North America; guide to methods of trapping them successfully; fur prospecting; professional trappers' methods - (1922) Trapping wild animals in Malay jungles - C. Mayer (1921) 2 Trapping wild animals in Malay jungles - C. Mayer (1921) Traps of the Amerinds - O. T. Mason (1900) Twenty years on the trap line ... twenty years experience in trapping, wolfing and hunting, on the great Northwestern plains - J. Taylor (1891) Vacation camping for girls - J. Marks 1913 Vacation on the trail; personal experiences in the higher mountain trails with complete directions for the outfitting of inexpensive expeditions - E. Davenport 1923 Wilderness Homes A Book Of The Log Cabin - Oliver Kemp 1908 Wilderness-Medicine Winter Camping - Warwick Stevens Carpenter 1920 Winter Survival Wolf and coyote trapping; an up-to-date wolf hunter's guide, giving the most successful methods of experienced wolfers - A. R. Harding (1909) Woodcraft - E. Kreps 1919 Woodcraft - G. Sears 1900 Woodcraft for women - K. G. Pinkerton (1916) Wrinkles; or, Hints to sportsmen and travellers on dress, equipment, and camp life - H. Leveson 1874 Yarns For Boy Scouts, Told Round The Camp Fire - R. Baden-Powell, 1909 Our Shipping policy is to despatch within one business day of receiving payment. 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