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Seller: paulhawtin (145) 100%, Location: Staffs, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 303147370792 Bulgarian Property | Real Estate Bulgaria | House Land Properties | TRADITIONAL BULGARIAN HOUSE!! A large Bulgarian rural property. Situated in a well developed and peaceful village 38 miles from the City of Ruse and 9 miles from the Town of Byala. The village is in a great location with easy access to nearby cities. The area is picturesque and surrounded by forests. Wonderful rural house in the village of Koprivets!! Great location - close to the Town of Byala - approximately 9 miles from the village. The Town of Popovo is only 20 miles away. The biggest city in the area - Ruse - is 38 miles from the village and the Town of Svishtov is 39 miles away. This is a massive 2-storey house with a bathroom, external furnace and a large garden with covered outbuildings. The village is very well maintained with street lighting and a couple of grocery stores. There is a kindergarten, a secondary school and a small football field in the village. One of the most famous attractions in the Village of Koprivets is the Monastery "St. Petka" which dates from 13th century. There is a regular bus service to the Town of Byala and the Town of Popovo. The most attractive landmarks in the area are the: - Historical museum - Town of Byala; - Bridge of the famous builder Kolyo Ficheto built in 1867; - Baniska dam - Several miles away from the village; - Ivanovo Rock churches - part of the UNESCO Heritage; - The monastery "St. Petka" - located in the village; TWO-STOREY - LARGE GARDEN - TRADITIONAL LOOK - FRUIT TREES - BATHROOM - EXTERNAL FURNACE - STONE OUTBUILDINGS - COVERED PARKING SPACE - ASPHALT ROAD - AMAZING VIEWS The first floor of the house has a corridor / kitchen area / bathroom and 3 rooms. On the second floor of the house you will find a corridor / 3 bedrooms and a closet which can be easily converted into a upstairs bathroom. There is also a balcony with nice views of the garden and surrounding area. In front of the house are large outbuildings and a furnace. The garden area is perfect for the summer time. The water and electric connection have recently been inspected. The roof is in good condition. The surrounding nature is very beautiful and home to a lot of rare wildlife. Plot of Land = 950 m2 Despite the splendid rural location the property is easy to access and is a fantastic place to own a home in the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. IT'S 100% FREEHOLD AND REGULATED!!! THE VILLAGE OF KOPRIVETS The village of Koprivets is a village in north Bulgaria part of the Municipality of Byala - Ruse District. Koprivets is 38 miles southwest of Ruse 9 miles southeast of Byala 38 miles in the same direction from the town of Svishtov 44 miles west of Razgrad and 38 miles northeast of Veliko Tarnovo. The Baniska Lom River, one of the tributaries of Rusenski Lom passes through the village. The population of the village is around 900. Koprivets is a well-developed village with a town hall, a school, a kindergarten, a doctor's and dental service, pharmacy, 4 shops and 3 pubs. Every Saturday there is a rural market in the village. The Belene Forest is close to the village and home to red deer. Several kilometers from the village is the Baniska dam which is suitable for fishing. The dam is home to carp, chub, karakuda, catfish and other freshwater fish. The monastery "St. Petka" and the church "St. Archangel Michael" are worth a visit. "Zein kale" and the remnants of a Roman fortress is two miles away. 19 miles from the village are the Ivanovo Rock Churches which are distinguished by the other rock monastery complexes in Bulgaria due to their well-preserved frescoes. They consist of small rock churches, chapels and churches carved at different heights in the rocks of the canyon of the Roussenski Lom River. This really is a property with potential !! MUNICIPALITY OF BYALA The Byala Municipality is a municipality in the District of Ruse - Central-North Bulgaria - located in the Danubian Plain 12 miles southeast of the Danube River. The population of the municipality is about 14,962 inhabitants. The area is a crossroads for some of the main roads in the country – road E85, road E83, I-51 and I-52 which connects Ruse with the cities of Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Svishtov and the capital of Sofia and Shipka pass. The Yantra River flows through the area from south to north. Some of the well known landmarks in the municipality are The Historical Museum in Byala and The Byala Bridge. The Museum in Byala is a municipal cultural institute with five departments – Nature, Art, Archeology and Numismatics, Ethnography, New and Recent History. The Historical Museum in Byala has displays from the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation. The two-storey building of the museum carries the Revival spirit and is the work of Bulgarian masters. The yard displays original cannons and machine guns. The Byala Bridge is situated in the northeastern part of the town of Byala. The bridge was built over the Yantra River in 1865-1867 on the orders of Mithat Pasha, Vali of the Danube Vilayet. The construction was due to the new road crossing the Yantra River in the town of Byala that connected Ruse, the main town of the Danube Vilayet, with Tsargrad, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It's a must visit place! Ruse is the biggest Bulgarian river port on the Danube River serving an important part of the international trade of the country. Also called "The elegant Mini-Vienna" by its admirers, Ruse is the 5th largest city in BG and one of the most beautiful because of the unique architecture. Ruse occupies a significant place in Bulgarian national history and has a rich cultural-historical heritage — a potential needed for the development of cultural tourism. Ruse has a very rich millennial history. The area around the city of Ruse ** Natural Park “Rusenski Lom” — The Rusenski Lom River Valley along with the tributaries Beli (White), Malki (Little) and Cherni (Black) Lom represents a unique world and history. Part of the valley was proclaimed a Natural Park. The park is located 20 km to the south-west from Ruse. The park was created in 1970 with the purpose of preserving the canyons of the three rivers and historical landmarks. The rivers have craved incredibly beautiful gorges into the limestone rock foundation. ** Natural landmark “Orlova Chuka” Cave - located on the left shore of the Cherni Lom river. This is the 2nd longest cave in Bulgaria (13 438 m in length) and has a complex labyrinth of interweaving caves. ** Lipnik Forest Park: the park is a big site for recreation, sports, tourism, sunbathing and only 12 km east of Ruse. There are country houses, restaurants, artificial lakes, a hotel, a zoo corner, a sports base and a camping site. This is a wonderful area for fishing, water sports, walking or just enjoying the day. The villages in the region attract tourists because of the picturesque nature, the rock landscape and the breath-taking views plus plenty of opportunities for hiking and riding. The area offers different ways to spend your free time and to enjoy the beauty of the region. The closest ski resort to Ruse is in "Uzana" (pics below), the geographic centre of Bulgaria 28 miles from Veliko Tarnovo. There are several hotels in the resort which provide tourism and good conditions for relaxing in the quiet and calm atmosphere of the mountain. The area of Uzana is ideal for rock climbing. There are possibilities for cultural tourism in the region. In the nearby open-air "Ethnographic Museum Etara" people learn about Bulgarian crafts. The "Sokolski Monastery" is situated a few miles away from Uzana. ************** Property price = 12 800 GBP ************** The deposit is non-refundable! OK, I am interested - What now? Contact us for information - We are based in Bulgaria and the UK (Staffs) and you more than welcome to call round for a coffee and a chat. The whole process can be undertaken from the UK or by visiting Bulgaria. Telephone 0044 (0) 797 730 7915 Summary 1 - Meet me in the UK for coffee then book a flight to Bulgaria. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to view. Have at least a few days to stay in the property and visit the local area. 2 - Check all documents with your lawyer. 3 - Have the keys and move in Lawyers We encourage you to employ the services of a lawyer. For a small fee he/she will check title. When you are 100% happy the deal can be moved forward. It is also recommended that you view the property before buying if possible, although the process can be undertaken from the UK. We will collect you from the airport and arrange your hotel booking etc. So why should I trust you? We are the only company on eBay who actively encourage our clients to employ their own independent lawyer. We have nothing to hide and this way of doing business benefits both parties. There are many reputable companies on eBay who do their own legal work and 99% of the property transfers are fine....Its just not our way, thats all. Please note - we do not use a finance company to finance the purchase. We are unable to offer a mortgage or a personal loan to any of our customers (Consumer Credit Act 1974). We do not offer credit we simply sell properties and will accept staged payments over one or two years (in the same way as if you buy an apartment off plan). Please do not ask if we can arrange finance for properties under the CCA74 - sorry but the answer will be no. We are unable to lend you money. If you wish to finance your purchase this way please contact your bank or building society and the CAB. We ask that you have a solicitor check the title deeds and the terms of the contract. When everything is done to your satisfaction we all meet with your lawyer at a notary public and verify that the sale fully conforms to Bulgarian property law. Any questions please em@il me!!! A bunch of stuff you probably won't read, but should The buying process Depending on how you buy you will be asked to sign a preliminary sales contract between you and the seller. This can be checked by your lawyer either in your home country or Bulgaria. The official exchange of contracts is managed by the notary, who works for the government and represents both the buyer and seller. The presence of a notary does not however reduce the need for a lawyer, who should review all of the contracts prior to exchange and notaristion. Signing the Notary Act Signing the notary act (sometimes referred to as the notary deed, purchase contract or final contract, which is equivalent to a title deed) is the final step in taking ownership of your property. If you are unable to be present at the signing, you can have your lawyer sign it on your behalf if you have given him/her power of attorney. You also need to be aware that you will need to file an annual tax return for your company. In almost every case your company accounts will be zero (no trading for the entire year). Nevertheless, unless you can read and write in Bulgarian and are familiar with the Bulgarian tax system, you will need a Bulgarian accountant to ensure that your tax return is filled out correctly. It is always worth getting the experts in...Bulgaria has different property laws and regulations to the UK. Seek advice on possible fees, taxes, insurance issues, local authority rules and possible pitfalls. Getting started Before you start your Bulgarian property hunt you should decide exactly what you are looking for. This sounds obvious, but clearly identifying your goals before you start can save time later. Do you want to build your own house, renovate an existing property or buy off-plan? Are you looking for a quiet rural retreat, a city centre property, a mountain chalet or an apartment on the Black Sea coast? In some rural areas services are limited, with many villages having few shops, bars or restaurants. You will definitely need a car, and it is a good idea to choose an area that is close to a large town or city for shopping or a night out. Although people in the Bulgarian countryside are usually very friendly and welcoming, few will speak English. The number of foreign residents in areas like Veliko Tarnovo has increased dramatically, but don`t expect a well developed expatriate community like parts of Spain. If you are relocating permanently then consider renting first, so you can get to know the area really well before taking the plunge. Visit several areas at different times of the year, to get a real picture of what they are like. You may also need to consider access to medical care or good schools if you have children. Another important task before you begin looking for property is to set yourself a budget. This should be realistic in terms of your financial situation, but also with regard to actual prices currently being paid on the ground in Bulgaria. No use setting yourself the unrealistic goal of buying a luxury apartment with sea views for 10,000 GBP! Rather than wasting your time, consult the typical prices on the internet, which will give you an idea of the current prices being paid in each area. However, remember that prices are rising extremely rapidly in some areas, so they should only be used as a guide. If you are buying a resale or old property it is important to include the costs of all necessary renovation work in your budget. Get a builder or architect to give you a detailed estimate before embarking on the purchase, so you know what you are getting yourself into. When setting your budget you should also factor in the costs involved in the purchase, such as legal fees. If the property is unfurnished you will have to include the cost of furniture in your budget. Furniture is much cheaper than in the UK, but kitting out a whole house or apartment from scratch can still be costly. Once you have set your budget, the next step is to get the necessary financing in place, so the money is for the purchase is ready. Acting quickly can be important as the best properties are often in high demand. Have enough money for the initial deposit ready and make arrangements for funding the rest of the purchase. Set yourself an objective. Most people buy for one of these reasons: 1. Buy for capital appreciation 2. Buy to let 3. Buy to renovate and sell at a profit 4. Buy as a permanent residence 5. Buy as a second home for own use If you want an income from the property all year round, remember an apartment in Sunny Beach can only be let over the summer period, but a property in Bansko will appeal to holiday makers 365 days year. By helping you to identify your objective Emerge will be able to locate your dream home, and not waste your time showing you properties that are not suitable. To ensure you make the right buying decision think about advantages and disadvantages in terms of location, facilities, access, infrastucture, future developments and reselling opportunties. As a buyer you can enjoy complete confidence in your investment if you have gathered the right information first. Summary Decide on the type of property you want Set a realistic budget, not forgetting to include purchase costs Decide on the areas that will be of interest by reading guide books etc. Research further into each area on the internet Make the necessary financial arrangements for the purchase Make contact with a Bulgarian solicitor Bulgaria As one of the most rapidly advancing nations in Europe, Bulgaria has become a byword for international property investment. In fact Bulgaria is probably the most popular property investment destination for British buyers who invest in thousands of properties each year. Bulgaria is one of the least populated European states. The country is approximately the size of England but with a population of less than eight million people. As well as eleven blue flag beaches Bulgaria has 354 km of Black Sea coastline, 37000 km of hiking paths in the mountains, and a series of almost unpublicised Roman, Greek, and Thracian historical attractions including nine UNESCO world heritage sites. Within the property market Bulgaria is turning towards a better standard of development; only granting permission to the highest quality projects, and taking care to protect the national parks and natural resources, which have provided such an attraction. The world trade organisation forecasts that this year Bulgaria will be visited by millions of tourists, becoming one of the worlds most promising international tourist destinations. After emerging from Communism in 1989 Bulgaria existed under a series of weak coalition governments, a situation which persisted until the election of a government devoted to free-market principles in 1997. This year was the key turning point for Bulgaria, and also saw the creation of a currency board which tied the Bulgarian lev first to the German mark, and then to the euro. This was a move which contributed materially to economic stability. The countries history of communism, combined with the slow start to the market economy in the 1990s meant that property prices in Bulgaria were significantly below realistic values. It was partly these extremely low prices combined with EU accession that stimulated the demand for investment property in Bulgaria. The country has an advantageous geographical position, an educated work force, and miles of beautiful coastline. The beaches are clean, and the skiing in the resorts is as good, if not better, than any destination in the world. A part investment/part holiday home is easily possible in the villages. Prices remain relatively low, and Bulgaria appeals to seasoned investors just as much as it does to first time buyers seeking a foothold on the property ladder! Why Bulgaria? When Bulgaria shook off the shackles of communism in 1989 buying a property there would have been laughable, now its one of the worlds hottest property markets offering something for everyone. The Bulgarian National Statistic Authority noted that property prices have grown at a rate of up to 36% a year in some areas. Knight Franks Global House Price Index which analyses house price growth world wide, registered Bulgaria as having the fastest growing property market in the world in 2007. Prices are predicted to grow at the rate witnessed during the Spanish market boom, as all the figures point towards a fantastic opportunity for property investment. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors European Housing Review, confirm that Bulgaria had the highest level of house price growth throughout Central and South Eastern Europe in 2006, and the highest in the world in 2007. The country is both diverse and stunning. There are mountain and sea resorts which have breathtaking views, and a perfect balance of the old and new. The weather in the summer is hot and Bulgaria has a shorter winter than the UK. Tourism is booming, and the sea resorts attract holiday makers from all over the world, as do the ski resorts in the winter. The economy is strong and banks are opening the doors to foreign investors. Bulgaria is now a member of the EU, and has an educated work force in all towns and cities. Life is crime free, stress free, and laid back in the villages. Your neighbours will always give you a warm greeting, and insist on cooking you a meal and sharing home made rakija! People that live in rural Bulgaria are often poor but will want to share what little they do have to make you feel welcome. The people are kind and generous, and if you respect the customs will go out of their way to help you. You really will find that this is a country that has something for everyone, and will want to return again and again. Viewing Trips The only way to really evaluate the potential of your chosen property is to view it. Emerge are very much a one stop shop, and will arrange your airport collection and hotel booking. If you wish you can stay in one of the companies properties for free. Staying in a village house will show you what the culture is really like, and we promise you a very warm welcome from the locals if you do this. What better way could there be to see the real Bulgaria? Expect to see up to 7/8 properties a day so be ready for a busy but fun time. All you need to do is book your flights and leave the rest to us. If you are busy at work let us know, and we can book them for you. Emerge will put everything in place for your visit, and personally care for you during your time with us. All you need to do is turn up, relax, and let us plan your entire trip from start to finish. One of our fluent speaking English hosts will accompany you on each viewing trip, and be on hand to answer any questions you may have. To get the most from your visit look at the experience as a business trip. See what you want see, take the time you need, and get space on your own to discuss the pros and cons. Be honest, if you are not keen on the properties you are viewing, say so. If you give the impression a property is perfect when deep down you hate it, your guide will think they are on the right track and keep taking you to similar places. Be clear about what you like and do not like, nobody will be offended if you tell the truth - remember we want to show you suitable properties as much as you want to see them. Let us know your requirements before you travel. How many bedrooms, size of garden, parking, style of property, location, budget. We can then prepare a profile so potential properties can be matched to this criteria. To find the perfect place, you need to view properties in your budget, in the right style and location. Then sit and think about it for a while. We never apply pressure, it is not our way. About us Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul and I would like to tell you how my business Emerge (UK) ltd was formed. I hope it gives you an idea of how this company will treat you as a client and the reason why. I first travelled to the country for a holiday in 2006 and liked it so much I decided to purchase a property in Bulgaria. The same as you I had doubts about buying property abroad, so I decided to find out as much about the process involved when buying property in Bulgaria as I could. Having graduated in law I more than understood the importance of seeking the advice of a lawyer specializing in Bulgarian property law. To be honest the experience I had was pretty poor. The developers I spoke to wanted me to pay a deposit there and then and didn't want me to seek advice from Bulgarian property experts. I discovered that the property agents were putting a huge commission on each sale for themselves and paying the true owners a small percentage of the profit. The people from the villages were poor and selling the one asset they had for a fraction of its true value. The only people who appeared to be making any money from the sale were the middleman, who were raking in "many Pounds" from villagers who did not understand Bulgarian property law and the process involved. The village owners were kind people who didn't realise the true value of the property they were selling. The houses had often been passed from one family member to another for generations. On my return to the UK it was time to collect my thoughts and decide on my next step. Having seen how some developers conducted business I knew I could better. There was only one thing for it - two weeks later I returned to Bulgaria and Emerge (UK) ltd was formed and registered in the court of Rousse. Since then people from all over the world have visited Bulgaria and viewed property with us. Our way of conducting business is to let clients make their own mind up about the buying decision. If a client does purchase a Bulgarian property from Emerge it will be because of a choice they make themselves, not because of a salesman on commission making a hard sell. It is always recommended that clients return to the UK to discuss their trip with family and friends before committing. This allows time to decide if buying property in Bulgaria really is the right choice to make. If so, the whole process can then be undertaken by giving POA to a lawyer. This is how the underlying principles of my company were formed, and these values are at the core of how Emerge conducts its business. Here is my personal promise to you... Emerge (UK) ltd will always be honest and truthful. The company will be fair when selling on behalf of Bulgarian villagers who are often far to willing to let the agent take all the profit. We will never hard sell and always give you a cooling off period. This will give you time to decide if buying Bulgarian property really is the right choice for you and your family. What started as a holiday has now become a full time business taking me away from law. Buying a property in Bulgaria would have been laughable a decade ago, now its one of the worlds hottest property markets offering something for everyone. I have a solid knowledge of buying Bulgarian property having purchased in Varna and other towns and villages throughout the country. I promise you an open and trusting relationship which really is the key for my clients making a successful investment. Thank you for taking the trouble to read this listing. And remember - Emerge has plenty of properties for sale in Bulgaria. Please email us with details about the type of property you are looking for with regards to budget/area/land size etc. An idea about the reason why you are buying also helps to locate the right house. For example, do you want a rental income, holiday home, or a village house to renovate and sell for a profit? This information will enabt > Emerge (UK) ltd to forward offers that are going to be of interest and will tick all the boxes! We will be delighted to email you some exciting offers. Good luck with your property search!! Sort By: For Sale, Property Type: House, Country: Bulgaria

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