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Seller: Top-Rated Seller synergy-nutraceuticals (48,993) 100%, Location: York, North Yorkshire, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 113643176821 SYNERGY NUTRACEUTICALS > --> > --> > --> in titles and description --> Menu store home about us feedback add to favourites new arrival ending soon contact us T5 Fat Burners Capsules T5 Fat Burners Serums T5 Fat Burners Patches T5 Fat Burners POWER Bundles BioPharmX BioPharmX Raspberry Ketone BioPharmX Green Coffee Bean BioPharmX Garcinia Cambogia BioPharmX Turmeric Curcumin --> Add my Shop to your Favourites and receive my email newsletters about new items and special promotions! general interest sign up VITAMIN D3 PREMIUM (1 BOTTLE: 365 POWERFUL TABLETS /365 DAY SUPPLY) +5 FREE T5 Patches! item description THESE PILLS HAVE THE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM POTENCY CONCENTRATION RECOMMENDED FOR CONSUMPTION UNDER UK LAW What is Vitamin D3? Vitamin D is responsible for a multitude of biological functions, all of which are essential for overall health and well being. It regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate the body can absorb, both of which are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. It also enables our blood to clot, our muscles to contract and our hearts to beat! The words “Vitamin D” refers to not one, but several forms of Vitamin D. There are biologically inactive forms of Vitamin D - Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Before they can become biologically active Vitamin D (calcitriol) they must be converted in the liver and kidneys. The recommended supplemented form of Vitamin D is Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and studies have clearly shown it’s far more important, and more effective for our health and wellbeing. The enzymes in our livers enable us to metabolise Vitamin D3 much faster and can maintain Vitamin D levels more efficiently than Vitamin D2. Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) functions in the intestines, bones and kidneys and without it our bodies would not be able to absorb calcium nor store it in skeletal tissue. It plays a vital role in bone development and health by regulating calcium and phosphorous around the body. It regulates the cells which build and maintain bones. It is also essential for proper functioning of the immune system, hormones and cardiovascular health. Essential for:- Enabling the body to absorb calcium Regulates blood calcium levels Maintenance of normal bones Maintenance of normal teeth Plays vital roles in cardiocascular function Supports health inflammatory response Require for the normal / proper function of the thyroid Supports strong and healthy bone growth Supports immune system for optimal efficiency and fighting illnesses All benefits have been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Vitamin D3 is acknowledged by all health care professionals as an important part of a healthy diet! Why choose BioPharm-X™ Vitamin D3? BioPharm-X™ offers a quality guarantee to all customers. This is to provide you with total peace of mind when purchasing any of their products. Backed by nutritional science and with a dedication to premium quality, their products reflect core values of award winning quality and efficiency, from research to manufacturing. BioPharm-X™ has the goal of enhancing the well-being of their customers around the world by delivering premium pharmaceutical grade quality, best value nutritional supplements. Each capsule has been formulated to provide significantly more than just the NRV levels in pharmaceutical grade ingredients! BioPharm-X™ manufacturing department is within the UK and is MHRA licensed, GMP certified and ISO accredited, operating within compliance of relevant laws and regulations. Suitable for Vegetarians GMO Free Maximum Strength Formulation Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients Satisfaction Guaranteed! BioPharm-X™ Vitamin D Benefits Vitamin D has several important functions. You need Vitamin D to regulate your body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus to ensure your bones, teeth and muscles remain healthy and strong. Getting sufficient Vitamin D is essential in early years for growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as facilitating normal immune system function and improved resistance against certain diseases. The following benefits have identified in published scientific studies and clinical reports surrounding Vitamin D3. Maintains the health of bones and teeth[11][12] Supports health of the immune system, brain and nervous system[10][13] Regulate insulin levels and aid diabetes management[14][15][19] Contributes to normal muscle function[16] May help reduce postural instability and muscle weakness[17] Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system[18] Vitamin D3 is used to treat and prevent vitamin D deficiencies and associated diseases: ● Fanconi syndrome[2][3]: is a kidney disorder that results in certain substances normally absorbed into the bloodstream by the kidneys are excreted into the urine instead. ● Rickets[1][2]: is a skeletal disorder that’s results in weak and soft bones, stunted growth and in some cases skeletal deformities. ● Hypoparathyroidism[8]: is a decreased causing cramping and twitching of the muscles or tetany (involuntary muscle contractions). ● Familial hypophosphatemia[9]: is an inherited disorder which can lead to skeletal defects called osteomalacia or softening of the bones. In addition to its primary benefits, recent studies suggest vitamin D may go beyond its well-established role in bone health and may play a role in: Reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis[4] Reducing your chance of developing heart disease[5] Reducing the likelihood of developing the flu[6] There are many health benefits to Vitamin D and many studies have looked at the role of Vitamin D deficiency in increasing the risk of many common and serious diseases, including some common cancers, type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.[7] Higher levels of Vitamin D significantly drives down colorectal cancer risk, a new international study has found. Vitamin D was shown to strengthen resistance to stomach tumours by blocking a common gateway that cancer cells pass through![20] This study is yet another reminder of the importance of Vitamin D3 supplementation! How does it work? Our body’s main source of Vitamin D is produced as your skin absorbs ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight. Despite this ability to make this crucial nutrient ourselves from the sun, an estimated 75% of people are deficient. Many factors affect the skins ability to produce vitamin D, including; time of day, skin colour, sunscreen and age. The UV rays that help our bodies produce Vitamin D are the same rays that cause sunburn, which can lead to cancer. Although the sun is a valuable source of natural vitamin D, you must achieve a healthy balance where you can to prevent sunburn. When the ultraviolet rays come into contact with our skin, they convert 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC), a substance present in our skin, into pre-Vitamin D3. The amount that is converted depends on the amount of time spent in direct sun and the melanin in our skin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its colour and is produced by cells called melanocytes. It provides some natural protection against sun damage, and the melanocytes increase their production in response to sun exposure. After pre-Vitamin D3 is produced, it is converted into Vitamin D3. Then in the liver and kidney it is converted into active Vitamin D3. This biologically active form is also known as calcitriol and it regulates the absorption of calcium in three different ways: ● It stimulates your intestines to absorb calcium from foods you eat or from supplements ● It works in your kidneys to help recycle calcium that would have otherwise been excreted ● It regulates storage of calcium and the process of bone building Vitamin D deficiency A lack of Vitamin D will cause bones to become soft and weak, which leads to bone pain and weakness; this is called osteomalacia in adults. In young children, a lack of Vitamin D can lead to rickets – weak soft bones, stunted growth and in some cases skeletal deformities such as genu varum (bow leggedness). This is why manufacturers by law must add Vitamin D to infant formula milk! Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that has great health benefits, but to accomplish these benefits Vitamin D levels need to be maintained in a certain range. The majority of adults struggle to obtain and maintain sufficient Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is not present in many foods so our main source of Vitamin D is reliant on sun exposure. This is problematic for most people for numerous reasons: ● Sun exposure is variable for many and vitamin D breaks down quite quickly, meaning that stores can run low, especially in winter. ● For those in sunnier locations, it’s not exactly known how much time is needed in the sun to make enough vitamin D to meet the body’s requirements. ● Too much UV radiation will cause sunburn and skin damage. Getting sunburn just once in 2 years can triple your risk of melanoma cancer. ● Hard to find in high concentrations in natural foods, but it can be ingested from fatty fish, cheese, fortified milk and eggs. ● Malabsorption, where the intestines struggle to absorb the vitamin D that naturally occurs in these foods. ● Vitamin D that is naturally produced in those over 50, their kidneys struggle to convert it into the active form used by the body. Milk has long been known as a good source of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamins A, C, D and E, however milk in the UK contains very little Vitamin D. In the USA milk is fortified with Vitamin D but we have not followed suit with this practice yet. Our fortified foods include margarine (which is required by law to contain Vitamin D), some yoghurts and breakfast cereals. This is why Public Health England recommends a daily Vitamin D3 supplement to be taken by all. Including pregnant and breastfeeding women. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency A vitamin deficiency occurs when the body does not receive enough vitamins it requires to undertake vital bodily functions. Although Vitamin D is well known for promoting bone health and regulating vital calcium levels, clear signs of a Vitamin D deficiency would be bone pain, fatigue and muscle weakness. Research has revealed the importance of Vitamin D in protecting against a whole host of other potential health problems. The Vitamin D receptors in our brains help brain cells receive and understand chemical signals by activating and deactivating enzymes in the brain. Meaning a lack of Vitamin D is going to affect the way our brain communicates. Scientists have found that those with lower Vitamin D levels (compared to those with optimum levels) are more than twice as likely to be cognitively impaired and have shown slower information processing speed![21] There are also Vitamin D receptors throughout the central nervous system, where Vitamin D regulates the nervous systems development and function.[22] The effect of Vitamin D on the nervous system is associated with its influence on neurotrophin production and release, and prevention of oxidative damage to nervous tissue. Clinical studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency may lead to an increased risk of disease of the central nervous system (CNS), particularly schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis. An adequate intake of Vitamin D during pregnancy and the neonatal period seems to be crucial in terms of prevention of these diseases. ● Weakened Immune System ● Impaired Wound Healing ● Fatigue ● Pale Skin and Dark Circles ● Painful Bones and Back ● Depressed Mood ● Weak and aching bones ● Back pain ● Muscle strength Vitamin deficiencies usually develop over several months. Vitamin deficiency symptoms may be subtle at first, but they increase as the deficiency worsens. BioPharm-X™ Vitamin D3 is guaranteed to enhance the well-being of all customers seeking a superior vitamin supplement! Each Vitamin D3 has been formulated with maximum strength, premium quality ingredients. Guaranteed to be the best Vitamin D3 supplement on the market produced in a state of the art BioPharm-X™ facility to the highest possible industry specifications! Directions Adults and Children 12+ years: Take 1 capsule per day Precautions ► Do not exceed recommended daily dose ► Suitable for vegetarians ► Keep out of sight and reach of children ► Consult your healthcare professional before taking if you are under medical supervision ► Consult your healthcare professional if you have a medical history of high calcium/vitamin D levels (hypercalcemia / hypervitaminosis D), difficulty absorbing nutrition from food (malabsorption syndrome), kidney diseases, and liver disease. Frequently Asked Questions Who should take BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3? BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 is suitable for both men and women who want to support overall health and keep the body in the best condition possible – from early development and throughout life! Public Health England recommends a daily Vitamin D3 supplement to be taken by all. Can BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 be taken with medication? BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 may be used alongside medications, however, for specific advice on taking BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 with medicines we recommend you should contact your doctor or health care professional first. How long does each bottle of BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 last? Each bottle contains 365 tablets, a full year supply where 1 powerful tablet is taken daily. Do not exceed stated dose in a 24 hour period. What are the ingredients of BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3? Each tablet contains 60mg of pure certified and premium pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D3, providing 125.00ug of Vitamin D (2,500 % NRV). This is the MAXIMUM dosage available from just one tablet, you simply cannot find better elsewhere! How long before I see the extensive benefits from BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3? All users should begin to see initial benefits from within the first few weeks of regular use. The longer you take BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3 the greater the results. Are there any side effects from BioPharmX™ Vitamin D3? We take every precaution necessary to ensure that each product is 100% herbal and natural in nature and is side effect free. How long does shipping take? We ship Monday through Friday and always ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. We guarantee the best service possible, and send all packages priority, so it will be with you next working day. Your bottles are discreetly packaged, with no indication on the package as to what it contains. How can I be sure that I have been supplied with a genuine BioPharmX™ product? Always check your products carefully to ensure authenticity. If in doubt then return the item to the supplier and ask for a full refund. BioPharmX™ offers a complete quality guarantee to provide you with total peace of mind when purchasing any of their weight management dietary supplements. Their products reflect core values of award winning quality and efficiency – and they only ever source and select the highest grade possible, all natural ingredients. This is to consistently ensure all products within the range are 100% safe and side effect free. Their manufacturing department is within the UK and is MHRA licensed, GMP certified and ISO accredited, operating within compliance of relevant laws and regulations. GUARANTEED RESULTS with products based on SCIENCE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + 5 FREE SUPER STRENGTH T5 FAT BURNER PATCHES To Kick Start The Most Aggressive Fat Burning Course Of Your Life! What is T5 Fat Burning Patch? T5 Fat Burning Patch is an exciting and revolutionary new break through for kick starting your fat burning course. Not only is it designed to increase fat cell lipolysis using transdermal administration but also an amazing way to start a truly aggressive fat burning cycle. There is increasing scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of transdermal fat burning, and this patch provides a fantastic opportunity for you to experience this cutting edge technology yourself. Try this great new T5 Fat Burning Patch today and see for yourself! How does the T5 Fat Burning Patch work? This T5 Fat Burning Patch employs new nano-magnet technology to deliver potent T5 fat lipolysising results in a unique and effective transdermal delivery system. Studies show that the rate of effect using a transdermal patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system and quickly passes through the skin into the human circulation system through the navel area. A two tiered attack also means that the magnetic waves emitted from the nano-magnet produce a similar effect to acupuncture treatment. Thus promoting the de-polymerisation of blood cells and platelets through improving the order of extra-cellular ions and non-ionic substances. When acting on the skin it helps to releases the nutrition and negative oxygen ions accumulated in the body. The ultimate in focused fat burning and detoxification! With an increase in energy levels and fat burning abilities it is simple to apply and great for an astounding boost. Just apply the patch directly onto the navel area for the recommended 12 hours and see the results for yourself. What can the T5 Fat Burning Patch do for me? Not only is it simple to use but it’s great for all of the following reasons:- Significant enhancement of the endocrine system Massively increased fat cell lipolysis throughout the entire body Supercharged metabolic rates leading to burning of stored fat deposits Helps eliminate accumulated body toxicity Enhancement of energy levels 100% safe and no negative side effects In order to get the best results it is recommended to use the T5 Fat Burning Patch for at least 28 days for optimal results. Only one patch can be used at any one time and only once for no more than 12 hours. Who can use the T5 Fat Burning Patch? The T5 Fat Burning Patch is suitable for both males and females over the age of 18 years and is for external use only. Pregnant or lactating women are not advised to use this product. Those with skin allergies are advised to consult a doctor before use. Do not apply the patch onto broken skin. This product can only be used once for no more than 12 hours. Where do I wear the T5 Fat Burning patch? It is suggested to apply the T5 Fat Burning Patch to the navel area, as it has been clinically proven that this area of the body provides for a larger concentration of blood vessel and capillary veins allowing the skin permeation process to work more effectively, by giving the compound ingredients direct access to the body. The navel area is where the thinnest fat tissue can be found, making it sensitive to external stimulation, and absorbing the natural active ingredients through the navel skin is the fastest way to bring its effect into the circulation system of the body. Further detailed directions of how to apply can be found on the packaging. How long does a T5 Fat Burning Patch last for? Each T5 Fat Burning Patch can only be used once. It is recommended to wear the T5 Fat Burning Patch for no more than 12 hours. Only one patch can be worn at one time. The T5 fat Burner Patch is an excellent way to kick start the best possible T5 Fat Burner course and can be used alongside T5 Fat Burners capsules at the start of your course for the first 5 days or longer if preferred (see our other auctions to buy additional patches separately). Is the T5 Fat Burning patch safe to use? The active ingredients are 100% safe and effective with no side effects or harmful chemicals to provide you with only the best and safest results as possible. T5 Fat Burning Patch has passed allergy tests for those of all skin types. Biogen T5 Fat Burners - YouTube Video will open in a new window [isdntekvideo] Looking to buy more than 1 bottle? Just let us know and we will get back to you with a ROCK BOTTOM price you won’t find elsewhere. We guarantee our prices will NOT be beaten! Customer satisfaction is our ABSOLUTE number one priority. Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in a matter of hours! FAST 24 hour delivery also applies to all orders! shipping payment legal contact us Shipping Terms ● All orders dispatched within 24hrs of payment! ● We use Royal Mail as our shipping partner. ● NEVER pay handling fees or Postage costs! ● Pickup is not available, sorry no exceptions. ● We ship worldwide and always retain proof of postage. ● Yes, we combine shipping to save YOU money. Delivery Time Estimates The following delivery times are estimates and are to be used as a guide only. No guarantee is extended that delivery will occur within the period stated. Standard Delivery: (Business Days Estimate Only) United Kingdom: 1 to 2 Europe: 1 to 4 United States: 3 to 9 Canada: 3 to 9 Australia: 4 to 9 Rest of World: 6 to 10 Express Special Delivery: Guaranteed next business day delivery of orders within the Next Business Day using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Check your Postcode now! Royal Mail Special Delivery provides the fastest possible delivery time available. Every order is a priority to us. All orders placed before 4:30pm are posted the same day GUARANTEED. Paypal Preferred Paypal is the preferred means of Payment, and we accept Paypal payments on all our items. PayPal is also the only online payment solution that is fully-integrated with eBay, providing greater benefits and ease of use to both buyers and sellers. Why do we use Paypal? PayPal is always free to use for buyers. Plus, setting up an account is safe, fast and simple! It is much faster than sending money orders or checks in the mail, no standing in line at the bank or post office. Buyers can choose to fund payments with a credit card, bank account, or other sources. PayPal keeps financial information private. When a buyer pays using PayPal, the seller never sees the credit card or bank account numbers. Buyers are also fully protected in their purchases through Paypal's buyer protection program. Returns We are very proud of the quality of goods and level of service we provide. We aim to provide accurate descriptions of all items within our auctions and without any misrepresentations. However, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the items that you have received please contact us as your first port of call. We are able to accept returns on items that are mailed back to us within 7 days of receipt if in a resaleable condition complete with the original packaging and in an unopened state. Custom Policies Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation. Additionally, when ordering from us, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods you are importing are legal for consumption in your country of residence. Contact Our Customer Support Team 24/7! Please use the ebay messaging system if you need to get in touch with us. Whether you are a new or existing customer, our customer services team will get back to you within a matter of hours, 7 days a week. Customer satisfaction is our absolute number one priority! Free Advice & Lifelong Support We are constantly checking our messages and promise that your customer experience with us will be one of the most satisfying experiences you have ever had. As a team of health enthusiasts we don't just resell the best supplements on the market, but we actually use these products ourselves. We know from first hand experience what works and what doesn't. We promise to take your goals as seriously as you do and guarantee that our products will work for you. What's more we are constantly on hand to give you free lifelong advice and support. © Copyright 2019, Synergy Nutraceuticals, All rights reserved. Condition: New, Active Ingredients: Vitamin D, Brand: BioPharmX, Supply: 365 Days+, Product Form: Tablets + Transdermal Magnet Patches

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